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Suomenlinna Overview

Suomenlinna – Finland's Treasured Island Fortress

These islands are located just outside the Finish capital of Helsinki and is very easily accessible. If you want a day off, in a very peaceful and quiet place, this is the place to go! There are little cafés, beautiful view points and very nice walking paths around the islands. The guided tour is recommended!

Background for the fortress outside Finland:
In 1747, when Finland was part of the Swedish realm, the Diet in Stockholm decided that a fortress be built to serve as the main base for the armed forces stationed in Finland. A group of islands close to Helsinki were chosen to be the site of the fortress, which was to be called Sveaborg, "the fortress of Sweden". Construction began in 1748. Soon after Finland gained independence (from Russia) in 1917 the Swedish name of the fortress was officially changed to the Finnish Suomenlinna, "castle of Finland", but it is still known as Sveaborg to Finns who speak Swedish as their first language.
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