Summer Palace

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Beijing, China

Summer Palace Beijing Reviews

FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
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Beijing Summer Palace May 18, 2015
The Summer Palace was built in the 17th Century during the Qing Dynasty. Located between the 4th & 5th Ring Road (15 km from central Beijing). Do note that the Palace we see now is not the original but replica as it had sustained fire break-outs in the past. It entails the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake (which is a pretty vast lake). We had to walk along the Long Corridor before we could reach the pavilion and grand Gate in front of the entrance leading to the Tower of Buddhist Incense. This place like other places in Beijing is also crowded with local tourists. The whole stretch of the Long Corridor is packed with locals playing chess or card gambling and of course heavy smoking. I think these elderly people must be living nearby and they come here to meet up & play games and gamble. The architectural style (design, colours) of the Long Corridor is similar to that used in the Forbidden City. The Tower of Buddhist Incense is the highest building on this palace grounds wherein separate entrance fees applies. Since I am allergic to all the smoke from the incense (and they are crazily burning incense, even from standing at the outside you can see the huge amount of incense stick almost popping out of the holders), I did not go into the Tower. Instead we walk around the pavilion, enjoy the view of the lake, the many gardens which provide shade and bought some souvenirs. I like this place more than the Forbidden City.
Summer Palace & view of the Temple
Foxyfauz @ The Summer Palace
The Grand Gate
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alfacarens alfacare…
1 reviews
Be careful Fake Money Scam from Pitchman in summer palace Apr 19, 2013
Never trust to pitchman in summer palace area because they have criminal syndicate where they will sell the stuffs anything with lower price then we will interest to negotiate and buy it.

The modus are once you buy stuffs from their by big nominal money then you will give for change with one genuine money and remain is fake money let's say the price stuffs is 15 Yuan then you give by nominal 100 yuan then they will give for change one sheet nominal's 5 Yuan (genuine china money) but 80 Yuan are Fake money.

So my suggestion please pay to attention if you want to buy something on summer palace. The first before you give your money please do gentle agreement by show your money to seller with certain register number , nominal and good condition or another marking let's say they can not scam you then please check for change before you leave them
vickie-lou vickie-l…
25 reviews
Stunning Landscape and Architecture Dec 06, 2012
At only 50 RMB this was both a cheap and well worth it attraction. The Summer Palace consists of temples, halls, the long corridor and the huge Kunming Lake and is absolutely beautiful. I spent just over three hours wandering around here and still don't think I saw it all. A moderate level of fitness is required if you wish to climb the hill to get a closer look at the temples but if you are content to walk around the lake then it can be very relaxing (don't use the north entrance if this is the case as you have to climb over the hill to get to the lake from this entrance). I went in winter so it was fairly quiet and the lake was frozen but I understand that in summer it is a lot busier and you can hire self-propelled boats to get you across the lake to other parts of the palace. I'd recommend wrapping up warm (in winter) and taking a packed lunch to enjoy by the lake as you soak up the peaceful atmosphere. This is probably my favourite place in Beijing.
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vickie-lou says:
People were walking on the lake when I was there as well! Crazy people!
Posted on: Dec 08, 2012
nolan says:
When we visited (it was January), the lake was really frozen solid that people were walking on it.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2012
drmorrisj drmorrisj
27 reviews
Summer Palace was large and beautiful! Dec 27, 2012
The Summer Palace was a lot of fun. I took the subway out there that cost me all of $0.35! When I got there I was a little disoriented and of course there were few people who spoke English, so I just kind of bumped into the place.

I paid my fee and just sort of walked around randomly taking pictures of things that looked interesting. Some guy was selling popsicles and since it was terribly hot, I kept purchasing them every 20 minutes.

I forget the name of the place exactly, but I climbed up a very large hill and took several pictures from a peak.

When I got to the bottom of the hill, I saw a very nice lagoon and took several snapshots there. When I was on top of the mountain I saw a large lake and I thought, “hmm, I bet there is something interesting to see down there.”

When I got down to the rim of the manmade lake (built by Wanyan Liang) I saw a beautiful structure set on a hill. I made my over to the structure, climbed to the top and found a buddhist temple there (imagine that?). After taking many pictures, my feet were worn out and I was ready to go back to my hotel.

On the way back to the entrance where the taxis were waiting for people like myself, I purchased a t-shirt with Obama’s face on it in communist clothing. I knew that would be a hoot back in the United States!
Nice building near a small pond
Beautiful hallway
I forgot :)
Summer Palace
halilee says:
I loved taking the subway in Beijing, it was so cheap and easy to use. Your shots of the palace are fantastic, you were lucky to have such clear blue skies! We kind of just wandered around rather aimlessly ourselves too! That place is HUGE!
Posted on: Dec 28, 2012
marareid marareid
6 reviews
The Summer Palace Feb 05, 2012
The summer palace is good to wander around, make sure you have on comfortable shoes as you will walk a lot. You can take a water taxi from one end of the lake to the next, which helps reduce some of the walking!!! There is a gift shop where you can pay to dress in chinese royalty clothes and take pics. Try to go during the week as the weekends are crowded (I went alone one day then went back with a friend on the weekend and it was way crowded)
Enigmaa Enigmaa
63 reviews
Another great Beijing attraction May 24, 2011
The summer palace is (as the name probably gives away), best in the summer period. I have been both in summer and winter, and both is absolutely beautiful, but its just much more enjoyable in the summer since its an outdoor activity, and all the greens bloom.

The palace is a bit out of the way, bu there is a metro line going directly there. From the metro line, you just need to walk 10 minutes (following the wall to your right), and you are there.

You can easily enjoy some hours there, walking around the palace grounds and just relax in the nice settings. Disclaimer: if you go on Sundays or in weekends with Chinese holidays, this place will be crowded! Weekdays are best.
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Kyra12345 Kyra12345
1 reviews
Summer Palace Jul 13, 2011
Summer Palace in Beijing is beautiful..I went there in February. The whole lake was iced over and you could walk all the way across..if you went there in the summer you would have to walk for hours...winter at the summer palace is just one of those things you have to see! xx
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stephanie_nl stephani…
3 reviews
Summer palace Jun 29, 2011
Wonderfull place to visit. The buildings you can see a nice and really chinese. You can see great history here of China.Dont take a tour just buy the map and look around. It will take half a day to go around and see everything.
wingtse wingtse
3 reviews
Definitely Visit Mar 21, 2011
I think tickets were about 20RMB (10RMB for students) which is pretty cheap imo.

Definitely recommended but its a massive place so you should aim to give this place a day to see everything.

May need to pay extra to see the main building but I forget the name. This closes at 1600 so I just missed it.

Recommended to see on a sunny day so that you can get some great photos.
Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
Summer Palace Aug 11, 2010
A nice place to see but a little bit far away from the center of the city .

But is very easy to access with the metro , the station is near the old palace .

The ticket entrance is average value .

The Summer Palace in Beijing – first built in 1750, largely destroyed in the war of 1860 and restored on its original foundations in 1886 – is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value.

Is a nice place to visit and recommended to you !

I upload some photos to check by yourself :)
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bodtkd bodtkd
4 reviews
Mellow the soul Jul 04, 2009
Summer Palace in Beijing is the largest imperial garden in the world. Built hundreds of years ago, it is a museum of classic Chinese garden architecture. The thought was to "maintain energy and mellow the soul". It seems to be the perfect place for that idea. People were singing, dancing, playing board games, reading, boating, sightseeing, or just sitting and meditating. Thousands can visit this large paradise in a day, it's so vast. Well worth the visit.
Summer Palace
Long corridor
Papa lion
stevemco stevemco
33 reviews
Summer Palace Oct 31, 2009
You'll need a full day to see it all. It's much better on a sunny day. If you can catch the early morning fog on the lake it's a great bonus.

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