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Sukhothai is a historical city in Thailand. It was the first capital of Siam and was founded in the 13th century and its dynasty lasted over 200 years. King Ramkhamhaeng is the most famous king of Sukhothai. He ruled from 1275-1317 and developed the first Thai script.

The ruins of the ancient capital are a reason to visit Sukhothai. They are a World Heritage Site and one of Thailand’s most impressive places to visit. The ruins are located in the Sukhothai Historical Park. The park includes 21 historical sites and four ponds within the old walls of the city and there are another 70 sites in a 5km radius.

Sukhothai is divided into two parts: the Old City and the New City. The new city is where most of the action is and the old city is where the ruins are located. New City does have some nightlife but it most people visit Sukhothai to see the ruins. Sukhothai is a quiet city with a historical feel. It is a must see on your visit to Thailand.

Sukhothai is also the most beautiful location to be if you are lucky to make it on the Loi Kratong Festival. The ancient temples and stupphas are dramatically embraced in the late evening by thousands of glowing candles and "Loi Kratong's" flower and candle boats are floated with blessings on the river.