Sugar Loaf

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sugar Loaf Rio de Janeiro Reviews

flyingjon flyingjon
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Sugar Loaf Jan 15, 2012
You don't need a tourist guide to visit the Christ & Pao De Acucar (Sugar Loaf). In fact for most things you don't need a tour guide except if you feel afraid in the city (which is, with all due respect, ridiculous) and you want to have a tour in Centro, Lapa, Cinelandia & Gloria but even though daytime is quite safe as long as you are not dressed as an american tourist at World Disney World with valuables all over the place (common sense, it would be the same in Manhattan, Mexico City or Paris). Anyone can look brazilian anyways, is a very ethniclly mixed country hence the brazilian passport is the world's most faked.

Now, I do recommend however to get a tour guide in a jeep to visit the Tijuca Forest (largest man-made forest in the world). which is breathless, you get to see all kinds of flora & fauna (I saw capucin monkeys) right in the middle of the metro area and Rio's best views (better than the Christ's).And if you wrongly choose to visit Rio during the super hot, rainy, tourist, expensive and humid summer (New Year's or Carnaval for ex), it will be a relief to feel the tropical forest's natural cool air. Remember the temps soar at 35-45 celsius in the city! I prefere 25 celsius, dry and sunny during southamerican winter.

And here is a tip for the day you visit the Pao De Acucar. Go to the small beach of Praia Vermelha just at the bottom and when you are on the sand facing the sea, turn left until the very end and you'll see a path which is eco-protected by soldiers. There you get to see dozens of 'Marmosets' (google it) which is an animal, cutest thing ever, tiny something between a squirle & a monkey. Not everybody knows this but is A MUST. Now I always have bannanas with me when I visit countries with fauna but then again am belgian and we don't have anything left in my country so I get quite exited. You are not supposed to feed them but bannana ain't toxic either so.... Just don't feed them with junk food please.

Finally, your best guide will always be Lonely Planet and your research before travels, Tripadvisor, Wikitravel and obviously here :-)!

Enjoy Rio XXX
Mata Atlantica (Tropical Forest) M…
Mata Atlantica (Tropical Forest) M…
Mata Atlantica (Tropical Forest) M…
Mata Atlantica (Tropical Forest) M…
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MyLifeInTravel says:
thanx. useful info.
Posted on: Oct 31, 2012
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HuBison HuBison
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Great attraction as part of our tour May 12, 2012
I have been to Sugar Loaf twice and both times were part of a full day (8 hour) tour and the ticket entry was included for our group of 11. I visited here in April 2012 and it's so cool to pull up to the parking lot and see the tram travel right over your head. It goes from the street to Urca Hill and then up to Sugarloaf for an amazing view of Rio!

The initial climb can seem a little nerve racking if you are not used to a moving contraption, but it's quite safe and it doesn't really move that much. You arrive at Urca Hill and can stroll around and take some great pictures from there. there are wooden benches and some comfortable chairs where you can sit and take in the view and the beautiful weather for hours in comfort. You can view the bridge over to Niteroi and the first major neighborhood when Rio was settled. A view of the actual bay makes you wonder how the settlers who arrived thought it was a river and not a bay--it's so wide! You are asked not to feed the monkeys, small lizards or other animals that might be seen (but they are not always out and about).

Once you take in that first view, you take another tram up to Sugarloaf (if you paid to go that far) where the view is immensely better. You can see Copacabana beach from beginning to end and far out to sea. We went on a nice clear day, but as we left, we say the fog from the sea roll in and were briefly blocked from seeing more than 10 feet in front of us, so you are at the mercy of the weather when you go up there, but I understand it is open quite late and if you want a place to relax, Sugarloaf is like going to a small park on a very high hill. They also have concerts up there sometimes and people end up coming off Sugarloaf very late.

On our way out, we turned to look at the base hill (rock) and we saw 3 pairs of people rock climbing! Ah! I know you will enjoy the breath-taking views (if the weather is nice).
The tram up to Sugar Loaf
Yup, that's the first hill in the …
Corcovado from Sugar Loaf
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nat80 nat80
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Sugar Loaf Mountain Mar 20, 2011
If you're going to do this save it for dusk. Being unable to control excitement to start exploring I headed for Sugar Loaf at lunch time. I'd read that you could hike to the middle cable car station, which I did. Only takes about 20mins and there are some beautiful little lookout points along the way. Makes the excursion a little cheaper too. As spectacular as the views were, I wish I'd waited for sunset. I saw some photos from people in my hostel the day after who were there at sunset and WOW. Stunning. One more tip - go here before Christ the Redeemer or the beauty of this spot maybe overshaddowed by the emenseness of the latter.
Look out point from the hike up to…
Middle cable car station with Copa…
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Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar) Nov 16, 2009
You don’t want to leave Rio without watching the sunset from up above. The Sugar Loaf is the best sight. Not only is it worth the ride in the cable car, but having a drink at the top after a busy day is also just perfect. There are two hills you can ride up. The first is Morro da Urca (735 feet / 220 meters), and if you’re lucky some tiny monkeys might welcome you. The second is the summit (1300 feet / 396 meters), a ride that height freaks will run from. Nevertheless, rewarding. On one side you’ll see the city, the bay guarded by the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the 14km bridge to the town of Niteroi, on the other, Copacabana beach shaped by the Atlantic Ocean. About one million people visit the Sugar Loaf every year. It only takes 10 minutes by taxi from the Copacabana beach. If you are not like many climbers that face those hills as a challenge, ride up then sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

You can also climb the smaller hill (Morro da Urca) by foot, there's a track beginning on the middle of the Pista Cláudio Coutinho footway, on the other side of the entrance to the cableway. It's an easy track, you can make it in 30 minutes or like, but it is recommended to go in groups. It's also possible to climb the bigger hill, but only with ropes and other equipment. If you climb this hill, you can go down by the cableway at night.

Price: R$44.00

Opened daily from 08:00/20:00

How to get there: Head to Urca From Downtown: get BUS 107, at Rua Senador Dantas /// From Glória, Flamengo, get BUS 107 at Av. Augusto Severo or Praia do Flamengo /// From Botafogo: get BUS107 at Praia de Botafogo /// From Copacabana: get BUS 511, at Av. N. S. de Copacabana; or BUS 512 at Rua Barata Ribeiro /// From Ipanema and Leblon: get BUS 511 or 512, at Visconde de Pirajá and Av.Ataulfo de Paiva /// Taking the Subway, ask for the "Metrô Ônibus Expresso" ticket or simply the Urca ticket, it have the subway and the bus fare combined. You'll go until the Botafogo station and take the bus 511-A.
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MyLifeInTravel says:
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Posted on: Oct 31, 2012
cthunder86 says:
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Posted on: Feb 23, 2012
hoangn says:
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Posted on: Jan 31, 2012
kspasova kspasova
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Go at night Apr 20, 2009
By all means go at night or late in the evening. There is far less people, the views are breathtaking and you can have your very own bench to sit on and sip your caipirinha. If you visited Cristo Redendor during the day, you'd have seen the magnificent coastline in the light and the flicker of the night will impress you even more from the Sugar Loaf

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