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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Travel during the day and not night Jul 27, 2012
So i have visited buenos aires, Argentina and the surrounding cities. Try to plan ahead and get things done during the day unless you are fluent in spanish and can blend in with the locals. Otherwise you will be a prime target for thiefs. If you have to travel at night be sure to keep your important items in a hidden location. Have just enough of money on hand to give the thief and that way you will have the rest of your things on hand if this was to happen. When I was there 3 people i knew got robbed between midnight and six in the morning while returning from work. Always keep an eye on your purse or backpack. The thiefs are skilled at unzipping things so keep an eye out. Try not to travel alone but if you do always keep an eye out and be prepared for the worst. If you take the subway the main stations are usually the places where the robbing gets done. The buses are a safe way to travel as their usually are many people on the bus but again keep an eye on things but stay relaxed and act like a local. If you need to take a cab expect to pay an extra 10 pesos at most because they can spot a outta town person easily. It is what it is. I usually was charged 5 pesos more then what they typically do because my spanish is not great at all. I hope this will help with your travels. ALways remember fit in with the locals and try traveling by day and not by night unless you have to. Its a good thing to have a map of the city if you are exploring buenos aires because it is very large and can be easy to get lost. SOme of my favorite foods were called chodi pan which i believe means cheese bread. I never got sick from eating it and the locals bake it themselves and sell on the streets for 2 to 3 pesos. Its very tasty. Also try not to drink the local water if possible. You might end up with the runs. I drank the water and that is because i got comfortable over the 3 months and everyone offers you something to drink so i would drink it but i would not suggest it unless you know that you cannot be poisned for your faith. Otherwise expect to have diarhea. I think i had the runs for some food i ate but it was no big deal. It sucked for a bit but was all good in the end. Do not eat any veggies that are not cooked. Flys are always on the fresh foods and contain diseases. I ate many salads which i should have not but I know I am in good hands and I wouldnt suggest it. Also if you have a little extra money and a child comes up to you asking for anything a few pesos will truely help them. Their are many people living on the streets. Your call but if you have it why not. Also the busses stop around 12:30 in the morning so schedule accordingly. All kinds of stuff to do downtown such as great food and dancing. Their pizza is ok but nothing like Pizza hut or anything like that. Their wine is great and is cheap. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
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