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#1 of 26 hotels in Subic
lescar says: "There is a white-sand beach, man-made, with an adjoining swimming lagoon, overlo..."
#2 of 26 hotels in Subic
r1982 says: "Now their new name is COURT MERIDIAN HOTEL...The hotel has a good location its ..."
#3 of 26 hotels in Subic
cottonfoam says: "We didnt have reservation. We walked in and were able to booked two rooms wi..."
#4 of 26 hotels in Subic
TravellinChic says: "We stayed here when we went to Subic. I used a 50 discount voucher given to me..."
#5 of 26 hotels in Subic
wanderinggoddess says: "Time to escape the heat of the metro in Manila! With a grueling 39 degrees, a we..."
#6 of 26 hotels in Subic
katealexandrie says: "One of the resorts with good customer service. Hotel staff are well mannered, an..."
#7 of 26 hotels in Subic
Rocher says: "If you like the idea of staying in some place close to nature, waking up and be ..."
#8 of 26 hotels in Subic
elam says: "It is a good quality hotel because of large bed nice bedding table and chairs..."
#9 of 26 hotels in Subic
walmer says: "The hotel is in a good location with the biggest pool i ever saw. they have an a..."
#10 of 26 hotels in Subic
subic International Hotel Corporation is one of the largest hotel ideally located at the heart of the Subic Freeport Zone -the P...
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