Street Side Restaurants @ Jalan Alor (near Bukit Bintang)

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Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Street Side Restaurants @ Jalan Alor (near Bukit Bintang) Kuala Lumpur Reviews

travelwithsuz travelwi…
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The first thought that entered my mind the moment I arrived at Bukit Bintang was the fabulous array of food stalls in Jalan Alor. This street was like a normal thoroughfare in the morning with a few stalls offering their lunch specials. But at night, it transformed into a food haven….yum yum yum, are the only words you can utter.

Let me start with the skewered meat or Satay as it is locally known. It comes in tiny sticks with choices of chicken, beef and mutton meats. The meats were sliced into strips, which were marinated in proper Satay goodness (I will not pretend that I knew what spices they used, but one thing I knew for sure, it was so freakin’ tasty!) and neatly skewered. By six in the evening, the street was smokin’ (literally speaking) with whiff of the lovely satay aroma lingering in the air. Right away, my brain, taste buds, and tummy were communicating to each other, they were making sounds like a pinball machine, with all the blinkers in full blast.

The other dishes to be found were the assortments of Chinese, Malay, Seafood fare cooked and served fresh. Grilled fish, seafood, fresh fruits or juices to complete one’s food haven fantasy…

I had lunch in one of the food stalls. Met the chef who offered a buffet of home cooked specials and for my platter, I picked a fried catfish, fish balls, fried tofu, soya cake and stir fried veggies, a can of soda at the price of RM 10 (USD 3.00), my tummy and pocket book were smiling in unison. I must say that the food was five star in quality because although the humble fish was only lightly dusted with flour with a little pinch of salt and a dash of pepper, but she managed to fry it to perfection. The skin was crunchy and the meat was moist. It was indeed the star of the show!

On the way back to my hotel, Royal Bintang (the location was perfect without compromising the price), I saw a jackfruit vendor. He gave me a slice to try a bit and yes, I was taken and bought a small tray for the price of RM 5 (USD 1.50). My oh my, it was so sweet. Haven’t tasted this fruit for ages, and in a snap, it took me back to my childhood.

Tonight, I plan to go back to bid farewell to my fave, mutton satay which is the only skewered meat that could satisfy my palate. In my opinion, Jalan Alor street food is the best in the world. Not pretentious, it’s all about the flavours.
Sweetest Jackfruit I have tasted!
This is the place you want to be!
My plate was full of lovely home c…
The hustle and bustle starts at 5 …
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adrianaaaron adrianaa…
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Open-Air Dinner at Alor Street, Kuala Lumpur Feb 15, 2013
My first eating experience at Alor street was memorable. I can never forget the taste of the first dish I had at the Chinese restaurant that sits along the small street of Alor. Most tourists would stop by Alor street for dinner - having cool beers after a heavy meal is common here. It's a place where you can literally sit for hours with your friends and family, talking just about anything and probably with some other new travel friends you meet along the way. I recently visited Alor street with a travbuddy member of mine, named Cee Jay. Joey QSC from Travebuddy was also with us. We had a great night indeed.

I sat at the Thai restaurant and ordered a plate of steamed fish, omelette, cockles, vegetables and rice. They were extremely delicious. I have my very own favourite Thai restaurant that I would visit every time I come over to Alor street. The waiters know me as I am their regular customer. They are also very hospitable, which is why I enjoy dining here.

The Chinese restaurants offer delicious pork delicacies. For those who love pork, this is definitely a place to visit. As for the Thai restaurants, the foods are all halal. You can see a lot of Malays eating here too. I normally dine in here because of its delicious seafood.

We also had Turkish ice-cream after dinner. It's delicious. There are a few flavours to choose from; Durian, chocolate, and Vanilla. Cee Jay got himself a Durian flavoured ice-cream while Joey ordered herself a chocolate flavoured ice-cream.

Overall, I had a great time here. This is a place that I would visit at least once a month for a nice dinner with friends. This is also a place that I would take my friends to visit whenever they come over to Malaysia :)

I've been here with some other Travbuddy members too:

Corina from USA

Oly from France

David from Ecuador

Huseiyn from Turkey

Vipul from India

Gianluca from Italy
Turkish ice-cream at Alor street
Night out with travbuddies
Chillin with David from Ecuador
Huseiyn from Turkey
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adrianaaaron says:
Hehe glad you liked it
Posted on: Feb 20, 2013
cunway says:
Exactly the info I needed. I can't be stopped now. Ha.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2013
asanthadenz asanthad…
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Jalan Alor Street Side Mar 15, 2011
If you are after local cuisines and great Malaysian food, i recommend going to Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang KL, The place itself is kinda dodgy but don't let that put you off!
stefan88 stefan88
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Nice atmosphere and good food Sep 23, 2010
We were recommended Jalan Alor by our guide in Kuala Lumpur. He told us we will get some good food there and that the location itself is nice.

So we headed to Jalan Alor in the evening. The street was very crowded, but I really liked that special atmosphere there.

There are lots of different stalls, as soon as they have seen us and noticed we were tourists, everyone tried to pull us to their stall, which of course is the best and the cheapest :-)

We just went to two of the stalls where we each had something small to eat. The food in both of them tasted very good, so did the drinks we had.

In one of the stalls we had some nice conversation with its owner and his children, the people are really friendly there.

This place is really worth spending an evening in the stalls and talking to the locals in KL, I highly recommend visiting it when staying in KL.
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adrianaaaron says:
I love Alor Street!
Posted on: Feb 17, 2013
saranggalloway sarangga…
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The Yin and Yang of Jalan Alor Sep 02, 2009
Jalan Alor morning and JA evening are two entirely different personalities - like day and night. The best food, of course, is found in the mornings through to about 3pm. This is when the locals come for their meals before going to work in the big city and when they come out for lunch in the midday. It's like Jalan Alor unplugged. Humble and genuine dishes from the hands of old timers who have been there for almost as long as the world famous street. Consistent, with flavours that is not obstrusive. Subtle sprinkling of herbs and spices just to bring out the best in the dish. None of that glitzy starchy sesame oil filled gravy that tourists rave on about. We know the difference. Over the years, the taste has survived the harshest of local critics - the uncle and aunty who lives just upstairs of the kitchens, detecting the slightest variations in the cooking.

Go savour Jalan Alor for breakfast and lunch and leave the beast alone when night falls!
wanderlass wanderla…
13 reviews
Apr 13, 2007

A very popular side street near Bukit Bintang that is dedicated to hawker stalls and street side restaurants serving range of Chinese, Indian, Malay. A busy street both day and night as it's popular with locals and tourists.

I love the festive atmosphere and the super wide range of choices you'll have. Food are cooked on the spot and can be taken inside a restaurant but you'll want to experience the traditional open-air atmosphere with the plastic chairs and tables on the curbs. Hopefully you don't come during the rainy season. Don't forget to order "Bakut-Teh" serve in hotpot. Take it while it's steaming hot! Also absolutely have to get those roasted pork, beef, or chicken jerkies found everywhere in that street, variety of spicy, smoked, sweet, etc. You can sample them first. Get those yummy XO sauce to take home. I think the best one is that of the first store at the left called CHOP LOONG KEE. I spent the last of my Malaysian Ringgit in there!

TIP to Caucasians: KL is generally a very friendly city and speaks English well, but in this area, I'd suggest you be a little more assertive in getting their attention to order (wave your hands, feet, start dancing around, or walk over to them) if you don't speak Mandarin or their local dialects. Not because of anything but here they don't speak English well and are very shy, they'd avoid eye contact hoping another waiter will attend to you. :)


My sister and I stayed at the nearby hotel. There are a lot of 2* hotels stone throw from here that are reasonably priced and clean and safe. I think you'd want to stay in this area as it is accessible to all the places you'd want to go to.
Street Side Restaurant @ Jalan Alor

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