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Quito, Ecuador

Street Scenes of Quito.... Reviews

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In the Faces of Families rests the Strength of a Nation Sep 21, 2013
I believe that we all are driven by personal preferences. Preferences dictate how we lead our lives,therefore preferences determine our travel plans.

In some cases it is the different, city architecture; in others the sweep of panoramic scenery, and to others the flat-out party events, with new-found local friends.

We belong to TravBuddy to find new travel ideas, and to create the excitement of travel from reviews, photographs and blogs. Some of the reports tickle our itches, and this helps determine the locations to visit.

Many TB members write about the numerical value of countries they have visited. Perhaps this creates a sense of accomplishment, a measurement .....”how many countries can I visit in the next three or five years?”. The more countries visited the more worldly the person ?

To me personally, (and I state again, my personal belief) I am not sure that this travel, that I understand.The questions in my mind, is what do we learn from travel, if it is whirlwind? What do we really see? How does the place seep into our minds? I find it interesting when an individual can become an expert on a country after 2-3-4 days.

However, all and any reasons for travel are indeed valid if they satisfy our inner cravings. The pleasure to one person always has the ability to be the pure annoyance of another.

Most, who know me well, recognize that I have a huge love for anything that relates to Central and South America. Since my very first trip, I have felt like kissing the ground, every time I go back and the plane lands. I really come home.

At first I thought it was the scenery, the climate, the buildings, and then finally I realized it was the way of life. These Latin countries have a pulse unlike North America. I think their basic values are different and this diversity has surely enriched my life. These pulses reach out and touch me. So these have become my preferences.

Over the years, I have tried to capture Latin America in photographs. The Latin countries always intrigue me, set me free and remake my perceptions of soul. I have tried to understand the Latin American way and why it so penetrates my intellect. Each time I return to the womb.

There have been moments when I felt I fully understood yet the next moment I see the sand flowing through my fingers. It has become a great love and lifetime quest. The more I learn of the peoples, the more I love the land.

I have never been disappointed, never felt alone, and never failed to make very dear friends. Now, I always crave to return and always have sorrow when I leave. Latin America is a special place for me and now is my real home. I will live there permanent, one day, and soon.

Every town, village and city has a Central Park, the core, where the people gather, to celebrate their lives. In Latin America, over and over, one is asked about family. How one earns a living is of very little importance. Families are important, families are everything.

As time went by, I realize that peoples who celebrate families are peoples who celebrate life. These parks have become very special to me, because I stop my wanderings and relax in the warmth of humanity.

In every country I go to these parks and try to capture the spirit of the people and their families. In the diversity of their composition is the strength of their resolve.

Quito is no different! I walked in the park, and observed and once again I was rewarded by families and people living as real people. Once again, I came back to home.

These photos reflect the people and the families of Quito, as they relaxed, lived and worked.
The mother and the son again......…
This lady sat for contemp…
I am not sure why this woman kept …
The thoughtful intensity of this g…
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rsvpme says:
Thank you....Nice to see that my words resonate with another.
Posted on: Sep 26, 2014
rsvpme says:
Angela..Thanks for your comment..I appreciate !
Posted on: Jul 27, 2014
rsvpme says:
Yuyun..Thanks for your support !
Posted on: Jul 27, 2014
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