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Salisbury, England
Stonehenge - Stonehenge
Stonehenge - The view from the fence is as good as any.
Stonehenge - The view from the fence is as good as any.
Stonehenge - The view from the fence is as good as any.

Stonehenge Salisbury Reviews

Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
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Stonehenge Jan 06, 2012
Starting out my England adventure Day 1 included Stonehenge located in Salisbury, England. Approaching the structure was very impressive. You picture Stonehenge as being massive but it is much smaller then you would actually think once you are on the grounds. It was tough to snap pictures due to how busy it was at the site. I would definitely take a trip back to Stonehenge again!
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barmatt barmatt
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Stonehenge Mar 17, 2011
A world heritage site that draws in tourists by the 1000's every year. It's not that expensive with tickets at £6.90 and is very good during the Solstice. There are very imformative portable hand held sets that provide the visitor with mountains of information as they walk around and can be obtained in many different languages. It is easily accessible by car and I believe there are many coach trips as well due to the high volume of them parked in the car park.
alicia_timmermans alicia_t…
2 reviews
Stonehenge Jan 16, 2011
This is definitely a place you should visit if you're near Salisbury or Bath.

I left from Bath Spa, they arrange trips to Stonehenge by touring car, and even the trip to Stonehenge is interesting and educative.

The only downside is the fact that they built a complete tourist attraction around Stonehenge, which takes a bit of the mystical side of Stonehenge away, but that's just my opinion.

I still highly recommend this place.
jameshendicott jameshen…
38 reviews
well worth a visit, but perhaps not two. Try to come at a solstice. Dec 17, 2010
First of all, this is not in Salisbury, though Salisbury is the nearest city. Don't expect to get off the train station and walk; it's a good 20-30 minute drive away.

Having grown up around stonehenge, I've seen it dozens of times. While it's nothing but a bunch of stones, the history and mythology surrounding the site is exceptional, and if only for an understanding of that, you should try and drop in if you're nearby. Most of the year, though, what you'll get is a (thorough) audio tour and the chance to view the stones from a distance on a walkway. It can get pretty cold in winter. It's been explained pretty thoroughly already, so I'll leave it at that.

If you have the chance, though, you really should come when things are properly 'open'. At the summer or winter solstices, though, the stones are opened up to the public overnight, and thousands of hippies come down and play instruments, have a few drinks and watch the sun rise (to a massive cheer) the next morning. As the summer one often falls just before Glastonbury festival (an hour or so away), it's become something of a pilgramage. This is the real way to see Stonehenge: a genuinely, people experience that uses to pagan roots of the place and its 'lay lines'. Tell them I sent you!

Of course, for summer and winter solstice, it's also free. Bring a warm coat and a few swigs of whiskey!
TudorRosePhotography TudorRos…
6 reviews
The Stones Of Cash Mar 20, 2008
You may be surprised if you've never been before that I have put cost as 'very expensive'. This isnt a mistake, it really is expensive!

Stonehenge near Salisbury in England is the most famous henge in the world, its construction and purpose still to this day is left primarily to the imagination but where theres a buck to be made they'll try it on.

English Heritage (surprisingly a french run company) decided that security needed to be set up around stonehenge for the sake of stopping people defacing the stones. When this is a few pounds per person to cover the costs of keeping the ticket office and security team paid then its fair enough, but they charge around £7 for an adult.

Again this wouldnt be as bad if you were allowed to touch and walk about the stones with a guard perhaps walking around keeping an eye out for vandals but yet again this isnt the case. You have to walk in an anticlockwise circle about the stones at a distance which is as far from the monument as the fence is. If you want to visit then the options are clear.

1) Pay an exorbitant fee

2) Gaze in disappointment through the fence whilst you curse how the monument is now nothing more than a corporate money maker or...

3) Jump the fence, which is actually incredibly easy if you jump the farmers fence to the west.

In all seriousness though it is discusting that they have allowed such a money making scandal to happen in perhaps Englands most important, most prestigeous heritage monument.

Jump the fence...or go Avebury which is free entry and has a pub to sit in.
The view from the fence is as good…
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xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
33 reviews
Interesting place to spend an hour, if that Jun 16, 2008
This is the type of place to visit in addition to another day trip. I would budget about 45 minutes here because once you've walked the circle and listened to a bit of the audio tour you're ready to move on to your next stop.

I'd suggest if you're coming from London doing one of those Bath/Stonehenge trips like we did. It gave you just enough time to see what there is to see in both locales.

I believe its around £6 to get into Stonehenge, and you can get to about 30ft from them. Its still remarkable though, and definitely worth seeing. To think about how people dragged some of these stones hundreds of miles without any of the tools we have today!

All and all a nice picture spot with some wonderful scenery.
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davidx says:
I read that there is to be a new walking route from Stonehenge to Avebury, the site of one of our most impressive stone circles.
Posted on: May 15, 2011
homeres says:
i heard it had something to do with Aliens! lol
Posted on: Jul 22, 2008
Flyinhigh Flyinhigh
57 reviews
A Great Way to Get Out to See Stonehenge Sep 22, 2007
I use "London Walks" every time I go to London for a great walking tour. The tours are informative, entertaining, and affordable. On this last trip we decided to take part in one of their "explorer days." An explorer day is two walking tours with a break in between for lunch. Our trip was to Stonehenge and Salisbury. Although there were a lot of people on this tour, our guide made sure that everyone had opportunites to see and hear all he was pointing out.

Check out their website for more information:
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eborgman eborgman
1 reviews
Jan 02, 2006
Stonehenge was a fascinating visit not only because it's an impressive site but because no one really knows who built it or how they did it.
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Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
156 reviews
Jul 02, 2004
Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world, and is World Heritage listed. Don't expect anything very large or complex - while the site was once elaborate, with concentric rings of stones out 100 metres wide and complex stonework, most of the original stones have been lost. The centre ring is still chiefly intact, along with a few trilithons, but the outer ring is barely visible and visitors are not allowed to walk into the inner ring (to protect the monument).

The experience of Stonehenge is not in the stones that are standing, but in the history behind them - the site has been the centre of traditional since 8000 BCE, and the stones we see today were moved into place over a period of over 1000 years (3100 BCE to 1930 BCE). The centre trilithons are made of locally quarried Sarsen stones each weighing 50 tons, while the out four ton Bluestones were manually hauled in from Wales, 250km away. Keeping the staggering achievements of prehistoric people in mind, Stonehenge is a stunning experience.
sarahelaine says:
If you get a chance, and I guess you'll need a hire car, go north to Avebury as well. It's not as well known, and there are no impressive trillothons, but it's a bit bigger and a lot more fun. Sometime in the Middle Ages a village was built in the middle of the standing stone complex, which means that there's no point stopping visitors having a proper look. There are large earth ramparts and a decent pub for lunch, you can get right up close to the stones. Wear sheep-poo proof shoes, though.

It's also really close to Silbury Hill, which is a prehistoric man made hill, the sanctuary (an older complex marked out in wooden posts next to the road), several other standing stones and longbarrows and a nice coffee shop in Devizes. I'm not saying it's a better experience - it's probably nowhere near as majestic - but I personally prefer it.
Posted on: Sep 10, 2007

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