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Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge Reviews

joseph98 joseph98
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History and Mystery on the Salisbury plains May 25, 2015
A place of true magic and mystery that scribes as diverse as Thomas Hardy and Spinal Tap have waxed lyrical about, Stonehenge is arguably the UK’s single top attraction outside of London. Over one million people visit this UNESCO world heritage site every year, and it’s not difficult to see why. A man-made masterpiece that has captivated people’s imaginations for thousands of years, its enigmatic history – we know when it was built, but no one has been able to determine definitively what for – only adds to its appeal, making it a truly spectacular and even ethereal site, a sacrosanct monument to Prehistoric times.

It’s something of a surprise, then, that it’s taken me this long to visit it and a fellow Travbuddy, Claire (curious_claire), had also not visited here before. We remedied this oversight on a balmy Saturday in May and, despite the hordes of tourists that visited the site with us – not to mention the endless convoy of vehicles that slowed to a crawl on the nearby road to gaze at this iconic stone circle – it couldn’t fail to impress.

All that remains today is a fraction of the site that was originally conceived. Indeed, the whole surrounding area was a sacred burial ground way before the stones themselves arrived. The first phase of construction happened in about 3000BC, when the outer ditch and a ring of smaller stones were created. About 500 years later the first megaliths were installed, arranged in circular formation and aligned with the rising sun. It’s believed that these huge ‘bluestones’ were hauled here all the way from the Preseli Mountains in South Wales. Why, no one knows – but for Prehistoric mankind to achieve such a feat is hugely impressive. The final phase saw the construction of the iconic outer trilithons: i.e. two vertical stones topped by a horizontal one.

Whilst these come from slightly nearer (20 miles away), hauling these stones and then raising them in to place was still a monumental effort. The inner stones were rearranged too, and it is this configuration from circa 1500BC that is in place today. As previously mentioned, much of both the circle of trilithons and the inner circle are now gone, and the remains of the stones outside the circle are only partial too. But what does remain – such as the heel stone, slaughter stone and barrows – do still convey an air of mystical wonder.

Prepare to spend a good hour here, as the view of the stone circle is spell-binding from every angle. It's unfortunate that you can't venture within the stone circle itself, and it is definitely on the pricey side, but still definitely worth a visit. Also, be sure to pop in to the visitors centre on the way out, to check out exhibits ranging from remains found at the site to pop culture memorabilia such as Marvel and DC comics inspired by Stonehenge.

If you pre-book your tickets as we did, then you also have the option to also visit the Old Sarum castle on the way back to Salisbury. An Iron Age hill fort that eventually became a Norman castle, it’s far from the most impressive castle you’ll see in the UK, but does have great views of the Salisbury plains and the city itself, with the famous Cathedral particularly of note.
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joseph98 says:
Thanks Walter :-)
Posted on: Jun 07, 2015
walterman9999 says:
nicely written review, and good photos.
Posted on: Jun 07, 2015
hanleyscot says:
Well, that's just a normal Tuesday for you anyway, right?
Posted on: Jun 04, 2015
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tj1777 tj1777
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Stonehenge circle Sep 26, 2013
Stonehenge is by far the most famous of the stone circles you’ll find in the area around Wessex. Unfortunately the fame of the place has led the British authorities to use it to extract an exorbitant £8 in entrance fee to go and see the standing stone. Unless you got unlimited resources you might consider just drive up along a small gravel road next to the stone circle where you can park your car and have a look at the stones from the distance - you can see the circle clearly but obviously you won’t be able to walk around the stone circle in close proximity.

The famous part of the stones in Stonehenge is obviously the iconic standing stones - but they are not really the oldest part of the ring. There is evidence a ditch was dug around 3100 BC which was several hundred years before the first stones were erected around the area. In the following millennium the area was rebuilt several times and the famous standing stones were added to the area.

The stones were actually brought to Stonehenge from quarries many miles away. A work of this magnitude is clear evidence of some sort of order society with a leadership which was able to command the people to make an extraordinary work effort to create an area for special ceremonies for the good of the local people. Hence efforts this scale need some sort of major local king and kind of contradict the usual assumption of a lack of central administration and organization.
The stone circle
The standing stones
Closer look
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Ils1976 says:
Hopefully one day ... I am looking forward to see it in person! :D
Posted on: Oct 07, 2013
cotton_foam says:
one of my dream destination!! thanks for writing the review! im sure this will help when the time comes for me :)
Posted on: Oct 06, 2013
sarahsan says:
A petty that it´s all fenced off now. When I was there in 1987, we walked in between the stones and could see everything up close.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2013
rahulshukla rahulshu…
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Stonehenge, world landmark !! May 06, 2012
All of it's history you can read on internet. If you wanna know it now then Google!! :)

There is not a lot that the place has to offer but...

Stonehenge is a place to check out for sure. It has a huge importance in history and it strengthens the believe in human intelligence and in the age of it, the place was built 5000 years ago. And even if you don't care about all that, it is a world heritage site and a major world landmark.So if you are in UK you gotta get your ass down here at least once for sure.. :D

And yes, the beautiful open fields around Stonehenge definitely add to the beauty so you wouldn't regret as such. Don't forget to use the audio commentary which tells a lot about the reasons which make this site so important historically.
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jeanh2 says:
It's a real shame you can't get close to the stones as you don't get any true feel for them from behind a fence. I used to go there as a teenager - used to hitchhike from London - and in those days there were no fences, nothing except the stones, the grass and sky.
For a much better experience, and not far away, go to Avebury. Huge stone circles surround the village, there are no fences and you can walk where you like ...
Posted on: Oct 05, 2013
yarayarinha7 yarayari…
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It's all about the fences Dec 06, 2012
We visited the Stonehenge on a very cold and rainy day, because of the many fences we were not allowed to see much on that cloudy day which was very disappointing.

Still, the fences don't allow you to get immersed on the dimension of the site. I guess it must have been interesting to visit back in the days where people could get closer.

I wouldn't visit again and I'm not excited about recommending it. It's enough if you see some photos or video on the net and for free this way...
alien11 alien11
3 reviews
Stonehenge Apr 15, 2011
In my opinion the most interesting thing about Stonehenge is the history and mystery about it. You can read that up everywhere or even watch a documentary. If you still need to see some big stones surrounded by hundreds of tourists, I think you'll be a bit disappointed just like me.

Compared to other sights it's cheap, but then you need to spend some money to get there.

You get an audio guide that will tell you from every other angle of the stone circle what you already know...

I think it's best to just save the money and take a look/picture from afar.
Della Della
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StoneHenge Sep 17, 2011
Worth a look see. It is out in a pasture like field. You see animals grazing and it is very windy so be prepared. You can't touch the stones-- roped off. However, just to say you have been to Stonehenge is an event in itself. So go.
rbathalon rbathalon
2 reviews
A must Jun 11, 2011
Some might find it a tourist trap, but if you arrive very early, and during the middle of the week, there will be a lot less people and you will be able to take very nice photos of this unique historical site. Do not forget to walk around the older burial mounts on the other side of the road.
AngelMelchor AngelMel…
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Stonehenge is a must see Mar 07, 2011
Stonehenge is one of the Seven mysteries of the world and it does not disappoints. Its definitely a must see for enthusiast of the unexplained.. Enough said.. If you want to know more.. Google it.. lol
red-out red-out
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interesting place, but too expensive.. Sep 06, 2010
I live in Wiltshire so decided one day to play tourist and went to see stonehenge.. Now the weather wasen't at it's best, it was raining a lot.. and thank god for that cos I don't want to see how busy it gets on the sunny days.. there were no room at the normal parking place (the busses took up ALOT of space) so we had to go in the overflow parking spaces.. which was in a field (lovely in the rain).. parking was £3 but you get it refunded when you buy a ticket.. now for the price of the tickets... I think it was £6.90 per adult and we were 4 people.. I thought that was quite expensive.. I know it goes to preserve the area.. but for £6.90 I would expect a little more.. stonehenge is as you would expect.. a lot of people walking around with their audio guide (looks like they are talking on their phone) and you will have to jump out of the way a few times to avoid ruining other people photos.. It took maximum 25 minutes to walk around it.. and at the end there is the mandatory totally full of people gift shop that sells souvenirs.. a shop that sells cakes (i think) and thats it really.. I would say i'm happy that i have seen it.. but its a thing you only need to see once in your life..
Me in the wind
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domenic1 domenic1
12 reviews
Stonehenge - A true wonder Jul 15, 2008
WOW so what can I say? After years of seeing and learning about Stonehenge on TV and in documentaries I finally got to stand in front of it myself. It truly was an awe inspiring moment. I can understand how some people might say "what’s the big deal, their just rocks", but you have to really think about the history and the amount of effort and ingenuity it took in order for people back in the day with no tools or modern technology to move those rocks. I definitly suggest going to see it. There are a number of tours that combine seeing stongehenge with a number of other sites like Windsor Castle or the Georgian baths.

You gotta check out one of the wonders of the world:)
Proppi Proppi
4 reviews
Sep 27, 2007
Stonhenge-I guess one of the world's most famous attractions. But even though you might have seen it on so many pictures already it is incredible to experience it in reality.

My tip do not walk around it once - do it at least twice and if possible during sunset. It is wonderful to see the sun break through between the stones - an extraordinary experience. ;)

I abslutely loved it.

And do not miss Woodhenge! It is pretty close to Stonhenge itself. about 5-10 mintes by car. Although you cannot see the original wood pieces but you have a wonderful view over the whole area.

Very good experience - for sure one of the things u should have seen once in ur life!
stonhenge with clouds
during sunset
stone detail
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Kelly_Woo says:
Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. :D I've been once and I agree, quite amazing walking around the stones in person. Cheers!
Posted on: Sep 27, 2007
melissak melissak
35 reviews
Nov 23, 2007
Stonehenge is amazing. For about 20 minutes, and thats about all the time you'll need there. Its great to see something that you've only seen pictures of and read about in person but other than that theres not much to it. But you can't walk up to it or get close at all, so all you can do is walk around it. The entrance fee includes an audio guide that tells the history of Stonehenge but I'm not going to lie, it gets a little frusterating to hold that thing to your head for so long I didn't listen to it much. We went on a tour from our hostel in Bath that gave us some good info on the way there about the surrounding area.
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
Ancient circles Jun 02, 2005
Located in the English countryside about 8 miles north of Salisbury is one the most famous gatherings of stones in the world. Stonehenge seems to have begun as much as three thousand years prior to Christ and has seen a myriad of changes over the centuries. Still riddled with myths and legend, no one really knows the answers as to why the site was chosen or just exactly what the purpose was. Generally, the consensus says it was to do with religion in one form or another. They do feel that originally the site was made up of earthen banks and ditches in a circular pattern with wooden posts inside. Large types of stones from various locations were added. These large stones were placed in vertical fashion in two circles. The inside and outside circles were capped with horizontal stones. Over the centuries this site has seen millions of visitors and due to their presence have caused major damage to the site. Only in the last several years have you not been able to climb on or touch the stones, which had fallen or were leaning and slowly destroying the original site. A few stones have been reset into the positions where they once stood. Today a rope keeps visitors to the site well away. A tape recorded presentation is given to each visitor and they can listen as they make their way around the site.
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mellemel8 says:
btw, congrats on being "featured" :)
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
mellemel8 says:
i need to go here. good reason to visit my friend in bath :)
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
CrazyLisa says:
Ahh yes Stonehenge was very beautiful and just a great sight to see. Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
ctjevans ctjevans
13 reviews
Aug 09, 2002
I didn't find Stonehenge to be worth the visit, and certainly not worth paying to cross the street for a little closer, but if you're in the neighborhood or it's on your way somewhere more interesting, I'd suggest stopping by just to say you've been there (which is fun since everyone's heard of it).

I found Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery in Sligo Ireland to be much more accessible, older, and therefore more interesting. Although the structures are much smaller than Stonehenge, there are more of them, those on one side of the street are free to visit, and you can get right up to them with no rope to keep you out.

If you’re just into ancient cultures and henges in particular, then Stonehenge as the largest and most well studied deserves a place on your list, but for the average traveler, it’s a bit out of the way and not as impressive as you might imagine, so I wouldn’t recommend taking time away from other destinations to visit this one.
Stonehenge seen from the street

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