Stonehenge and Old Sarum

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Wiltshire, England
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - The stone are larger then they look from a distance.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - Old Sarum.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - Old Sarum.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - The morning sun rising upon the henge.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - Old Sarum.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - Old Sarum.
Stonehenge and Old Sarum - Old Sarum.

Stonehenge and Old Sarum Wiltshire Reviews

DHaworth DHaworth
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Stonehenge And Old Sarum Dec 31, 2009
It was December 31, 2009. My Girl friend (GF), and I woke up early to see Stonehenge. We had special invitation to see the henge up close and personal. Thanks to the British Heritage Foundation. Waking up early we drove to the henge. Arriving just before 8:00am. A few people stood waiting to be allowed entry to the henge. Marina, Nicolay and I waited patiently for allowance into our Stonehenge journey. The weather was really cold, and times of light drizzle.

We came across and America girl, and a British boy who were together. Marina (GF) and I spoke to this couple for sometime. it is always nice to speak with other travlers from time to time. Especially nice to find people with the same situations in regards to relationships. Stonehenge delivered on all scales. It was amazing, and beautiful. Not as beautiful as my girl, but it still was great. To think this formation stood for five thousand years.

Old Sarum:

Later in the day we visited Old Sarum. This is a very historical place. Infortunately not much was left standing. This old castle, ancient and peaceful. It was nice to see once for an experience.
The stone are larger then they loo…
The morning sun rising upon the he…
Old Sarum.
Old Sarum.
Africancrab says:
Beautiful, great information
Posted on: Mar 02, 2010
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funinuk funinuk
41 reviews
Aug 20, 2006
I had been to Stonhenge before on a winters day at the beginning of last year.

Every time I go over the hill and see it for the first time I am enchanted at the sight, its so cool!

You get a listening device on the way in and as you circle the stones you can listen about the history of Stonehenge and the surrounding area.

Took the oppertunity to get some cool pics and enjoy the sunshine. There were more people there this time and the bloody price has gone up to £5.90!! Still an awesome site though.

Also dsecided to go and see Old Sarum.........didnt know what it was or how big it was but it looked interesting in photos!!

As we came down the motorway a huge mound (obviously man-made) loomed in frount of us - must be it!!!

Up the hill to the car park and then over a very high bridge to the main area where we discovered the ruins of a castle - only the basement and some steps were there. Must have been somew sort of show before we arrived as there was a trench set up in the ruins and there were WW1 soldiers all over the place and the sounds of guns and bombs going off.

So old Sarum was raised by the Iron age people and later used by the Romans, Saxons and the Normans as a fort , castle & cathedral.

The view over the patchworked fields was great (although no crop circles) and you could see the ruins of the cathedral on the lower part of the mound. For more information on these sites

Also popped down to Sailsbury and looked around the pretty old town and went to the cathedral which has the tallest spire and the largest cloisters in Britain.

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