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#1 of 5 hotels in Stone Town
halilee says: "This lovely hotel once was the home of a woman who received the place as a weddi..."
#2 of 5 hotels in Stone Town
globalgypsy13 says: "great place that is near Stone Town, but far enough way to be relaxing and very ..."
#3 of 5 hotels in Stone Town
Mofra says: "So I decided to "splurge" for a night in Stonetown, and I stayed here when I cam..."
#4 of 5 hotels in Stone Town
mereteb1982 says: "Stayed here for 3 nights in february and we loved it! it's probably the most cen..."
#5 of 5 hotels in Stone Town
haidgirl says: "We weren't actually booked to stay at Safari we were to stay at the Rosal Stone..."
Stone Town
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