Stolen advice about doing whatever you feel like and not feeling bad about it

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London, England

Stolen advice about doing whatever you feel like and not feeling bad about it London Reviews

Maureenie Maureenie
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Stolen advice about doing whatever you feel like and not feeling bad about it Jun 06, 2009
I totally stole this from "puddles_mcgee" on the Lonely Planet website,

AND it has nothing to do with London specifically, but I wanted to

share it, because it made me feel less stressed out about traveling. It

was called, "Travel Pleasures to Stop Feeling Guilty About":

Missing the Star Attraction

You went to Paris and skipped the Louvre. Never saw the Eiffel tower. Who cares? Visiting a new country isn't about ticking off items on a to-do

list. Do what you want to- it's your vacation, and if you want to sit in a grocery store and stare at the amazing collection of French

yogurts, who's to say that's not a better use of your time?

Visiting a Country for A Stupid Purpose

You went to Transylvania to wander around a graveyard at night and scare

yourself into believing you saw a vampire. You went to Belgium for waffles. Don't be afraid to make big plans for a stupid purpose. Traveling isn't about taking yourself seriously. It's about doing something new, even if that new thing is pretty stupid.

Traveling Across the World to Eat at McDonalds

If you want that Number One Combo- do it. You're continents away from anyone you know. Skip the local cuisine and eat like you're at home, if that's what makes you happy. This is your vacation, not a final exam. You're not losing any points by eating that Big Mac.

Not Being the World-Traveled Backpacker

You know who I'm talking about. You check into a hostel, and in the reception, there is the Traveler. He's on year 3 of his

around-the-world voyage, and no matter where you've been, he's *lived*

there. And had seventeen times the cultural experiences you had. We can't all be amazing world-traveling free spirits. Plus, y'know, he

needs a bath.

To Have a Cultural Moment Watching T.V.

Outside, the busy streets of Shanghai await. And you're rivited, watching someone eat a live fish on your T.V. screen. You're experiencing

culture. You'll remember this more than that historical site, anyway.

Running Straight Into the Tourist Trap

You marched proudly into a Ripleys Believe it Or Not. You bought some "handcrafted" items from an air-conditioned store. You saw the smiling

people on the brochure, knew it was the world's worst rip-off, and went anyway. Go ahead and act like a tourist- you are one.

Not Blending In

You're wearing a pair of ergonomic sneakers. You've got a bag stuffed with travel guides and maps. You're wearing a pair of non-skin-tight jeans in Europe. Have fun- sometimes you just have to be *that* idiot. Go with it.
PrissyT says:
I love this!
Posted on: Jun 07, 2009
Maureenie says:
OMG, you're right! I'm fixing this right away!
Posted on: Jun 06, 2009
Transitory says:
very funny but oyyy the gaps between text!
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
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