Stok-Kangri Mountain

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Leh, India

Stok-Kangri Mountain Leh Reviews

csaladenes csaladen…
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Stok Kangri 1 day solo Mar 12, 2014
Hi all! Congratulations! Check out my experience of my 1 day solo ascent of Stok Kangri – and dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions:

Hi all! Congratulations! Check out my experience of my 1 day solo ascent of Stok Kangri – and dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions:

Hi all! Congratulations! Check out my experience of my 1 day solo ascent of Stok Kangri – and dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions:
prasanthimranjan says:
Hi, I'm planning to do Stok this year. Want to know if taking a guide along is mandatory.. I have done high altitude treks before, so altitude is not a problem. My concern is more on camping arrangements and food availability. Thanks in advance
Posted on: Apr 05, 2016
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ophirh ophirh
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Aug 22, 2005
This is the best experience I had in this trip in India.

After spending two and a half weeks in Ladak, did some walks, did a 8 day trek, spent all the time above 3500 meters, and in the trek I passed 5200 meters, my friend, Yaron, came to me and asked me if I want to climb the Stok-Kangri. I asked him, which mountain is that and he turned around and pointed to me the highest mountain you can see when you stay in Leh. I said "Wow" and a second after "No way man!". I think I had this response due to the altitude sickness I had in the everest trek in 5400 meters, but in the end he pursuaded me to join him and we set a small group (5 israelies) and started the trek.

The first day is very easy, you walk only 2 hours or so and you get to a camp site at 4200 meters there you stop for acclimitizing.

The second day is also easy, you walk only 2.5 hours or 3 hours top and get to the camp site at 5000 meters. Then you try and go to sleep as early as you can cuz you need to wake up in the middle of the night and start walking.

Then came the third day. We woke up at 24:00, got some hot drinks and some food, and left the camp around 1am (maybe 1:30). After a short climb of 200 meters, one of our crew, a very natural stoned guy, lost his water bottle and went back to look for it. We waited half an hour in the cold and dark, fearing that maybe he fell from the cliff or something alike, but in the end he came back just to realize that the bottle was with him all the time (as I said - very naturally stoned guy). We then continued walking until we got to a frozen river where we were supposed to use our crampons and ice sticks, but it wasn't so slippery so we just walked across it, jumping here and there above some streams in the ice.

After the river you start the real climb up (until here it's only 5400 meters), and here again we lost 2 of our crew (apparantly one of them was trying to vomit due to the altitude sickness he felt), and while waiting for them we were freezing to death. I have to say that I also around 5600 felt my stomach real bad, but i felt it also 2 days before so I didn't relate it to the altitude.

somewhere around 5800-5900 our group of 5 was totally scattered around the mountain. I was in the 2nd place, seeing my friend Yaron something like 10 minutes climb above me and the rest of the guys around 20 minutes below me. I tried to keep eye contact with the man infront and the man behind (as we are told in the army when going to operations). Also at that time the sun started to rise (we already walked 5-6 hours) and we saw the beautiful mountain and the snow slides on the cliff next to us. We also saw some other travellers on their way to the top, and seeing them so far away and so small made me feel miserable ;)

the last 250 meters are very hard because you reach the mountain top, which is a cliff on both sides, and then you start to climb on the top till you reach the summit. It's a bit frightening because there's still some slipperyice (especially on the west and north sides where the sun doesn't melt the snow). but something like 7:30am I reached the summit, with no air in my lungs, walking step by step. I think the last 50 meters was like hell for me. It took me ages to climb them, and it took me sometime on the summit to relax my lungs. I have a great video from the summit that you can hear me trying to talk and all you hear is my breathing.


The view is amazing from the mountain top, the feeling of conquest is amazing, and lighting that cigarette (it was just before i stopped smoking) on the summit and just sitting and watching all the small mountain tops around me, was one hell of a feeling. Something I will never forget.

Going down was quite easy, but a bit hard on the legs. We reached the camp I think around 11am or so. The last two guys in my group were really in bad condition on their climb, one of them vomited a bit, but they decided they'll reach it (on my way back I took some of their stuff to lighten them up), and something like 2pm they reached the camp after getting to the summit. Everybody in the group went straight to sleep (except for me cuz I felt still the adrenaline rush in my blood), and on the 4th day we just walked down from the camp to the pick up point.

A few tips:

1. check if you really need crampons and ice sticks, cuz otherwise it's a waste to carry this extra 2-3kgs (but do take warm clothes!!!)

2. I'm not sure if you need a guide for this climb. It's very useful to have a guy with a donkey that will cook you food before you climb and when you come back, but we climbed the mountain by ourselves and it was ok.

3. Go with people you trust that they will take care of you and will be resourceful if something happens. I trusted Yaron and it helped me a lot to know he is there if I need something (we also had in our group a guy who was a medic in the army).

4. Enjoy!
Stok-Kangri is the highest mountai…
Me (totally cold at 6am) at around…
On the TOP!!!! sorry for looking s…
Morle says:
Sounds like an amazing experience. I´m planning to go to Leh as well in August this year, so maybe I´ll hike up that bloody mountain as well :-)
By the way, is there anywhere I can watch that video of you on the top?
Posted on: Apr 18, 2010
Moonydancer says:
i couldnt go coz it was winter when i was in leh..but i surely will plan a trip there soon..!
Posted on: May 20, 2009
lisalush says:
You are so brave! I would never attempt such a walk without a pro in case something went wrong. Well done!!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2006

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