Stingray City

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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Stingray City Grand Cayman Reviews

mneerman mneerman
3 reviews
An unforgettable experience Jun 17, 2011
When people ask what is the most fun thing I have ever done, I will always say it was swimming among the stingrays at Stingray City. You pile up for about a 45 minute boat ride out to a sandbar with crystal clear water. You can see the rays circling the waters waiting for people to jump in because they know that people will be feeding them! They are extremely docile and friendly animals. It is nice to see these animals out in the wild rather than in a tank somewhere.
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adventurous_penny adventur…
4 reviews
Great adventure, worth doing! Jan 01, 2011
Can't remember the tour operator for sure (think it was Captain Marvin's) we booked with, but I booked it for us independent from our cruiseline excursion offerings (cruiseline prices are always way higher than on your own). Anyway, this is an experience not to be missed. You'll remember it for a long time! The stingrays kind of "swarm" around you and your legs, which can be a tad intimidating, but SO VERY incredible. And make sure to book the 1/2 or full day trip, so you can also stop at two great snorkeling spots. Wonderful day! Also, they made a DVD and try to sell to you during the ride back. Do as we did, wait until you're back on land and getting off the boat, offer them a lesser amount and they'll likely "go for it". I think it was $40 US but we offered $20 and they took us up on it. Great souvenir of our day trip.
aelder2259 aelder22…
216 reviews
Stingray City Adventure May 06, 2010
Don't spend more on the Stringray City & Snorkel...sign up for the cheaper "Adventure"...they have snorkels that you can use for no extra charge.

There are a lot of people at the sandbar, but there are so many stringrays, that it's not an issue.

Try to get on a boat with Maria Bennett as the photographer since she will give you a CD with your digital images instead of prints ($20 for one photo or all for $10 each). Her contact email is

The sandy bottom allowed you to go barefoot, which is recommended around the rays since they are so sensitive.

The rays are curious and will swim right up to you. Stand still with your arms extended, and they will swim right up on your arms.

No worry or need to be alarmed about their barb. They only deploy it if you are very aggressive and they are severely frightened since they will be defenseless for the rest of their lives if they deploy their barb.

I could have spent all day with these creatures.
rallyboss rallyboss
1 reviews
Aug 29, 2007
Stingray City is the name given to sandbar a couple of miles of the coast of Grand Cayman where tame Atlantic Southern Stingrays congregate.

There are many charter boats that take tourists out (mainly Americans off the cruise ships!) to the sandbar where you can feed, stroke, and generally mess about with the stingrays. It is quite safe and the chances of being stung are remote. Snorkels, lifejackets, drinks and squid to feed them were included in my trip. A photographer was on board too and she was a hottie! Louana from Vancouver, I'll call you sometime!

I like boats and just cruising out on a catamaran was nice enough. Not everyone on board liked being around the stingrays but they are highly intelligent (unlike some of the other hysterical passengers) and loved to be stroked and fed, bit like a cat!

I didnt actually pay for this as it was done through my cousin but from what I heard it is around £25-35 and £5 for a CD of your photos.
Clear blue water.....There is an O…
Me and my bro Andy.
Wouldnt mind a boat like that!
Ashleyhugues Ashleyhu…
3 reviews
Jun 15, 2007
Stingray City is an interesting experience. A boat takes you to a sandbar where hundreds of stingrays await. As soon as you hop into the water you are swarmed with stingrays and they do touch you! I remember my stepmother was covered with stingray hickeys from the experience.
PhinsAndGills PhinsAnd…
83 reviews
Hundreds of people playing with thousands of stingrays Nov 23, 2005
Stingray city is a life experience. There's nothing else quite like getting into the water and being surrounded by stingrays that are everywhere between the sizes of a dinner plate and larger than myself (I'm about 5'3"). I would go back.

You need to find a tour guide to take you out. Again, they are all prices and length of time so shop around. The cruise ship, hotel, resort will be able to help you make arrangements.

It's a sand bar. I could stand up in most places with my head out of the water but you don't really want to stand - you want to float. There is no coral, just sand. Okay, sand and rays.

The only gear you NEED is a pair of goggles. A snorkel is good, too because you can keep your head in the water longer. You don't do a LOT of swimming. There's no need to. The rays come right to you and your group.

There are usually MANY boats and groups out there. It was pretty crowded, but I was able to have a good time in spite of the crowds. I suppose this depends on when you go. I imagine that when a cruise ship is docked, it's busier. If you're staying, try to request a time and tour that doesn't haul ship passengers.

TIP: take an underwater camera, but don't try to feed the rays with the same hand that your camera is around. They don't like the camera and won't come to you. As soon as I switched hands, they came right up to me.

TIP: feed the rays with your palm open and the food (usually dead squid) on your FLAT OPEN palm. If you've ever fed a horse, it's the same. Dan lost some skin trying to hold the squid in his fingers.

TIP: SHUFFLE your feet. Rays are generally harmless unless you step on them. They really don't like that.
worldup worldup
30 reviews
Nov 25, 2005
We haven’t seen the Stingrays in Grand Cayman, so we thought this might be a cool adventure. We boarded a pontoon boat with about 25 other people and headed out to the Stingray City Sandbar. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. The sandbar is in the middle of the sound with deep waters all around. While we were there, 5-6 other boats were also vying for the stingrays’ attention. Lucky for everyone that there are about a hundred or so large stingrays hanging out here waiting to be fed. The water here is about waist high and very clear. The guide begins feeding the stingrays and they come over in droves. You feed them bits of squid. Just put your hand in the water and swish it around. They will literally climb up on your front or back to get to the food. They feel smooth and slick. It is really a cool experience. Shannon did not like the way they climbed on her and she became really scared and began to cry. What a shame. She wanted to get out of the water and she waited on the boat for the rest of us to finish. We hung out for about 45 minutes with the stingrays and then boarded the boat for the trip back. Its about a 3 hour excursion and costs around $20.
Stingrays in the water
Stingray city
Me with the stingrays
Me with the stingrays
jarno_leijen jarno_le…
13 reviews
georgetown / stingray city Dec 22, 2005
Before this trip I never heard from Cayman Isl. It was brittish. We took a boottrip to stingray city. A sandbank where stingrays come to eat, because fishermen drop their offal in see. These days it grown to one the topsight of the Cayman Islands. It's growdy up here, but still worth visiting. Take a underwater camera with you, if you have one.

It's a strange feeling to feel their rubbery skin. You can almost lift them out of the water.
aussielivinginjapan aussieli…
38 reviews
Jun 10, 2004
In 2004 I took a trip to the Caribbean. While in the Grand Cayman Islands my most memorable experience was swimming with stingrays. It was an awesome experience.

You can feed the stingray's squid. Touch them, and have a photograph taken with them. The stingray's have had the poisionus barb from their tail removed so its very safe.

At first I was a little scared but after a bit you realize what gentle creatures they are. They are also used to people and know that you will feed them squid so they approach you very slowly.

Overall a great experience and if your going to Grand Cayman Islands I would highly recommend taking this tour.
Swimming with Stingray's
Close up of the stingray.
PhinsAndGills says:
I, too, swam with stingrays in the Caymans. We went to Stingray City, where they are wild. My husband learned the hard way to feed them with the food flat on your palm. I loved reading your review, it brought back wonderful memories!
Posted on: Jun 08, 2007

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