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Vatler Vatler
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My favorite way to see the Statue of Liberty Jun 07, 2011
If you're tight on cash this is definitely the best way to see Lady Liberty. There are quite a few trains that will take you down to where you can catch the ferry. As soon as you're off of the train there are plenty of signs that should lead you to the ferry. It isn't difficult to find. Hop on with the rest of the passengers and enjoy the ride. Off of the right side is where you'll be able to take your pictures and get a great view. As soon as you dock, just follow the rest of the crowd and you can turn right back around and head back to Manhattan. Once again you'll have great views of the city and it's a great opportunity to take pictures. The total trip takes around an hour, but it's a great way to see the Statue of Liberty and a somewhat relaxing way to kill an hour.
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EuropeanSummer European…
3 reviews
Free, fantastic views Jun 02, 2011
The Staten Island Ferry provides magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty. Boats leave every half hour during off-peak hours and every twenty minutes during peak hours. It's completely free and easily accessable by subway. It's also a great photo op and only takes a total of one hour round-trip!
aswold aswold
14 reviews
The Staten Island Ferry Jan 25, 2008
Ahh, The Ferry! One of my favorite "things to do" when in New York City. To me, it is a very relaxing way to spend an hour without having to exert too much energy. The Staten Island Ferry is very easy to get to. The station is located at Whitehall and Water Streets. Easily accessible from Manhattan by taking the subway. {J or Z to Broad Street; 1 or 9 to South Ferry; 4 or 5 to Bowling Green} Then, just follow the hoards of people walking towards the river.

The Ferry departs every half hour and it runs 24 hours a day. No need to be the first person to board, there will be plenty of room aboard. I recommend not even bothering to find a seat. There will be plenty of those but once the Ferry starts moving, you'll want to see the view. There are large windows the length of the Ferry on both sides so everyone will get a good view. However, the best view is from the deck! No matter what season or what the weather is doing, step out on that deck. You won't regret it when you are approaching the statue of liberty!

Like I said, the trip is 30 minutes each way AND it's free. The Statue of Liberty will be on your right side as the Ferry is going to Staten Island. So, if you're inside and not on the deck, be on the right side of the seating area. Of course, the Statue will be on your left on the return trip.

This ferry ride is wonderful anytime of day but I highly recommend that you plan it around dusk and sunset. Plan it so that you're heading back to Manhattan, from Staten Island, near sunset. This is such a beautiful sight. With the sun setting and the lights from the city buildings twinkling, you're bound to get a little misty eyed.

Ok, so here's the drill, again. Go to the station. Wait for the Ferry. Get on the Ferry. Go to the deck or stay inside but on the right side of the Ferry. Ooo and Ahh over the Statue of Liberty. Ferry docks at the Staten Island Station. You must disembark at this time. Walk into the terminal with everyone else. Follow the crowd, they are also going back to Manhattan! Board the Ferry. This time, go to the deck and stand your ground. Watch as the Manhattan buildings grow larger as you get closer to the city. See how even more beautiful this city becomes at dusk and sunset.
The word Staten is cut off, sorry.
Inside the terminal st Staten Isla…
One of the Ferries
Manhattan approaching at dusk
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fawnrich says:
Thanks, I will have to check that out! Free, love it!
Posted on: Feb 27, 2010
Andy99 says:
Nice informative review!
Posted on: Oct 12, 2008
pinchora pinchora
162 reviews
Jul 22, 2007
My friend Becky wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty...and since it's a pain in the butt to get over there and over $20 a person we took her the free route...on the Staten Island Ferry.

The Staten Island Ferry has been a municipal service since 1905, and currently carries over 19 million passengers annually on a 5.2-mile run between the St. George Terminal in Staten Island and the Whitehall Terminal in lower Manhattan. In 1926 the city's original white color scheme was eliminated in favor of a reddish-maroon. This was changed to municipal orange later so that they could be seen in heavy fog and snow.

The 5 cents fare was established 1897. On October 10, 1972 the fare was raised to 10 cents. In 1975 the fare was increased to 25 cents. On August 1, 1990 the fare went up to 50 cents. Finally on July 4, 1997 the fare for foot passengers on the ferry was eliminated.

We went from Central Park on the 1 Train to South Ferry Street...the last stop so you can't miss it! And we got off and went to the terminal. The entrance took you up the stairs to the main lobby where there were a massive amounts of people waiting for the next ferry to come. As we were standing there Ronnie went up to check the times...ok, there's one coming in a bit and she warned us to use the restroom at that time if we had to otherwise we'd be out a bathroom for the next half hour...but on the bright note there is a concession stand on the ferry! So if you forgot to eat you can eat there!

We started to board our ferry...which was called the Samuel I. Newhouse which entered into ferry service in 1982. The ferry is used for a couple of is to act as a commuter for the residents of Staten all other ways cost money. Another is it is a great way for Tourists to see the bay! And the final is it is a great way for couples to spend a romantic night out. One guide book calls it "One of the worlds greatest (and shortest) water voyages."

But we went on this trip as a tourist. We were told that the best place to go is to the right...because that is the best view of the Statue of Liberty. We get on and get a place looking over edge of the boat. The bay looked like a nice day off for those who had boats. There were sale boats, wave runners and motor boats on the bay...along with large shipping boats!
boarding the staten island ferry
view of the Statue of Liberty from…
Ferry entrance at Whitehall
Manhatten ferry dock
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sylviandavid says:
I see we are going to be in New York at the same time! We'll just be there one day.... :) Sylvia
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
sylviandavid says:
Very nice review......
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008

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