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mkoncz mkoncz
2 reviews
travelling with starperu Mar 03, 2011
It was not a cost effective way to travel in Peru anyways,because any city could be reached in 6-7 hours by double decker buses for 29 to 64 soles only,however I opted to use them as I was short of time! We tried to book the tickets online,it took us a while because the website did not work properly!we only received a credit card confirmation even without our names on it!however when we got to Peru at the airport they printed the itinerary for us and they were very helpful!they were flexible with the changes of itinerary and also with paying fines for changes!by using their call was easy to make changes.on the way bk to Cusco there was more than 2 hours delay without any notification and we almost missed our connection!the fairs were reasonable and the flights were smooth! Ground staff and cabin crew were helpful and professional!we had a pleasnat trip.
mkoncz says:
First of all dear, watch ur mouth! I got very frustrated when i must bother myself answering to stupid comments!just because its an official forum. u lived there once for 2 years?travelled by bus once????who cares???I came back from Peru YESTERDAY and travelled around by bus!!!!!far too kind to list us the distances in between Lima and other cities. However i meant cities could be reached in between themselves in 6-7 hours: Arequipa-Cusco, Lima-Arequipa...and so on. My prices are garbage???excuse me???? when was the last time you actually stood in front of a kiosk to buy a bus ticket? Cruz del Sur from Arequipa to Puno was 64soles (20USD)...very expensive peruvian style...however it worth it!!! clean, neat, we had mealbox, selection of hot drinks, movies and a stweardess on board the bus!!!!!the bus was full of tourists from all over the world!and the panoramic view of flamingos, lamas, and the panoramic view to the Andes worth every penny, i guess that is why people visit Peru for. from Puno to Cusco we took another bus company and we paid 29soles for full bed seats!!!! it was not fully reclining but it was good enough!there was no steward this time, but it was a night ride so we didnt miss her at all :)! this bus passengers were mainly locals. It was also a pleasant ride, in 6 and a half hours we were in lovely Cusco in the morning, well rested. I think it worth the 10 USD rather than paying 100USD for an hour plane ride!
There is nothing wrong of critisising but just do it with manners with a proper language.thank you.
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011
dakota44 says:
I get very frustrated with people who give bad information. You CANNOT reach any city in Peru from Lima by bus in 6-7 hours. Lima to Cusco 21 hours. Lima to Arequipa 16 hours. Lima to Tacna 19 hours. Lima to Cajamarca 13 hours. Lima to Chiclayo 12 hours. Lima to Tumbes 19 hours. Lima to Piura 15 hours. I won't bother with more. Your prices are garbage too. Lima to Cusco on Cruz del Sur $66(170 soles) one way. Lima to Arequipa $40 (110 soles). Lima to Cajamarca $34. etc. I've lived here for two years and I traveled by bus once. Lima to Huanuco. As nice as the buses are, for me it is not worth wasting an entire day sitting in a bus on mountain roads. It is little more than an hour by air to most cities in Peru. The cost is worth it as far as I am concerned. But for anyone wanting to save money, they should at least know the accurate details about how much time they will be sitting in a bus.
Posted on: Mar 03, 2011
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Domestic Airline in Peru - Star Peru Nov 23, 2009
Lan is by far the biggest airline in Peru. Maybe that's why their prices can be very high. Nevertheless you have options for some flights. This airline could be an alternative if you are flying for certain destinations like: Iquitos, Cusco, Cajamarca, etc. (please check their website for updates)

The Pro's:

-They have decent airfares. It's so good that they charge all the passengers the same and don't make silly distinctions because of the country of origin.

-You don't have to pay extra for checking your bag (1 per person)

-They feed you

The Contra's:

-They are still small, so they don't have many airplanes and if a flight is delayed, other might suffer too. Flights usually have stops.

-Their airplanes are not the newest, lack of entertainment resources...

-Although they have a website, this is really slow and don't work properly. Buying online could be terrible or simply won't work...

Anyway, they are an alternative to unfair fares and the crew do their best trying to be as kind as possible.
inside the plane, they are not the…
yadilitta says:
great! well done, girl!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2011
Katie-Jane says:
Just managed to successfully buy 2 flights using their website from the UK. no problems at all, and got much cheaper fares than LAN or TACA. Happy days :)
Posted on: Feb 08, 2011
yadilitta says:
so glad to be Peruvian!!!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009

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