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Hayam Wuruk 111 FF, Jakarta, Indonesia - (6221) 626.3323

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The Most Popular Club of Jakarta Jul 01, 2011
Lets take a look at what Lonely Planet says about Stadium: "The big daddy of Jakarta's scene, this club has the heritage (established in 1997), the reputation (DJ's including Sasha and Dave Seaman have spun here), the capacity (around 4000), the soundsystem and the crowd. There are four levels, but the main room is where the prime dance floor action is - a dark cavernous space of pounding beats full of clubbers in sunglasses. This ain't no disco - alcohol is not the drug of choice, and Stadium has a disctinctly underground vibe. Its weekend session is totally hardcore - beginning on Thursday evening and running until Monday morning."

After reading this you are most likely expecting something great and dark already, but this review does not do the club justice at all. This place is more dark, underground, unbelievable and legendary while being the most popular bar in Jakarta for ages.

Since I am sure people will be able to find more about the club on sites such as " " I will not go deeply into describing what this club is like, but instead I will help you out by giving some handy advice on how to best enjoy your time here.

- The fourth floor is where the action is at and I have seen little reason to go to the other floors. Unless you want to pay for your company and travel to the one-hour hotel at the fifth floor.

- Don't be cheap and get a decent hotel / apartment if you plan to find some good looking company. If they discover you are spending the night in Jalan Jaksa your chances to get lucky have been nuked. I stayed in a rented apartment for 300.000 a night and in reality it was a four star hotel with swimming pool, fitness, parking garage, security and great room service. Hotels offer less for more in general.

- Do not come alone, bring friends. Preferably Indonesian friends whom you trust with your wallet, phone, camera. If you are alone there is a big chance you will feel very unsafe in this place. Especially at the extremely dark sides and corners.

- Realize the sunglasses are mainly to hide their red eyes.

- Drugs are very expensive inside this club (250.000 for the best quality pills anno 2010). Why? The club pays the police a lot of money to stay away. They won't sell drugs on nights that the police will raid the place. These raids don't happen often and I know of no one who had to suffer through one. If you really want to try some high quality ecstasy this is a pretty safe place to do so. I still suggest common sense and caution since getting arrested and send to jail for twenty years is not a great thing.

- The Aircon is the best thing ever. Don't worry about getting too sweaty or being choked to death by smokers here.

- The gay people generally group at the right side in front of the podium. I have been plucked to death every time I went to the toilet. They are not pushy and a simply raising the hand is enough to keep them at bay. They might direct you to a gorgeous girl instead.

- Toilets are used for drugs, grabbing money from hiding places, puking, normal toilet stuff and things I don't want to think about. The staff here is great and should be tipped more often in my opinion.

- The music is really good and I spotted several female expats and tourists here during my few visits to this place. I only encountered one old white man during all my stays here. Which is a big plus for me since I don't like the old geezer picking up young girls thing. I do believe men will prefer their time here much better than a woman would though.

- After leaving the club it is the best to walk a few hundred meters along the main street to hail a taxi which is cheaper and of the trusted brands. If you are very drunk, drugged or have several beautiful ladies accompanying you, expect to be charged quite a bit more.

There is a whole lot more to say about this club and I could talk hours about the crazy and weird things happening in this club and I still don't think I would be able to translate properly as to what this place is really like till you have experienced it.

My best experience in Stadium was on Sunday morning, most of my friends had to work or couldn't come and they suggested to me I should go there. I didn't believe it at all, since who goes to the club at 10 in the morning right? It was packed as hell. A whole lot of students, teenagers go to party on sunday morning, afternoon to fool parents who keep them at home in the weekends.

My most negative experience in Stadium involved a very pushy girl who tried to convince me to buy her drugs. It took like 30 minutes before she realized I was not a walking ATM and was there to have fun, not getting drugged and spend a fortune.
Amrit06 says:
Solid review +1
Posted on: Jun 25, 2012
party-24-7 says:
100,000 % true.
Posted on: Jul 05, 2011
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