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631 U.S. Highway 8, Turtle Lake, WI, USA - 1-800-U-GO-U-WIN

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all you can eat king crab! Jul 31, 2008
So since I moved to Minneapolis my friend told me about this casino in Wisconsin she loved to go to because there's all you can eat king crab for $22! I immediately said count me in. Well, with her in school and our work scheduled clashing we finally got to go tonight. So we drove the hour and 40 minutes to Turtle Lake, Wisconsin to experience what all the buzz is about. (by the way this is only Thursday nights until 11PM)

We entered the casino aroun 8:15PM and we got seated around 9:05PM... so it's quite a wait and you have to stand in line like you're in line for a ride at Disney world. They have stands up with rope and you have to zig zag around them 3 times. Finally getting to the front and paying the cashier I asked my friends Boyfriend to take a photo of us with the line behind us... well, he snapped the photo and we were told that was our warning. No photo's allowed in the Casino... I was crushed!!! We were asked to wait at some chairs until the table for our party of 5 was cleared. There was a drunk man behind us who was very ignorant... I feel bad for the lady whom he was with. As he started to talk to my friends in broken spanish. The one said "HI" and the drunk man said, oh my goodness he can speak some english... "como estas" he asks the one guy in my group again... We busted out laughing because I was not with hispanics... the rest of the 4 were Vietnamese. Well, he got his attention skewed by another lady who looked to be Japanese... and he started to talk really slowly to her too... asking her questions. Gosh I do hate how ignorant some people are sometimes.

After a long time of waiting we got seated and ran to get the crab. Now this is a buffet so it just didn't have king crab you could also get snow crab, deep fried shrimp, shrimp pasta, mussels, oysters, prime rib, veggies, salads, and desserts! (I did get some pics with my camera phone so I could be incognito... it worked but the photo's aren't as nice as I'd hope) Also, the beverages (non alcoholic) were free.

When I got to the buffet the large king legs were gone... so I got to pick at the scraps... they were still good but it's the excitement of having these legs on your plate that hang off, which mine didn't cuz they were half legs... so I head back up for a second round. Sigh... the same problem... all the large legs were gone. Now see if it was just me who was there I would think that they aren't refilling them fast enough but the other people in my party got theirs really big... sigh.

So remember the guy who was drunk? Yeah, so we saw that he got up to the cashier to pay and get seated... oh no I told my group... there's a table right next to us that's open... what if they put him here. We slightly watched in horror as they started to walk our way and the drunk man was pointing at our table... to our relief the hostess shook her head no and took him to a table that sat only 2 closer to the buffet rather than that table that sat 4... score, we saved ourselves. Until the one guy in our group decided to go get some more crab... and walked by drunk man and he tried to talk to him again... in broken spanish. "te gusta?" as he pointed to the crab legs...

So I finally I figured 3rd times the charm. By this point I was getting full as I ate a plate of king crab and another plate with snow crab, mussels, oysters, pasta, some cheesy brocolli and mussel thing and something else... but I just wanted the experience of breaking a full leg. I go up and grab what I felt I was able to eat and take it back to my table. The legs were very spiky and soft so it was hard to get the meat out of these ones... I actually had to try and bite the shell in half. The sad thing is is that they don't supply crackers but even if they did the shell was too soft it wouldn't have made an impact. But they did get them precut so it would be easier... it just felt like I was trying to break into a cactus because of the prickles on the shells.

By the way... we figured that each of us ate $100 in seafood this evening... so the money is definitely worth it and the meat in the crab was AMAZING... the prime rib was cooked a little too much though and was tough... so stick with the crab and seafood! Also, the waitress was slower at getting drink refills and clearing off the scrap shells of the table until about 10PM when it was slow and there was no more line... then she was able to help us out and give us alot of attention. So go around 10PM if you don't want to wait in line!
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