St Christopher's Inn and Belushi's

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68-74 Quai de la Seine 75019 Paris, Paris, France

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St Christopher's Inn and Belushi's Paris Reviews

killustrations killustr…
25 reviews
St. Christopher's in Paris Jun 10, 2012
The St. Christopher's in Paris is the biggest one I've yet to stay in. I was on the 5th floor, where there are at least 9 rooms. My room was a mixed 10 person room. The beds were great! Everyone had their one little curtain to pull when you want privacy, and there are 2 plugs and a little night light next to each bed. The bathrooms are the worst out of all the St. Christopher Hostels that I've stayed at. There were only 3 showers on my floor, but still they were clean, so I can't complain.

The location is a small distance from the closest metro. It's not a terrible walk. But in my case, I took the metro from Gare du Nord to Lumière, which is the easiest station to get to from the train station. It was a short ride, but there are no escalators at this station, so I had to carry my suitcase up 2-3 flights of stairs. Just something to remember if you decide to book this hostel.
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Hazimali77 says:
Thanks for your information
Posted on: Jul 27, 2015
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Sweetski Sweetski
52 reviews
Not to be confused with Hotel Christophe!!! Aug 24, 2011
In short: perfectly fine hostel in which I would never stay again.

St. Christopher’s Inn is a hostel unlike many hostels, in that it is of modern design (both inside and out), comes with electronic key cards and doesn’t have bunk beds (at least, not in the room I stayed in, #603). Yet, it is a hostel in every sense of the word otherwise. It turned out to be a gathering place for mostly youngsters; drinking and talking loud until the early hours of the morning.

The room we had was a so called ‘private room’; meaning it had only six individual beds. Also, it was en suite, which meant only six people shared the spacious bathroom, shower and single toilet. Despite knowing all the other occupants of the room, I still found it awkward to sleep (well trying to anyway) among them. Also, three of my room-mates had to leave at approximately 3:00 in the morning to catch a plane to Portugal, which meant they decided it was best not to go to sleep in fear of missing their flight. With it came the all night chit-chatter which kept me up most of the night.

The hostel is situated along canal St. Martin but to make you confused it’s on ‘Quai de la Seine’. Parking is a pain in the area, but I suspect most of you will get to the hostel by using public transportation. The nearest Metro station is just a few minutes strolling; you can take either Crimeé or Riquet.

For a hostel, the room was clean and in it were plenty of lockers for storing your luggage. Do bring your own lock, if possible a bulky and sturdy one. Also, this room is on the top floor. It came with a balcony which made an excellent hide out for the smokers amongst us. Though finding used undies from a previous occupant was a bit of a turn off ;)

The hostel has its own community area and bar (Belushi bar) that also serves the neighbourhood and doubled as the breakfast area. Also, it has an ‘Internet Café’ which is just a room full of computers that you can use for free…, unless of course, you want to go on the internet, in which case they charge you.

French breakfast was included in the price (baguette, butter, jam, coffee, tea and hot milk) but if you wanted a sturdier breakfast you pay 5 euro. The breakfast balcony on the waterfront was nice and a welcome change from the stale reeking bar/breakfast area.

So, if you’re young, hip & happening; this is the place to meet people like yourself. If on the other hand you care for privacy and an early night’s sleep; find a place elsewhere :)
St. Christopher's Inn is the build…
Bridge over the canal leading to n…
Fellow TB-ers in room 603
The breakfast balcony and smoking …
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Sweetski says:
Nice.., what did you shoot there?
Posted on: Sep 18, 2015
kartik says:
Bro, funnily enough, I filmed a scene in the basement of Belushi's...
Posted on: Sep 13, 2015
Sweetski says:
Hazim, it is best to always lock your stuff in the (free) safety box. You have to bring your own padlock though.
Posted on: Aug 16, 2015
jpo11 jpo11
1 reviews
Affordable, fun hostel in Paris Jun 11, 2011
This was a really clean, fun place - with mostly young people from all over. You could choose from private rooms to shared rooms. In shared rooms you could draw a curtain over your bed and they also had sinks in them. Breakfast was included and the place had a nice little restaurant and area to hang out for drinks and to meet people.
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miranda81 miranda81
5 reviews
Perfect for those who travel alone. Jun 07, 2011

- The location is not very central and if you there for the first time you may have to ask for directions from people on the street. But as soon as you get there, it shouldn't be a problem.

- They have girls dormitory and girls toilet which made me feel more comfortable. I like the way they put curtain and lamp in each individual bed to give a little bit of privacy.

- The breakfast is all right. They serve cereals, fresh milk, orange juice (if you're lucky. It always run out quickly), and bread with butter and jam. Be familiar with baguette, because this is the bread that they served.

- Met interesting people from all over the world. If you travel alone, staying here will help you to make friends.

-They have a bar that open until late to keep you entertain.

- Lots of information about what to do and where to go in Paris.


- You have to pay to use the Internet.

- There was one blond guy in the reception which seems reluctant to help. Or if I can say bluntly, quite rude. It's only him, the others are just friendly and helpful.

- They need to clean the toilet often and better since lot of people have to share it.
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brettjayhawk brettjay…
26 reviews
Enjoyed My Stay Jan 11, 2011
The metro is just down the street and about 10-15 minutes from any place we wanted to visit. We got there and they checked my friend and I in quickly. They had a bar inside and then downstairs they have a place to hang out and drink if you brought your own booze in.

We both enjoyed the stay and the beds were plenty big enough and the rooms we stayed in had a lot of people in it but everyone was really quiet. As soon as we walked in the room two other guys started talking to us and we hit it off and ended up partying with them and meeting some great Australian friends down in the hang out area. There is a store within a two minute walk to get some alcohol and food! There were a lot of people partying in the basement and

I'm coming back to Paris in June and I will be staying here again!
Hanging out in the basement!
janniina janniina
32 reviews
St Christopher's Inns Mar 04, 2011
I stayed here 5 nights and it was great.

Hostel is little bit far away, but luckily metro runs near by.

Rooms are nice and clean. And extra plus for those curtains at the beds. And free breakfast is always good thing.

Only minus was that I needed to change my room 3 times, and I did book my bed weeks before the trip. I think it was 'cause there was a big group of highschool students and I was traveling alone.
itravel1 itravel1
36 reviews
Nice, New Hostel near the city core Sep 23, 2010
~Sept 2010

A clean new hostel. A little far from sites, 15-20 minutes by train. Train stop a few minutes walk. Great to meet fellow travelers.

Many small local shops and food places from different ethnicities are within walking distance.

The hostel bar Belushi's is convenient, and doubles as a common space but prices may be a little rich for those trying to stay on a budget. There are local markets close by but with no cooking facilities you are subject to cold prep food ie. sandwich, finger food.

The accomodations otherwise are fantastic. New, clean, modern, and plentiful. Wi-fi, computers, lifts, card keys, tours. A small after hours bar downstairs off the small common room opens up for the night goers without disturbance to the rooms up above. The prices are well within reason (almost cheap) considering the relative cost of Paris.

The sleeping quarters are the best I've seen for a hostel and the staff is informative, helpful, and pleasant.

My only dislike would be location, but after learning the underground this is easily overcome.
Men's washroom at Belushi's (hoste…
Hostel Building
Small Marina at back of hostel
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misseejjay says:
stayed there for 2 days during a Paris meet-up. Great place and relaxing atmosphere.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2011
misseejjay says:
very nice review Mike. Certainly worth visiting.
Posted on: Mar 25, 2011
Aurora78 says:
Thanks for the recommendation. :)
Posted on: Feb 13, 2011
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
St Christopher's Inns May 04, 2010
From the minute I walked in, this place had such a nice vibe. The staff are very friendly, and are very useful at giving independent and tailored advice to your queries. The rooms are large, with nice comfortable beds. The lockers at the bottom are big enough for backpacker bags and small suitcase - just bring your own lock. You get your own power socket and night light near your bed, and each bed has a curtain for privacy. The bathrooms are always clean, with decent hot water and good water pressure. The brekfast is a basic but good quality range of cereals, baguettes, tea, coffee, OJ and jam/butter. They arrange a free walking tour each morning. As there is a Belushis bar on the ground floor, this is a great place to meet Parisians or chat further to hostelmates you have just met. Their internet service is fast and reliable with a very good pricing strategy too. The location is just a few minutes off Crimee station, and is close to a decent amount of local shops for food, small items and drinks. I really enjoyed my stay here, would def stay there again and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone visiting Paris!
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purplemuse purplemu…
14 reviews
Clean but service was a bit bad Oct 18, 2010
There's this rude blonde guy at the reception. He was not really helpful at all. If he can't help the costumers, there's no need to be rude. Everyone else was alright but he's just really not cut for the job. Quite a few travelers have also spoken about how unnecessary this guy's attitude was towards all the guests.

I was surprised with the "free" breakfast. They just served big bowls of baguettes and cereal. If you want to upgrade, pay extra 5euros to the reception and then you can have your cold meats and cheese. That's ridiculous! I stayed at the St. Christophers Winston in Amsterdam and we didn't have to pay extra! It was excellent breakfast! Great staff as well to boot! *Check my review

The rooms were tidy but the lockers underneath would always make annoying sounds. It's quite dangerous because if you're situated on the lower bunk bed, you can possibly get hit by the cover of the stainless steel locker!

Bathrooms were cleaned maybe once a week. It might look that they clean the toilets and shower rooms daily but you'd still see soap scum from probably last year and they don't even bother scrubbing it! The trash bins are always full and rarely gets emptied!

The cleaning ladies would always just gather and talk in the hall (blocking the guests way) every morning. They can just clean in the early afternoon when all the guests of the hotel are out and about exploring the city! That way they don't disturb the guests!

Internet is NOT free. They claim it is but don't believe it.

It is quite a hike from the center of the city. The area isn't so bad.

I think I would go to a different hostel next time.
MilesTraveled MilesTra…
3 reviews
Swanky & Affordable Jul 27, 2010
The most luxuries hostel I've ever stayed at.

Relatively cheap, considering the price of Paris overall. Location is okay - still in the city but not within walking distance of any major sites. Not far from a few metro stations though, so pretty easy to get into the heart of the city.

Staff was very friendly and helpful, especially for non-french speakers. The hostel runs a bunch of free walking tours, which are great.

The dorms and beds are awesome - large bunk beds, each with their own curtain and light and shelf inside - with giant lockable storage bins underneath each bed. Free wifi, and a nice included breakfast of french bread, butter, and jam.

I would definitely recommend it, and look forward to staying here again.
chrystina930 chrystin…
8 reviews
Young travelers looking for a decently priced hostel in paris Jun 01, 2009
I stayed at the St. Christopher's Hostel in Paris for a week in march 08.

Pro: bar/restaurant located in the hostel (you get a discount if you show your room key), lounge in the basement, book exchange, clean rooms/bathroom, everything is brand new because it opened up in jan 08, free breakfast (cereal/bread), very friendly & helpful staff, near the metro, curtains on the bed, sink in your room, locker beneath the bed (bring your own lock).

con: the showers would be cold one minute then hot the next, the electricity would go out once in awhile too (for like 10 mins, then come back on. it could've been because they were doing construction but i am not sure), its located in the 19th district and isn't really near any attractions or site so you have to take the metro, the internet room was always packed & i always had to wait in line to use the internet.

conclusion: id highly recommend this place to anyone staying in paris. i found it very easy to meet people here. it was a great environment.
the room i stayed in. slept 6 girl…
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thatjenny thatjenny
4 reviews
Good place to relax and for privacy Apr 08, 2009
Quite boring in terms of socializing as there isn't really a common room, but this is in my top hostels that I've stayed in and probably the closest to feeling like you are in a hotel.

You get a curtain for your bed and a nightlight, I didn't realize how much I missed privacy until I had this.

Inside your bed you have your own power outlets!

The room is huge!

Really nice table area & long mirror

It was an 8 person room, but it didn't really feel like it as everyone was tucked away under their curtains.

Breakfast was basic, but good probably the best basic breakfast I've had in a hostel. The rolls were huge and so good, you can pack some away for later.


A fair bit out of the way, especially coming from the airport

The door wasn't working properly in the room I was in 90% of the time, so you better hope somebody was in there to let you in.

There is no kitchen or laundry

No common room

you can buy 24 hours of internet for only 6 euro I believe, although you can wait quite a while for a PC during busy times, around 6-7 in the evening.

Belushi's is a really nice place to eat, although very expensive.

The curtains make it harder for people to get to know each other.

It's a bit expensive, I think it cost like 30 euro a night or something.

In the end this is a good place if you are wanting to rest on your trip and not party too much. I'm glad I got to stay there near the end because I didn't a bit of comfort and privacy.
xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
33 reviews
Wonderful, brand new hostel! Jul 26, 2008
I loved our stay here. I can't quote the price because we were on a tour, but I wouldn't mind paying 20-25 euro a bed here.


-Place just opened, all new facilities, super clean!

-Bar right on premises

-Friendly staff

-Breakfast included (juice, tea/coffee, cereal, bread/jam)

-Beds were amazing! Curtains and plugs in each of them, and very comfortable and big!

-Key card entry, no worries about turning in a key every time you leave

-Big lockers under beds (bring your own lock)


-Door to room is tricky: you have to reswipe your card so actually close it when you leave. I had to be after our roommates to do this but it was still usually left open

-Bar was much more expensive than it should have been. 10euro for a burger?? At a student hostel???

-Wasn't so sure about the luggage storage. You could only go down every half hour when the guy from the desk would go... but they didn't even ask you to prove you belonged there.

-Location leaves a bit to be desired. Only redeeming quality was a great kebab place and a grocery store are within a minute's walk. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel safe walking back from the metro on my own at night.

All and all, I would highly recommend this place!
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akline akline
4 reviews
Great party hostel in beautifull Paris Jul 01, 2008
I stayed at the St, Christophers Inn in Paris for 3 nights. The hostel was great, they had a large bar i the hostel, as well as a night club sorta thing in the basement(with live band), and a internet cafe. The staff were very hepfull and spoke great english. I thought the location was great, about 5 min walk to two different metro lines and pretty much 30 mins to all the major things to see in Paris. The showers were pretty good, not fantastic but for what i was paying the beds and showers were great. Another smart thing that they had were very large lockers that were stored under the bed and it had lots of room for my big backpack. Over all Great Hostel, defenitly one of the best hostels i stayed at... comparable to Wombats, Alessandero Palace and many other great party hostels in Europe. Great chain and i will defenitly stay there again!
dana_mae says:
I am staying here while in Paris! :)
Posted on: Apr 13, 2011
jefrois jefrois
30 reviews
New Party Hostel in Paris May 11, 2008
St.Christophers is a brand-new hostel in the northeast part of Paris. It is not in the center or near any of the attractions but the hostel itself is awesome and a great place to meet people. The building is huge, with a bar downstairs that offers breakfast/lunch and then has great happy hour specials to get you drunk of your ass at night! There is wifi free, but you do have to pay if you don’t have a laptop. If you are traveling alone I would suggest this place for the happy hour itself :) The staff is helpful and parties with you after their shift is over haha

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