St. Catherines Monastery

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Mount Sinai, Egypt
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St. Catherines Monastery Mount Sinai Reviews

Bigcap25 Bigcap25
8 reviews
A "Must Visit" for anyone going to Egypt Jul 19, 2009
Mt. Sinai or St. Catherine's is one of the most recognizable sights in Egypt aside from the Pyramids of Giza. You must get to the sight at night roughly around 2 A.M. to prepare for ascent up the mountain. We had a large enough group for a guide around 10 people. The ascent was a little harder than I thought it would be not going to lie. haha. It took around 3 hours if i remember correctly to get to the top. If you don't want to walk up the mountain there are hundreds of Bedouins on the way up with Camels. You can pay the Bedouin around 80 LE to take you up to the top. More or less depending on your haggling skills. Speaking of which, I had one of the trippiest moments of my life on this mountain. We we at the foot of the mountain and the full moon was providing us with light. As we walked around one corner of the mountain there were about 100 plus camels just chillin there. We walked right past them and they would just stair at you, make camel noises, and spit. It was something out of a movie almost seeing just mountain side full of camels in the dark staring at you. just odd.

Now I will get back on track. On the way up there are about 20 or so stops where you can buy water, food, or sit and rest. You should reach the top before sunrise. Once you get up there you can finally see what you climbed up and look at the amazing red mountains around you. This was one of the most amazing things seeing the morning sun hit the mountains. After getting to the top of the mountain you want to steak out a spot where you can watch the sun come up as there may be 500+ people up there with you at one time. While your waiting for the sun to rise you can think about Moses climbing the mountain and the religious significance this place has for the 3 major religions. On top of the mountain there is a church, a mosque, and temple(i believe). If you're Muslim you can pray in the mosque if you can get in there because it is super tiny.

Watching the sunrise up there is really amazing and seeing the majesty of the mountain range around you is truly breath taking. Once you are done watching the sunrise you have to descend the mountain. At this point I wanted to jump off because I got a combined 4 hours of sleep in 2 days and was in no mood to walk down this mountain. Needless to say the decent wasnt too terrible as it was still fairly cool for the summer time in the deserts of Egypt.

Once you get to the bottom they make you go through the monastery. Which, for me, left a lot to be desired. It is just a really old church with lots of candelabras. Once you leave the church you get to see the fabled "Burning Bush". Whether or not this was the actual "Burning Bush" that God communicated through to talk to Moses it doesn't matter. Everyone was going nuts trying to touch it and take pictures with it.

I would recommend this trip and site to anyone and everyone who is going to Egypt!!! If you have any questions just message me.
The Burning Bush
Moses made the climb with us
Waiting for sunrise
Me and my buddy Jamie at the top
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sid583 sid583
8 reviews
Aug 10, 2007
While we stayed in Taba Heights we took a tourist trip to the monastery of St. Catherine at the foot of Mount Sinai.

If you have ever read the bible or interested in history then this place is a must. In short you can see here Mount Sinai, Moses well, the remains of all the monks that have served here and the monastery itself which is amazing. Also and the highlight of the tour was seeing the burning bush (not actually burning anymore).

So in summary if you ever find yourself on the Sinai Peninsular please make day free to come here.
Entrance to monastery (no cameras …
The Monastery surrounded by an anc…
The burning bush

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