Sriracha Tiger Zoo

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Pattaya, Thailand
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Sriracha Tiger Zoo Pattaya Reviews

gingerbatik gingerba…
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Sriracha Tiger Zoo Apr 20, 2013
I join day tour to visit this Sriracha Tiger Zoo which included pick up and drop off from the Pattaya hotel and lunch included in the price. I don't remember how much it is.

In this zoo, we see many strange things like they cross breed tiger with pig and the tiger cubs having milk from the pig mother and the pigs baby roaming around the tiger cage.

They also breed the dog with dingo and the dingo has a stripe on its body.

Other attractions are elephant show, crocodile show, culture show, etc. It is a whole day tour and I really enjoy it and the park has many greenery and very nice to walk among the garden.
mother pig with baby pigs and tige…
mother pig with baby pigs and tige…
mother pig with baby pigs and tige…
tiger cage with pigs baby
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sarahsan says:
Was there any explanation of the point of the cross breeding?
Posted on: May 10, 2013
amazed says:
This one made me giggle
Posted on: Apr 29, 2013
gingerbatik says:
yes, I been to the safari park in Kanchanaburi as well, it's nice.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2013
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bensonryan bensonry…
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Just ask about the 'Tiger Zoo' in Pattaya Jan 06, 2011
The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a large scale attraction filled with many shows involving stunts with tigers, elephants, crocodiles and many other wild animals. One adult can access this magnificent park for 300 Baht ($11 USD).

This park is interesting in a rather experimental way, due to the unconventional shows and displays that I have never seen before in my life. There are many animals to interact and be photographed with. Displays of cross animal relations are also shown here, where tigers feed on pigs breast milk to exemplify animals growing tolerance of one another. Full grown, visitors can surprisingly witness unlikely animals intermingling in their cages.

Guests can enjoy elephant and camel rides, experience holding a baby tiger, and enjoy the animal stunt shows. There are restaurants available offering a variety of food, ranging from the conventional poultry dishes to crocodile meat and even offer fried scorpions as delicacies (yum). A gift shop is available promoting many items with the Sriracha logo.

I was hand selected to act as part of the elephant show. where the trainers tied me up to a dart board and they directed the elephants to chucked darts between my arms and legs to pop some balloons in order to demonstrate the prowess in their training. It was very memorable but unfortunately I had the camera on me and my wife wasn't able to take any pictures.

The only negative sides to Sriracha zoo is the somewhat inconvenient location and the restroom facilities. The zoo is located in the inland outskirts of Pattaya so guests will require some transportation planning in advance. We had to troubleshoot our way back to our beach side hotel. For some reason. Toilet paper in southeast Asia is always seemingly scarce in many public areas. It is best advised to bring your own. Also the bathrooms are questionable in terms of sanitation.

Overall, this Zoo is a strong recommendation, not to mention a solid landmark of Pattaya. I had some good memories of Sriracha zoo and will visit again.
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monkeymia79 says:
What a wonderful experience you had with both the elephants and bottle feeding the tiger cub.
Posted on: Feb 29, 2016
sherrybaby86 sherryba…
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Amazing Experience not to be missed! Oct 03, 2011
I heard about this place from a friend who recently visited it, and decided to go myself after seeing the photos he showed me.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is located in Chonburi, about half an hour drive from Pattaya, and 1.5hrs from Bangkok (depending on traffic). Once you get out of Bangkok, it is very easy to find - there are heaps of sign posts which are hard to miss. The easiest way to get there would be to take a minivan or hire a taxi.

Admission is 450baht, which is entry only. You are given a map for the zoo, which is very easy to follow (and in English) and there are lots of signs around the zoo which are also in English.

There are several shows within the zoo, which occur every few hours - the Tiger show, the Crocodile show, and the Elephant show. The Tiger show is amazing, with tigers jumping through rings of fire, walking on their hind legs, jumping over each other, walking on a tight-rope and many other things. Unfortunately we missed the crocodile show, but the Elephant show was hilarious. The elephants were hula-hooping, walking over members of the audience (volunteers), throwing darts at balloons, and dancing. I really recommend the two shows I saw. I was expecting the animals to look sad and miserable, and to be forced into doing the acts, but was very surprised when I saw them all looking happy and willing to perform. The trainers barely had to guide them.

You can also have your photo taken with a Tiger and Crocodile, feed baby tiger cubs, have an Elephant ride, and many other things. These will cost you though. To feed the tiger cubs and have a photo is 150baht, and the experience is less than 5 minutes. The photo with the tiger is 100baht, and they print you out a photo also, and the same with the crocodile. You can feed the elephants after the show for 30baht for a bunch of bananas. Even though these extra things do cost money and it can add up over the day, it is well worth the experience. You can also feed other animals such as deer, camels, wallabies and ostriches. An amazing thing which is a must see, is to witness the tiger cubs feeding off a mother pig, and also the piglets feeding off a mother tiger. Amazing! There is also pig racing and a scorpion queen.

There is also a restaurant at the zoo, serving Thai and Western meals - although I did not eat here, and did not see many other people eating there also. There are lots of food and drink stalls throughout the zoo selling all different types of food - I suggest you try the frozen banana covered in hot chocolate sauce and dipped in nuts - perfect for a hot day!

A few downsides - rubbish bins at the park are few and far between, so you have to carry your rubbish with you. I have also read many controversies surrounding Sri Racha Tiger Zoo ranging from bird flu infestation to illegal sale of tigers. You need to decide for yourself if you want to go through the experience, as many people are against this.

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!!
@ sri racha tiger zoo
@ sri racha tiger zoo
@ sri racha tiger zoo
@ sri racha tiger zoo
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merelvanooijen merelvan…
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Great tiger experience May 08, 2011
Great day out if you want to escape from the beach life and are looking for something else to do. It is a little bit tacky but it's nice to not only watch the animals but have some interaction with them. But at the same time you sympathise with the animals for being just a tourist attraction all day instead of being able to walk/play around.
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Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
Tiger & crocodiles zoo garden . Aug 18, 2008
I been there at august 2008 and was my second time to be there .

Nice zoo garden with many zoos inside .

They have very good farms for the crocodiles , also for other zoos .

Have a very good tiger show and of course crocodile show .

The area is very big and you can see many different zoos , from monkeys to elephants and camel to pigs .

Yes pigs :) they have a special Pig racing and is very funny , also a nice elephant museum and show and if someone want a ride will be cost about 5 euro .

Special zoo garden for crocodiles and tigers , you can see everything from tiger education center until crocodile feeding :)

It's a little bit far away from Pattaya about 30-40kms and the ticket for the entrance cost 350 tai baht about 7 euro .

I recommented for the zoophilics !

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