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2879 University Avenue, San Diego, CA, USA

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lisa lisa
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Jul 16, 2007
WOW, North Park in San Diego has come a long way since I graduated a couple years ago! Back then, it was a run down, forgotten part of town that didn't have much charm, but nowadays trendy restaurants and cafes are springing up on University Ave. One of these is Spread.

Spread calls itself "Nouveau Comfort Food," and I'd have to agree with that for several reasons. They're an organic vegetarian restaurant, but they step it up a notch by using local produce from the farmer's market. There are debates over which is better for people and the environment: organic or local? Would you choose an organic apple that cost 1000s of miles of fossil fuel energy but didn't put chemicals in the soil, water, and product itself, or would you choose an apple that used chemical pesticides and fertilizer to grow, but was grown locally? I try to buy produce that's both organic and local (thank goodness I live in California), but I know most restaurants don't make the same decisions. Spread is one of a few restaurants that does use local and organic ingredients. I was impressed with their nature-conscious menu, which changes constantly depending on what they find at the farmer's market. Their food is full of flavor, color, and creativity.

Our brunch started with an heirloom tomato salad. Thick slices of the funny shaped tomato were topped with crumbled cotija cheese, mixed greens and cilantro, drizzled in olive oil and sea salt, and topped with avocado dressing. Then they sprinkled colorful edible flowers on top! It was beautiful and the flavors were so fresh and vibrant.

Then we had the savory oatmeal. Who would dare to combine yellow curry, green onions, bananas, and oatmeal in one bowl? It was pretty tasty. Definitely a dish worth trying.

At last we had the cinnamon macadamia nut french toast topped with sliced plums. It was like a hug in my stomach. Need I say more?

Throughout the meal, our waiter came to our table with a pitcher of water with a full bouquet inside it!! It didn't make the water taste any different, but it was kind of neat to see.

Spread believes in the philosophy of sharing. The dishes are rather large and come out one at a time, to encourage sharing. I love that!

So I have to agree with Spread calling themselves nouveau comfort food. They're a modern, trendy sort of restaurant serving healthy but delicious dishes. I would call them "nouveau eat and be happy with your friends and do good for the world comfort food"

A funny thing: I didn't tell Eric that we were going to an organic vegetarian place until we got there. As we got to our destination, I could feel Eric sort of hesitate to go inside, like a dog that wasn't ready to go home yet after his walk. But he liked the food!!
Eric says:
Haha, I'll agree that I was reluctant to go in for many reasons. Primary among them was the fact that I was pretty hungry and organic trendy vegetarian places never seem to fill you up. Fortunately, the food was good (not bland) and the portions were plentiful.
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
PhinsAndGills says:
Okay, sounds yummy! Now I want to go!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
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