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Barcelona #1 most popular location
Barcelona is the intoxicating heart of Cataluña, effervescent and forever coated in sunlight, politically hot headed, full of it’s own quirky cultures, and as bizarrely artistic as cities …
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Madrid #2 most popular location
Unlike its traditional rival Barcelona, Madrid – the political and social heart of the country – is openly and quintessentially Spanish. You’ll find a passion for bull fighting and flam…
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Gran Canaria #3 most popular location
If you look at the map, this island located just beside Morocco, north-east part of Africa and surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. There is a few other islands near-by but Gran Canaria is the most …
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Ibiza #4 most popular location
Sitting off the coast of Valencia in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is an autonomous community that is technically a part of Spain. Alongside its sister island of Formentera, it is one of the P…
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Tenerife #5 most popular location
Tenerife, the largest and most well-known of the Canary Islands, is a major destination for British and German travelers. It is an island which caters for everyone, from romantic get aways, t…
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Sevilla #6 most popular location
The colorful streets of Sevilla are lined heftily with beautiful orange trees. You wonder between the fading old architecture to chess-board squares hosting tiny markets, follow the winding c…
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Granada #7 most popular location
Sat in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, and host to a plethora of North-African influences, charming tourist sites and winding, old school backstreets, Granada is a city that just has to be s…
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Valencia #8 most popular location
Famed as both a city with a sensational nightlife and the kind of artistic scene that even those desperate not to fall into the tourist trap won’t be able to resist photographing, and a reg…
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Benidorm #9 most popular location
Situated along the Valencian coastline of Spain in the Alicante Province on the eastern edge of the country bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Benidorm is a complex mixture of skyscrapers, reso…
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Menorca #10 most popular location
Minorca (Menorca both in Catalan and Spanish; from Latin Balearis Minor, later Minorica "minor island") is the second largest of the Balearic Islands (Illes Balears Catalan official name, Isl…
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Fuerteventura #11 most popular location
The semi-desert Island of Fuerteventura lies just under 100km off the coast of Africa (near the border of Morocco and Western Sahara). It enjoys a near-perfect climate with average monthly te…
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Malaga #12 most popular location
As an access point to the beautiful Andalucian costs and a beautiful days drive away from the southern point of Europe at Gibraltar, as well as the birthplace of Picasso and a beautiful city …
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Calvia #13 most popular location
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Palma #14 most popular location
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Lloret de Mar #15 most popular location
Definitely, Lloret de Mar is one of the most famous resorts on Costa Brava. It is widely known for its nightlife in the summertime - all those discos and bars which attract crowds of teenager…
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Salou #16 most popular location
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Cordoba #17 most popular location
There are places in the world where the mystical aura of time and beauty come together with a modern sense of urgency to create a unique environment that can only be experienced in a specific…
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Toledo #18 most popular location
With a nickname like “The Imperial City”, one might think that the city itself belongs in Italy, perhaps, but Toledo is Spanish to her core, despite having roots that are deeply marked by…
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Tías #19 most popular location
San Sebastian #20 most popular location
Reputed to offer one of the best beaches in the entirety of Europe, San Sebastian (officially known as Donostia-San Sebastián) is one of those dream destinations that offers a combination of…
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Santiago de Compostela #21 most popular location
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Marbella #22 most popular location
Many people come to Marbella for the weather and the beach. It is just another city beside the sea but there are also more to that. Everyone should come here onfor the eve of new year. Orange…
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Nerja #23 most popular location
Nerja is on the seashore 50 kilometres from Málaga on the N340 coastal highway. Known for the spectacular Balcón de Europa, the "Balcony of Europe", a magnificent promenade along the edge …
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Zaragoza #24 most popular location
Zaragoza is the capital of the province of Aragon and the fifth largest city in Spain. It was founded by the Romans and is mainly industrial thesedays. The heart and highlight of the city …
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Bilbao #25 most popular location
Bilbao is the capital of Vizcaya, 100 km from San Sebastian and the largest city in the Basque Country. The metropolitan area is almost 1 million (5th larget is Spain) and is a major industri…
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Torremolinos #26 most popular location
Torremolinos is a city with about 60.000 inhabitants at the costa del Sol, Andalucia, Malaga, Spain. It was known in the early days for its windmills (Molinos), yet there is only one left, wh…
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Salamanca #27 most popular location
The eponymous capital of the province of Salamanca, located in the Castile and Leon community of Spain, the city is one of the oldest cities in Western Spain, with a university whose history …
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Llanes #28 most popular location
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Alicante #29 most popular location
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Yaiza #30 most popular location
Yaiza is a village located in the southwest of the island of Lanzarote. It is one of the archipelago´s best preserved towns so much so that it has received several awards for its well preser…
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Sitges #31 most popular location
Sitges is one the most visited towns in the East coast. In the winter time it is very calm, but in the summer time it attracts thousands of people attracted by its wild nightlife and trendy b…
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Peniscola #32 most popular location
Peñíscola is a very renowed place located in the Costa del Azahar, in the Region of Castellon, which is part of the Valencian Community. Very important in medieval times, the most remarkabl…
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Ronda #33 most popular location
Ronda is a unique town in Andalucia (Spain) because of it's geographical location. It is high in the mountains, and cut in two by the Guadalevin river streaming through the impressive El Tajo…
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Tarifa #34 most popular location
The southernmost point of continental Europe, Tarifa is renowned as a wind- and kitesurfers' paradise. Besides those activities, there are many other things to do, including a good handful o…
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Santanyi #35 most popular location
Santanyí is a municipality on the Spanish island of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands, situated in the most western part of the Mediterranean Sea. This municipality in the south east of …
Benalmadena #36 most popular location
The city of Benalmadena a costa is a very very touristic city. The city consist of only hotels, bars and a long beach. The old city of Benalmadena which is situated a bit up on the mountain s…
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Alcudia #37 most popular location
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Sant Llorenc Des Cardassar #38 most popular location
Capdepera #39 most popular location
Pamplona #40 most popular location
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La Palma #41 most popular location
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Girona #42 most popular location
Quiet, atmospheric streets make Girona's medieval old city a pleasant place to soak up some atmosphere. Unlike nearby Barcelona, Girona's gothic quarter has not yet been swamped by mass touri…
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Torroella de Montgri #43 most popular location
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Santillana del Mar #44 most popular location
It is a very small medieval town in the north of Spain (over 4000 persons). Its proximity to Cueva de Altamira has made Santillana del Mar one of the major attractions in the area. Its cobbl…
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Cangas de Onis #45 most popular location
Oviedo #46 most popular location
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Fuengirola #47 most popular location
Fuengirola is a thriving tourist destination in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol. It is easily reached by road or rail from the major tourist gateway airport located km away at Malaga (IAT…
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Jerez de la Frontera #48 most popular location
Well,as a fellow who picked Jerez De La Frontera as my first destination for my solo travel, let me introduce the city from my view and give you a quick guide about what you can expect to see…
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Calella #49 most popular location
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Calpe #50 most popular location
Calpe is a coastal town located in the comarca of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. The town is located 67 km from the city of Alicante, lying at the …
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Segovia #51 most popular location
Segovia, located about an hour away from Madrid, is the capital city of the Segovia province within the Castile-Leon region. It is often a daytrip from Madrid. Its main sights are: the Roma…
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Vigo #52 most popular location
Ciudad costera de las Rías Bajas que limita al norte con la ría a la que da nombre, (Ría de Vigo), al Noreste con el municipio de Redondela, al este con el de Mos, al sur con los de O Porr…
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Mijas #53 most popular location
Mijas is commercial version of the white cities of Andalucia and when it is said it not ment negative - it is the beautiful little village. The village is actually really nice with its white …
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Denia #54 most popular location
Denia is located about 85 km north east of Alicante along the Costa Blanca. It possesses one of the most important harbors of the area, with ferry connections to Ibiza, Mallorca and others. …
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Conil de la Frontera #55 most popular location
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Burgos #56 most popular location
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Tossa De Mar #57 most popular location
Tossa de Mar is a medieval village with narrow streets very busy in the summer but almost desserted during winter time (less than 4600 persons). Curving around a beautiful bay has one of the…
Teguise #58 most popular location
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Gijon #59 most popular location
With a population of 258,200 Gijón has its ancient core on the headland known as "Cimadevilla". There you find tons of "sidrerías" where you can eat the best seafood. Between its main b…
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Santander #60 most popular location
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Formentera #61 most popular location
Formentara is one of the smallest inhabited islands (83 km²) of the Balearic, located in the Mediterranean and South of Ibiza. Beautiful Formentera consists of two parts, separated by a wid…
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Cadiz #62 most popular location
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Avila #63 most popular location
Ávila has a population of 52.000 and it is only 100kms away from Madrid so it is a perfect city for a one day trip. It is a perfect picture of medieval times, as it is sourrounded by a fairy…
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Blanes #64 most popular location
Blanes is located in the Spanish region of Catalonia (half way between Barcelona and Girona). It is boundary between two sea-costs Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme. It's very near to Lloret …
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Monachil #65 most popular location
cuenca #66 most popular location
Cuenca, a city of the Region of Castilla La Mancha, ist's very famous because of his Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses). This beautiful houses are literally hanging on a gorge and the view of th…
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Almunecar #67 most popular location
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A Coruna #68 most popular location
La Coruña (A Coruña en idioma gallego y oficialmente) es una ciudad y municipio de Galicia, capital de la Provincia de La Coruña y sede del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Galicia, de la …
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Palma de Mallorca #69 most popular location
The capital of the Balaeric Islands in the Mediterranean, Palma de Mallorca—officially known as Palma—is a major port city on the island of Majorca, on the southern coast of the island wi…
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Mallorca #70 most popular location
As part of the Balearic Islands archipelago, Mallorca is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea, especially with UK visitors. Technically, it is part of Spain, and is their larg…
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Estepona #71 most popular location
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Murcia #72 most popular location
Murcia with its about 300 000 inhabitants lies about 75 km south of Alicante about 30 km west of Torrevieja. Its coast, with over 200 beaches, shares two different bodies of water: the Medite…
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Castell-Platja d'Aro #73 most popular location
Tarragona #74 most popular location
An hour by train from Barcelona, Tarragona is a great destination for the history/archaeology buff, as it was one of the most important Roman settlements in the Iberian peninsula. After climb…
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Almeria #75 most popular location
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Naut Aran #76 most popular location
Cartagena #77 most popular location
Cartagena is the 2nd largest town in the region of Murcia and a very important base for the Spanish Navy.
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Ribadesella #78 most popular location
Ribadesella is situated at the Cantabrian Sea on both sides of the river Sella mouth. The touristy interesting old town with its quaint squares and buildings is located on the eastern bank…
Vielha #79 most popular location
Leon #80 most popular location
León is the largest city on the Pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela apart from Santiago itself, boasting many notable architectural buildings, and has a history going back as far as the 1st…
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Caceres #81 most popular location
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Mojacar #82 most popular location
Mojácar is a municipality located in the Spanish province of Almeria, Spain. It is situated at a distance of 90 kilometers from the city of Almeria. With a population of about 7,000 inhab…
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Soller #83 most popular location
Soller is a town close to the north coast of Mallorca. It is well known for its train line with some fine scenery and old rolling stock on a narrow gauge line - also for the old tram which co…
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Ayamonte #84 most popular location
Velez-Malaga #85 most popular location
Alcala de Henares #86 most popular location
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El Puerto de Santa Maria #87 most popular location
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Vejer de la Frontera #88 most popular location
vejer is a pueblo blanco set in the hills above a pine forest and a short drive from the costa de la luz with it's spectacular and wild atlantic beaches. the old town has a charming plaza wit…
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Figueres #89 most popular location
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Lanzarote #90 most popular location
Located just 125km off the coast of Africa, Lanzarote is one of the most northern Canary islands. Measuring just 60km long and 25km at its widest point, lanzarote packs a lot into a small pac…
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Vitoria-Gasteiz #91 most popular location
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Almonte #92 most popular location
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Merida #93 most popular location
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Poio #94 most popular location
Algeciras #95 most popular location
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Arcos de la Frontera #96 most popular location
Santa Susanna #97 most popular location
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Rota #98 most popular location
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Antequera #99 most popular location
Antequera is a small town about 45 minutes by bus from Malaga. It has been continuously settled for thousands of years, as shown by the three bronze age dolmens (megalithic monuments used as…
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Altea #100 most popular location
About 15km north of Benidorm and just south of Calpe, Altea is one of the view villages which maintained most of the former fishing village flair of the past times.
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