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Space Needle Seattle Reviews

dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
Not a bad view!! Mar 01, 2012
The Space Needle is one of Seattle most famous landmarks; I paid $19 to get in for the observation desk which I think is a bit pricey. I was only in Seattle for two days and both days were perfect, so when I reached the top of the Space Needle in the glass elevator the views were pretty awesome. The Space Needle is located at one end of the city so get great views of the harbour and the city skyline; there is also an outdoor area which you could walk all the way around. I was there in January so it wasn’t that busy but I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer, yes the views are good, but for me it was a a little bit too expensive
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cocomoe cocomoe
2 reviews
Great view of Seattle Jan 07, 2012
This is a must see attraction. If you want the full treatment have a bite of lunch. Just try and make it on a clear day to enjoy the best view. The people there are very friendly and point out all the sights from the different points. The cost was under $20.00 and I spent over and hour on the trip. I was hoping to see Bill Gates house but no luck, you need to take the boat trip to see his house, compound.
Farmboy23662001 Farmboy2…
23 reviews
The Space Needle - You have to see it! Sep 22, 2011
I got to visit thee Space Needle while on a business trip to Seattle. What can I say but when in Seattle, you have to see thee Space Needle! It is thee symbol of Seattle. (That and Starbucks)

It is easily accessible from thee West Lake Link Light Rail Station. Just go up to thee street level and head to thee Seattle Monorail. The Monorail will take you right to thee Space Needle and thee Seattle Center which also includes thee Key Arena.

Pay thee $18 and go to thee top. It offers a dynamic view of Seattle, Puget Sound and thee outlying areas. On a clear day you can see Mount Rainier and Mount Baker in thee distance. Or if you do not care for heights, you can stroll around the grounds of thee Seattle Center.

A lot of construction going on right now in preparation for thee 50the Anniversary of thee Seattle Worlds Fair in 2012. In spite of theat, a trip to thee Space Needle offers a very pleasant afternoon.
The Space Needle
The Space Needle
Downtown from the Space Needle
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spocklogic says:
Looks in good shape for its age!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2015
Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
131 reviews
Space Needle! Sep 20, 2011
In Seattle, Washington the space needle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States. A co-worker and I took the flight to Seattle on a weekday to check it out! The ticket to go to the space needle is $16 per person which is a little pricey but if you go only once it's worth it! The ride up to the top of the space needle is very fun. The employees working at the space needle are animated! They also have a gift store downstairs and a bar/restaurant upstairs. You get an incredible view of the city of Seattle from the top of the needle! If you haven't been pack your bags and head to Seattle!
Space Needle: Seattle, Washington
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antevasin8 antevasi…
2 reviews
Jazz Night Dec 27, 2011
I visited Seattle this last summer (2011), while being there the must seen attraction is the Space Needle located near Seattle downtown. I went there with my friends in the night and it was really beautifull because once you buy your entrance ticket you get to have an online picture, then you have to wait for a group in order to go to the elevator. When it started to go up it was exciting because it goes in a moderate speed so you can enjoy the view, then the doors open and because it is really high the air is really cold, so I recommend you to wear a warm jacket (chamarra in spanish). The first thing you want to do is to get enough pictures from the bay side, then the city, and the other side of the building it has a 360 like hall to walk, but then when I had enough pictures I just sat there, and although I was frozen I started to listen to the music it was jazz. I love jazz, I was started to fall in love with the city, then night I think that was one moment of my trip that I woul never forget just seating there in a bench feeling the air, the view and the music.
pickettk pickettk
3 reviews
Awesome from the bottom. Mar 17, 2011
Growing up in Seattle inevitably I have been up the space needle but it your traveling on a budget... not worth it. Enjoy the view from the base and check out a local pub for your money instead!
aruelito aruelito
9 reviews
Space Needle Mar 14, 2011
It's actually a bit disappointing and the Smith Building (in downtown Seattle) is much nicer and I think has a better view. Said building is older so it has some really expensive-looking cornices.
rbruner07 rbruner07
3 reviews
Great Views Mar 06, 2011
If you are ever visiting, this is a must, especially on a clear day. The view is amazing with excellent views and photo opportunities. A bit cheesy but if 1st time visiting Seattle, hey why not do it and mark it off your "I've been there done that list".
mazi mazi
21 reviews
Great view, shame about the weather! Feb 20, 2011
Visited this spot 4 days ago when we payed a visit to the city. The Space Needle is nice building but I wasn't overwhelmed by it.The view is great of the whole area but it rained non stop so that didn't help.

If your in the area...... it would be rude not to ;)
jennajjen jennajjen
6 reviews
Waste of Space...Needle Jul 16, 2010
I've been to a lot of places where you can have a scenic view of the city. Chicago, Pattaya (Thailand), Guiness Factory in Ireland, Eiffel Tower (Paris), Empire State Building (New York) and I'm certain that I'm forgetting some others. Anyways I feel that you pay too much for a ride up and you just get a quick view of the city and have to wait for a long line to get down. It's just an expensive ticket for an elevator ride. At least in Thailand you had a fun ride as you took rode a wire with no seat below you down to the ground or a window tram down. Or the Guiness Factor let you relax with a free beer while you sat and enjoyed the view. The view just looked liked the city view everywhere else minus the beer or the fun ride down.
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Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Seattle Center and the Space Needle Oct 08, 2010
Seattle is a big city with many attractions, but the one that stands out the most, is the Space Needle. My boy friend Mark and I spend a few hours touring this attraction during an 8 hour layover en route to Iceland. The Space Needle is a tall tower located at the Seattle Center, constructed in the year 1962 for the world fair. The needle is an architectural achievement of it's time. What makes this structure so popular and important is what it took to built it, what is included in the building and what makes it very attractive and touristy. It was a beautiful, sunny, yet cool day in Seattle. We arrived at the center, purchased tour tickets and headed on up to the elevator. The elevator moves so fast, one does not get a feel of how high they have climbed until they get to the top. Inside the elevator is a guide/elevator operator who seems to know the history of the tower. We did not ask any questions even though she was kind enough to offer to answer anyone's questions.

We arrived at the observation deck from where the Seattle skyline is clearly visible and the lake across. The observation deck is 520 feet and at the very top of the needle, there is an aircraft warning beacon, approximately 600 feet high. The structure was built for the world fair and considered the tallest building at the time it was completed. Even though we did not take the stairway, it is possible to get to the observation deck using the stairs. Warning: there are over 800 stair to climb, if one dared.

Sky City Restaurant: A revolving restaurant right below the viewing deck offers great dinning experience and view. Mark and I did not dine there as we were not willing to pay the relatively high touristy price for lunch. The Needle is a highly touristy place so prices are set much higher than would normally be. There is a coffee and souvenir shop, I believe it was a Starbucks up there. It is an experience though, should you feel inclined. By the way, the whole saucer does not rotate, even though it seems that way, just a portion of it rotates.

For the architecturally inclined person like me, I was interested to find that the tower is bolted to it's foundation with 72 bolts and has 25 lightening rods to counter lightening strikes. Interesting.

Mark and I had a great time enjoying the 360 view of Seattle, the biting wind did not stop us from going out on the deck twice to see more of the views from up there. Back down, there is an amusement park and the colorful Science Fiction art museum. The art pieces displayed on the lawn are intriguing and thought provoking. There is a small gift shop right next to the Monorail station where you can purchase some post cards of the Space Needle, Seattle Skyline and nice souvenirs. Since we visiting during October, they had great winter hats.

Highly recommended if you find yourself in Seattle.
Seattle Center & the Space Needle.
Seattle Center & the Space Needle.
Seattle Center & the Space Needle.
Seattle Center & the Space Needle.
Africancrab says:
I think I would do it a second time, and tour more of the Seattle Center instead of the Needle itself. There was so much in the surrounding area that I would have liked to see.
Posted on: Oct 31, 2010
Mark184 says:
Definitely worth doing! Don't know if it would be something to do more than once. But definitely once.
Posted on: Oct 30, 2010
kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
83 reviews
Space Needle Aug 23, 2010
The Space Needle is both a tourist trap, and almost a must-stop if in Seattle, in my opinion. It's expensive to go up in the Space Needle--$18 a person, but the view from the 360 degree observation deck is spectacular.

The Space Needle is the equivalent of about a 60-story building, and you can see out of the elevator as you make your ascent. You can get a good view of the Seattle downtown skyline from here. Before you go up in the Space Needle, they will take a picture of your group just like most tourist traps will. However, you don't need to buy the picture. They have a kiosk where you can view the picture and change the background, and then send the picture to those who stayed at home.

For those who have been to other cities that have tall buildings, such as Chicago's Willis (Sears) Tower or Las Vegas' Stratosphere or Toronto's CN tower, the Space Needle pales in comparison. For those who haven't been to those places, the Space Needle would be a worthwhile stop.

There are other rides and attractions on the grounds of the Space Needle, including a carousel and numerous souvenir shops. Also here is one end of the Seattle Monorail which will take you into downtown Seattle.
aruelito aruelito
9 reviews
Space Needle Nov 11, 2010
It's expensive; that's the only problem with the space needle
tridantri tridantri
26 reviews
Seattle Space Needle Sep 12, 2009
I felt that I had to go up the Space Needle whilst I was in Seattle so I paid the $16 and up I went.

I was quite disappointed actually. I knew the view would be of the city but it was very boring in my opinion, just a group of skyscrapers that probably aren't even that tall by American standards.

So, after a quick walk around and a few photos I went back down.

This was certainly not worth $16. $5 would have made it a good deal but if you are on a budget then I would give the Space Needle a miss.
ChrisMcDevitt ChrisMcD…
22 reviews
Jan 12, 2008
It's $16 bucks to take an elevator 52 floors up to an observation deck with one bathroom. The observation deck provides a wonderful panoramic view of Seattle, if you're lucky enough to go on one of the days when the weather is actually clear enough to provide these views. A guide told us that Mt. Rainier is only visible from the deck about 90 days of the year. Luckily, we were there on one of those 90 days. Also, be prepared to bend,twist, and buckle to see out of the "telescopes" provided. Sure, they're free, but if you're over 5'8", they're going to be way to short for you.
$16 bucks, slightly cheaper with C…
520 Feet. 52 Floors. The Restaur…
If you're into views like this, yo…
The money shot, Mt. Rainier, the s…
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HuBison says:
Helpful and honest review-perfect! Thanks!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2011
Nair2011 Nair2011
246 reviews
Great Views from Space Needle Feb 02, 2008
Space Needle in Seattle is an observation deck to view some great scenes of Seattle. We can have 360 degree view of Seattle. This is a must visit attraction in Seattle. Has one of the fastest elevator to take top.

Space needle has a restaurant on top. also has a good souvenir shop in the ground floor.

It has some recorded panaromic view panels installed on top to see seattle panaromic view by selecting the time. Also there is a wall decorated with the pics of all tallest buildings in the world.

Being on the tower and identifying the building down is a nice experience.
Space Needle
View from Top
View from Top
View from Top
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tcatto tcatto
8 reviews
From the top of the Space Needle Mar 09, 2008
I went to visit the Space Needle, because a girl I met at the hostel wanted to see it. The tickets are 16 US dollars which I thought was pretty expensive for a ride on the elevator. When we bought our tickets, we found out that if you dined at the restaurant on top of the Space Needle, you could get to the top for free. I cannot remember the exact price for the lunch, but it was around 25 dollars. Unfortunately, we could not return the tickets.

I think the view from the Space Needle was pretty good. Since I stayed in Seattle for only 2 days, I got a pretty good impression of Seattle.
tuan11 tuan11
1 reviews
Space Needle, Seattle May 01, 2008
Obviously verrry cold at peak level. Starbucks coffee is offered however. Great view of the city and bay. Wide selection of souvenirs at base.
jwilsonwsu jwilsonw…
52 reviews
Jun 20, 2007
Like it has been previously stated, one should not visit Seattle without a trip up the Space Needle. Built in 1962 for the World Fair, it can withstand winds 200 mph and a 9.5 earthquake. So don't scared if you think its going to snap like a twig while you are up there. The observation deck offers 360 degree viewing of all of Seattle, the Olympic mountains, Mount Rainer, and Elliot Bay. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the tallest building in Seattle, that title belongs to the Columbia Center. If you get the chance, I would suggest eating at the SkyCity restaurant. The restaurant rotates 360 slowly while you enjoy a meal. The meal is not great, but good none-the-less. You are paying for the view more than anything and its a great view.
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chivato chivato
12 reviews
May 28, 2007
Seattle has many locations which provide an excellent view of the city, unless you do not have the means to get to these locations, I'd say avoid the space needle. That is unless you like to pay a lot of money for a view that isn't nearly as good as the ones you could get for free.

For example, a short skip and a jump away is Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill.,_Seattle,_Washington

(look at the bottom of the page)

The view there is spectacular and *tah-dah* free. If you're renting a car, its a quick drive up the hill. By bus, depending on where you are in the seattle center you can pick up buses to Queen Anne, which should run you about $2 (or less)

Not only that but Queen Anne is a pretty nice neighbourhood.

Other places to get a good view of the city are:

Harbor Ave SW heading toward Alki Beach in West Seattle, first exit when going across the West Seattle bridge.

SW Admiral Way, second exit off the west seattle bridge, get off on SW Admiral Hill Way and go up the hill, a turn off will be on your right.

Hamilton Viewpoint Park, go to the admiral hill look out then continue on SW Admiral Hill Way to California Avenue SW, hang a right. Continue for about a half mile, the park will be on your right.

Alki Beach go on Harbor Ave SW until you hit Alki, then park. Find a nice fish and chips shop and enjoy a bit of lunch with a great view (*note weather dependent)

Take a ferry ride out to Bremerton (go to ferry terminal along the waterfront, pick up a passenger ride out to the penninsula), the fresh air will do you good and the scenery along the way, esp. on a clear day is awesome. You get great views of Mt Rainier on the way out and the city on the way back. If you time it well, you get the city to your front and the sunset to your back.
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sydny says:
I'm with Chivato in terms of visiting certain sites and destinations. I grew up 45 minutes north of NYC and have been living here for many years since then. I only went up to the Empire State Building a few years ago just before they were closing. Good thing, no lines!! :)

I can't say I really found it all that spectacular as I think seeing the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building from another rooftop in the distance is so much more beautiful.

Oooo, even better to see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline in the distance from the new park in Brooklyn (DUMBO region). Beautiful at night by the water and great for kids by day. They also show films there I believe during the summer.

Posted on: Aug 02, 2010
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