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13830 Braddock Road, Centreville, VA, USA - 703 815-8959

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$35 for 7 poultice rooms and a bathing pool for 24 hours! Ahhh Aug 16, 2011
This place had been recommended by a few different folks, and this weekend, I finally got a chance to go to Spa World in Centreville, VA (only 45 minutes from DC).

Although they provide services such as massages, pedicures, manicures, body scrubs, and have a gym, they pull people in by offereing 24 hour access to 7 poultice rooms and a bathing pool for only $35.

Before I arrived, I checked out the website and although it is full of information and they have signs everywhere, there are still a few things they neglect to tell you either online or when you're there, so let me take you on an experience from arrival to departure.

Spa World is off of I-66 on Braddock Road, but finding the entry into the strip mall where it is located can be a bit challenging (even with a GPS), so, just look for the IHOP on the corner and drive in a bit, and you will find ample parking. You enter a lovely building that is well decorated, clean, and delightful. If you are doing the $35 deal, you pay, they give you an orange short and shirt outfit and an electronic key. You lock your shoes in a locker in the main lobby area and walk barefoot through the remainder of the building. Men are directed to the right and women to the left to their own changing rooms and saunas.

The changing room is clean, well organized, and there are plenty of signs up everywhere that they were in Korean and English. The locker rooms have tall lockers with ample space, sinks and counter tops, lotion, Q-tips, a scale, small towels, super comfy couches, a bathroom, and for sale-beverages.

So, eventhough we told the front desk it was our first time, we had to walk back up to the fron to have some questions answered. We were unprepared for the large percentage of women who were walking around naked and we were instructed to use the orange clothing for the poultice rooms, but that clothing or bathing suits were not permitted in the pool area known as the "bade pool". I don't know if it's an old concept or a new one, but bade pools are described as bath spas and pools that integrate healing therapies from traditional oriental practices.

Spa World is a family-oriented facility and there is a bade pool in the men's locker room as well as a seperate one in the women's locker room. The poultice rooms are in a co-ed area and the organge outfit is required there. The outfit felt quite heavy and I guess it assists with the sweating. After my friend and I changed, we headed to the poultice rooms down a short hallway which opened up into a large common area. Some people were watching TV, others were reading or eating and some were clearing napping on the floor or in one of Spa World's comfy chairs.

Up against one wall on the left, there are 2 small domes that have signs indicating which room they are, what ailments it is suppose to address and the temperature of the room. Along the back wall are 5 other doors to the other rooms which also have the same info posted nearby in 2 languages. We decided to start with the coolest room and make our way up to the hottest one.

4 of the room were hovering around 150 degrees, 2 were at about 170 and the Ice Room sealed the pores after being exposed to the heat of the other rooms at about 60 degrees. So, we spent over an hour dipping in and our of each room. There are little head blocks to keep you comfy while you lie down and let your mind wander and settle into relaxation. They don't recommend you stay in any of the room more than 5 minutes at a time, but there are no clocks in the rooms. Each poultice room has a list of ailments is supposed to address and is decorated or constrcuted for that purpose.

I wish to write very little about each room so that you can have a novel experience, but you will sweat. I will say that I thought the pictures online would not have been realistic depictions of the each room, but the pictures are pretty accurate; very few are enlarged or warped.

The Red Clay Ball room has a sign as you enter to be careful; I thought they meant as you stepped down from the step into the ball pit, but since you are stepping on a bunch of little ball, it is easy to lose your balance, so please do be careful. Other issues are that each room is covered in a burlap-type floor mat, so most people are lying down, but if you prefer to put your feet on the wall, you will have to bring an extra towel or you will most likely burn your feet. The Amethyst Room and the Red Clay Room are the hottest, so as you enter and exit, be sure to stay on the runner that leads to the door as the floor itself is quite hot!

Books aren't allowed in most of the rooms and you don't need money on you. If you want to buy coffe or water or tea, ice cream, lunch or a smoothie, your electronic key is used and then you pay as you exit...marvelous. Between rooms, people take their time and uutilize their $35 to the max-they nap in the common area on the mats or on the locker room couches. They read, chat, and just spend some time relaxing and slowing down. When that part is done, you head back to the locker room.

If you want to change out of your clothes and go you can. If you want to shower, you have to take off the orange outfit (put it in the large hamper if you are done or put it in your locker if you intend to go back to the polutice rooms, eat, go to the common area, or get another service). If you want access to the bade pool, off with the orange outfit-clothing of any sort is not permitted. I wish I had known this prior to my arrival-I could have mentally prepared myself, but I took a deep breath and off everything came.

I imagine the men's bade pool is the same as the women's. It is in it's own room and the website has a pretty good map of each are of the bade pool with its variety of jets and purposes. There is a seperate dry sauna, cool showers, and smaller hot tubs. The showers are also in this area and they provide shampoo, conditioner and soap, but you might want to bring your own washcloth.

We dried off, got dressed, pay for our lunch and then our locker was released so we could get our shoes. It was a relaxing day, a short drive from DC, and a considerably different experience. There is a bit of cultural shock when you are asked to walk around naked amongst other strangers, but I was ready for my return trip before I even left. It's not super far from DC, but to get the most out of your money; yous hould have a whole day free that you can play with.
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