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East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
South Side of Pittsburgh - Week 2 of the Shot Ski and introducing it to newbees...
South Side of Pittsburgh - a pumkin pie shot at Rumshakers
South Side of Pittsburgh - Julie and Jon at Rumshakers on the southside
South Side of Pittsburgh - Taking a 'Shot ski' at sure to ask about the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster if you's a favorite!

'Shotskies have been bringing friends together since yesterday'
---the slogan by Neil!

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pinchora pinchora
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party it up on a strip Feb 01, 2008
If you're coming to Pittsburgh and you want to be part of the night life you have to come down to the South Side. There is something for everybody every day of the week.

My favorite time to go is Mondays...for a couple of reasons. One thing I don't like crowds of people and my cheers is down there called Rum's at the beginning of East Carson. Another reason is Parking is a pain on Weekends so if I do go on Friday or Saturday it's for a special reason or someone else is driving; on Monday it takes me 15 minutes to get there, park and go to my destination while on weekends it takes 45 minutes! And lastly why I like to go down is because there are no cover charges at most of the bars so it is cheaper!

My Monday Nights:

I go down here with friends from work to unwind...we work retail so Mondays are really our Fridays. We have 2 bars that we go to. One is if we have friends from out of town with us...we go to Casey's at that point near 17th street. The reason why we go here is because Monday nights are special nights called Midget Madness Monday. You go into the bar to see everybody sitting at the bar...what's going on. You hear people chanting and get closer. As you get up to the bar a bar tender doesn't take your order, a midget named Sean, tells you to open your mouth as he pours Kamikazee's down your throat. This is just an average monday night in the 'Burgh. Now, what's the secret to getting these Kamikazee's? Simply put a $10 down on the bar and Sean will come out. Sometimes he'll be dressed up as Elvis or a Cowboy...others in regular clothes...either way it's a fun time!

My cheers is called Rumshakers. This is a ghetto bar...where it actually gives me self esteem to go in there because I do feel better about myself. But here we will meet up around 11ish and stay til closing. We are friends with the bartender and other regulars who go there who are really some characters. And our favorite past time is betting a buck on when the bus is going to bring by the local homeless guy who always comes in after midnight.... whoever gets closest to the time without going over wins the money. On mondays it's a very mellow bar with a pool table and dart board and chatting.

Now comes the Weekend! This is when you get hoed up and go out on the town. Some of the places that people go to has dress codes so you can't wear jeans, tshirts and sports shoes... otherwise you will be denied entrance. also on the weekends you will have to pay a cover charge and I hope you are a pro at parking because it is fierce!

Bar number 1:

The Locker Room Bar and Grill between 18th and 19th streets:

The Steelers' all-time reception leader, Hines Ward, is one of three owners of The Locker Room Bar & Grill. This is a place for the Steelers to go hang out without the mad rush of fans following after them...this is their haven and they want that to be respected...they are regular people like us. This is his 'own flavor of a sports bar' and there are celebrity guest bartenders from all the sporting teams in Pittsburgh. Also the food has such names as Field Goal French Fries.

Bar number 2:

Club Diesel 16th street:

If you are from a larger city such as NYC, LA and Miami you will want to come here. This club is a multi-level clunge where you can dance to great DJ's and hear live bands Wednesday through Sunday 9PM to 2AM. Upstairs is a Private VIP lounge where you can get your own private table, have your own mini bar and have table service from the staff an amazing design that has the lighting perfectly. Downstairs is a dance floor where you can dance to the music of the DJ to all the hit songs with an amazing lighting system. You can also have private parties and Valet Service is available on Fri and Sat....and this is a place where you need to be dressed nice!

Bar 3:

The Tiki Lounge on 20th Street:

This bar is designed after a 60's themed 'fantasy tropical village'. Inside you will see the bar being one with nature and you will feel like you escaped into a place other than pittsburgh. All of their drinks are tropical themed and they come in glasses that make you feel like you are on vacation. My drink is the Suffering Bastard and after that one you will feel the suffering. It is 3 types of rum mixed with a splash, and I do mean a splash, of Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice.

Bar 4:

Fat Heads Saloon at 18th street

Fat heads is a restaurant/bar. This is a good place to go grab a bite in the dining area and to hang with your friends at the bar. They have between the 13 kinds of wings and 35 different sandwiches...which includes the almighty Headwich. Possibly more infamous than famous, the sandwich that is literally the size of your do not be embarassed if you have to take it home. Like many great joints in pittsburgh their beer list features a great selection of the best that American micros and European masters have to offer! So this is a great place to eat, drink and be merry!!!

Bar 5:

Jack's at 12th street:

Jack's is an interesting set up it's open 365 days a year and great for the just out of bed look. Upon entering you will think that this is the smallest bar in the world. You will go up to the counter, order a drink and sit and watch people or talk to your buddy who's with you. You start to notice a lot of people going into a hallway at the far left hand corner of the room....hmmm...a lot of people are going to the bathroom and not coming back (or so you think).... the more you sit there and see this the more you want to go check out why the bathroom is so popular. You get up...walk towards the back and notice you just passed the bathroom. You squeeze down a small hallway into a hidden room that has another bar, pool tables and dart board... score you think...this place isn't so lame after all! If you ask anybody in Pittsburgh where to go for a good time they will tell you you have to hit up Jacks...and you can't miss it because the outside is all lit up in florecent lights! It also won the award for being the best after-work bar to go to in 2006.

Bar 6:

Elixir Ultra Lounge at 15th street:

Elixer is a posh club where you will want to dress the part. This is where you go when you want to get dressed for the best and show off what you got. Here you'll find DVDs playing on the plasma screen, DJs spin tunes for dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, and light tapas with an international flair round out the menu. Also you'll be served by stylish hostesses in black, slinky dresses who will give you attention at your beckoning need while you sit on comfortable pillow couches and chat with your friends as light reflects off golden ceilings and shimmer screens.

Well, I hope you have fun if you come to Pittsburgh and want to know what to do for the night life! Below you will find some webpages so you can see what others are saying about the places and so you can see their webpages for your self!!!

Have fun and happy traveling!



Casey's Bar in MAXIM Magazine:

Club Diesel:

Tiki Lounge

Fat Heads
Julie and Jon at Rumshakers on the…
Taking a "Shot ski" at Rumshakers.…
Week 2 of the Shot Ski and introdu…
a pumkin pie shot at Rumshakers
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