South Rim Grand Canyon

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Arizona, United States
South Rim Grand Canyon - loved this!
South Rim Grand Canyon - loved this!
South Rim Grand Canyon - loved this!
South Rim Grand Canyon - loved this!
South Rim Grand Canyon - loved this!

South Rim Grand Canyon Reviews

ola3rd ola3rd
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Amazed by a Wonder!!! Jan 18, 2013
Soo happy I decided to take this tour!!! After being in Vegas for the 5th time, I decided it was finally time to take a break from all the partying and do something different. Since I am not really into nature and all that stuff, it was quite hard convincing myself to do this but very happy I did in the end. And I truly look forward to going back!!!

Went through a tour company; the cost was about 80 bucks in total. [minus tips!]. It was about a 6 hour journey each way to Arizona from Vegas; so left very early in the morning and got back pretty late. Although these 6 hours included many stops; food breaks etc. Our bus driver was soo entertaining as well as very informative as we made our way through various areas.

Because we went in January, it was quite cold [was not prepared for this at all], and icy on the ground... so that was the only downer. We didn't actually spend that much time at the canyon itself [maybe about 1 hour in total]. But it was enough time to take lots of pictures and enjoy the scenery.

I am definitely planning to go back to the Grand Canyon at some point; most likely the West Rim to check out the skywalk. If you are like myself, and not the biggest nature buff; I recommend joining a tour.
loved this!
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amazed says:
For us it was about 4 hrs from phoenix up I17, then I40 west until williams then an hour to the south rim. We were wondering if we were going in the right direction, but then surprise at almost the last minute
Posted on: May 19, 2014
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pusieki pusieki
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no time for sights...lots of time for tips bus RUSHED TOUR Nov 21, 2011
Recently me and my fiance went to Vegas.We wanted to see the Grand Canyon,so we tried to look for companies organizing tours there.Turns out-every shop,stand and person-hands you the same leaflet with tours-it will have a black bus with Grand Canyon Skywalk written on sides.Fair enough,we thought if that`s the only company they cooperate with-it must be big-and well-good.But little did we know.So next morning-we were picked up at 5:45 in the morning.We were very excited,because of the thought of Hoover Dam and the 3.5 hours at the canyon itself-which the leaflet said.For us -it was still not enough time-but since that was all they had-good enough.Well,it turned out that the bus that picked us up,had to pick up another 50 or so people from different hotels,and even then it was taking us to the company`s headquarters so that everybody can pay the outstanding balances on their tour(like they couldn`t just take tho whole payment at the start when you book it-would save so much time!!) So at about 9 o`clock after their `continental breakfast`-(btw-just take your own)-we were in the actual tour bus ready to leave.After about 40 minutes into the journey we came to Hoover Dam stop for which we had 20 minutes for(unfortunately the 20 minutes started before the bus actually stopped-60 people getting off-you do the math...)There was a disabled guy in our group-and the bus driver actually advised him not to go because he won`t make it on time-I mean can you imagine paying to see something and be told not to go see it-because we didn`t have enough time?! brilliant!! There also was a few quite heavy people on the bus-and fairplay to them-the dam was a short walk UP-and by the time they got there-it was time to go back-I honestly think some of them didn`t even get to take a picture of it.One more stop on the way to the canyon was McDonald`s or petrol station shop.Good enough,short as well-sorta grab stuff and go.When we got to the canyon-out of advertised 4 viewpoints-there was actually 2-and you got to spent 45 minutes on the first one(minus 10 minutes getting off the bus and getting there),then-quick lunch stop-honestly-we didn`t care for food-we just wanted to spend more time at the canyon,and then the second viewpoint-when you had 55 minutes(wow).All in all-don`t get me wrong-the CANYON was AMAZING!!!-but the whole trip was soooo badly organised!!! Instead of faffing about with payments and pick ups in the morning,we could have actually had the time to enjoy the beauty of the Canyon-noy just to see it for a minute.The promised 3.5 hours didn`t really happen and on the whole trip was just rush,rush,rush...just what you want on holiday!! After the canyon everybody was looking forward to getting to the hotel,because it was a long way down to vegas,but the bus driver took his time to make -wow-this time a 45 minute break at McDonald`s again-so he can COLLECT THE TIPS AND SAY HIS LAST GOODBYES!!!! He told us exactly how much he was expecting per person on what we paid for the trip,and locked all the back doors,so everybody has to go through the first one-where he was waiting holding a big pile of money putting his hand towards the next one comming out-I mean I do get tipping-and usually do leave way more than others would but come on....!!!!!!! It really felt intimidating as we were in the way forced to hand him money...for the `wonderful` trip!!!!! So for you out there wanting to experience Grand Canyon-RENT A CAR,get a map...anything but taking that tour!!!
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montanaman montanam…
4 reviews
South Rim Jun 19, 2011
Outstanding place to see the sun set and sunrise..stay at local camps , nice cafe nice is 18.00 nite for tent space , make reservations-9286387851 ..24 dollars to enter is good and reasonable , showers at camp is 2.50 ..gas is high so it will be whatever the highest price is anywhere...well over 4 dollars a gallon...great place.
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