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Whether you call it the Land of the Morning Calm or dynamic Korea, one thing’s for certain: South Korea’s at the forefront of technical modernity, and still has an attention-grabbing and notable ‘closed door’, autonomous mentality. You can munch on spicy Kimchi in a tower block overlooking an ancient palace, or pull shapes in a cutting edge Drum and Bass club before going to bed on the heated wooden floor of your traditional pagoda-roofed bedsit.

Everything in Korea centres on Seoul, one of the world’s largest cities, which sprawls over the hills around the River Han. Koreans are obsessed with hill walking, and half the city seems to migrate to the craggy slopes every weekend; during the week the calm beauty of the palace grounds, full of rippling lakes, patterned designs and stunning traditional architecture are a mammoth draw.

Outside the capital, the mountains of Gangwon Do stretch all the way to the eastern sea, and are a hiker’s Mecca, as well as home to bungee jumps, quad biking, white water rafting and students drinking potent, one-dollar-a-bottle Soju until they can’t stand. In the mornings the fresh air of the forested mountains and swimming amongst the freezing waterfalls clears the head, while in winter affordable ski resorts pop up in the middle of it all.

Head right out to sea and you’ll find Ulleungdo, an isolated island off the eastern coast, where locals make their living on squid boats amongst clear waters and towering bays that look like they’re made for pirates. In the south, volcanic Jeju, known as Korea's Hawaii, towers over a dying breed of female fisherman, who dive to the depths to pluck shells from the sea floor. Gyeongju is the place to explore Buddhist temples and aging culture, while the busy second city of Busan teems with sunbathers in the summer. Daecheon beach is home to the fabulous annual mud festival, which is every bit as messy as it sounds.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Korea without food that’s both outstanding and affordable. Forget dog, this kingdom is far more about healthy, cheap bites, and they’re every bit as varied as the country itself.

Seoul #1 most popular location
The city of Kimchi (fermented cabbage) and Soju (cheap, toxic potato liquor), Seoul is manically fast-paced, yet home to some of the most tranquil temples and palaces you’ll ever see. It’…
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Busan #2 most popular location
Busan (also named as Pusan) is the second largest city of South Korea. Its fame is due to numerous festivals, exhibitions, and events. For this reason, most of its visitors go there for a spe…
147travelers 32reviews 39blogs
Jeju #3 most popular location
Koreans pronounce it as "Jeju-Do" so if you look around online for Cheju, you may have a difficult time.
57travelers 9reviews 10blogs
Incheon #4 most popular location
Incheon is like a twin city to the more famous capital of Seoul. However, it has established itself as a major transportation center in Asia. As a matter of fact, Incheon International airpor…
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Gyeongju #5 most popular location
Gyeongju, the beautiful and ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom is filled with UNESCO World Heritage sites. Even the gas stations and toll booths are decorated in traditional Korea style. …
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Suwon #6 most popular location
Suwon is essentially a commuter town of Seoul, but has its own charms. It makes a good day trip from the capital (on the subway line), and has a strong and long-standing association with Sams…
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Sokcho #7 most popular location
Sokcho is a small city located in the northeastern coast of the country. The city is small enough to walk around in. Public bus transport is constantly available every block or so. Sokcho cit…
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Daegu #8 most popular location
Daegu (also spelled Taegu or 대구 광역시 in Hangul) is a modern city with a bustling downtown walking mall area. Daegu is a rather large city of 2.5 million people, the fourth largest i…
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Seogwipo #9 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Daejeon #10 most popular location
20travelers 2blogs
Gwangju #11 most popular location
25travelers 1reviews 21blogs
Pyeongchang #12 most popular location
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Gangneung #13 most popular location
Gangneung is a popular seaside city in the northeast coast of South Korea. It has a very long (6 kilometers) picturesque beach called Gyeongpo Beach which is easily accessible from downtown…
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jeonju #14 most popular location
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Jeju-do #15 most popular location
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Chuncheon #16 most popular location
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Changwon #17 most popular location
This industrial and administrative city, the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do is situated on a site that was mostly farm land and rice paddies in the 1960's. The planned nature of Changwon can be …
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Yangyang #18 most popular location
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Cheongju #19 most popular location
Cheongju is about 2 and a half hours coach ride from Incheon International Airport. It has a population of close to 650,000 people and although becoming Americanised (there is a Converse s…
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Danyang #20 most popular location
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Jeongseon #21 most popular location
Itaewon #22 most popular location
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Yongin #23 most popular location
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haeinsa #24 most popular location
Haeinsa isn't a true town, exactly. It's the Haeinsa Temple and the infrastructure around and leading up to it. There are a couple of hotels and restaurants, plenty of food and herb stalls,…
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Jinju #25 most popular location
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Asan #26 most popular location
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Jecheon #27 most popular location
Jecheon is situated in north Chungcheongbuk-do province, bordering with Muangjeon (south) and Yeongwol-gun (north). Jecheon is known for it's beautiful environment created by hills and lak…
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Pohang #28 most popular location
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Boeun-gun #29 most popular location
Paju #30 most popular location
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Donghae #31 most popular location
Donghae City is a small city on the east coast of Korea with some beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere. It is famous for squid, crabs, and raw fish - and in July there is a squid festiva…
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Samcheok #32 most popular location
Samcheok is a small city on Korea's east coast, and is predominantly a university town during study periods as it is home to Kangwon National University. It is located approximately 4 hours v…
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Mokpo #33 most popular location
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Pyeongtaek #34 most popular location
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Boryeong #35 most popular location
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Jeju City #36 most popular location
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Wonju #37 most popular location
Wonju is about 140 km east of Seoul. 6 km east of Wonju is the amazing Chiak Mountain. The valleys are deep, the pine forest pristine and nestled in the mountains is a beautiful Buddhist tem…
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Osan #38 most popular location
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Pusan #39 most popular location
Busan is also known as Pusan in English. It is the largest port city in the Republic of Korea, the second largest metropolis and located near the very southern point of the Korean peninsula.…
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Osaek #40 most popular location
Yeosu #41 most popular location
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Songt'an #42 most popular location
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Seoraksan National Park #43 most popular location
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Hadong #44 most popular location
A small city that serves as the administrative and market center of the surrounding agricultural areas the Hadong area is mostly known for the excellence of its green tea and hosts an annual …
Namhae #45 most popular location
Gunsan #46 most popular location
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Jongno-gu #47 most popular location
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Inje #48 most popular location
Kangwondo #49 most popular location
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Pan Mun Jom #50 most popular location
Panmunjom is not the location of the JSA (Joint Security Area), of often mentioned. But it's the name of a former village where the North Koreans, the Chinese and the United Nation delegation…