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South America is a destination which most people shrug off their list of places to see, and tragically so. The continent hosts some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world, the largest rainforest and river system on the entire planet, and some of the most diverse climates. The vast range of cultures leads to an interesting mix of people, foods, languages and more, and even the seasoned traveler will find themselves hard-pressed to keep amazement from entering their blood-stream.

Situated entirely within the Western Hemisphere and mostly in the Southern as well, South America is a mostly-tropical region that features some of the most unique landscapes on our planet. The history of the area goes back thousands of years to the Incans, the Mayans, and the Aztecs, well before BC and long before Europeans ever discovered the continent. The sprawling ruins which can be found across the continent are a testament to the undying fortitude of humanity over the centuries, regardless of which country we call home.

South America plays host to some of the most amazing beaches, jungles, mountain ranges, forests, nature reserves, ruins, food, wine, and culture on the planet. From the mouth-watering, award-winning Argentinean steaks which rival the best from Australia (some might even say better than!), to the hidden valley reserves of the Brazilian vineyards, the food-and-wine-conscious traveler will find their palette well cared for while traveling through South America. Likewise the history buff or the outdoor enthusiast will find themselves in practical heaven due to the sheer amount of trails to be hiked, ruins to be explored, and things to uncover.

From the coasts of Venezuela to the heart of the Amazon which spreads across several countries all at the same time, there is simply too much for one person to take in even over the course of a dozen trips. A rugged destination filled with unexplored territory, South America is the perfect destination for the adventurous traveler.

Popular Countries in South America

Peru #1 most popular location
Straddling the Andes Mountains along the western edge of South America stands Peru. A massive country of geographical diversity with some of the most amazing eco-tourism on the planet and a v…
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Brazil #2 most popular location
Officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, it is the largest country in South America and the world's fifth largest country. Brazil has a coastline of over 7,491 kilometers and wondrous be…
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Ecuador #3 most popular location
‘Small is beautiful’. It’s a well-worn cliché, but one that could have been written for Ecuador, which is fast becoming an utterly unmissable stop on any South American tour. It’s th…
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Argentina #4 most popular location
You’ll probably arrive in Argentina via Buenos Aires, where the cosmopolitan inhabitants invigorate visitors with trendy galleries, lively bars and tango, tango, tango. Huge steaks and skil…
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Chile #5 most popular location
Welcome to the wilds of Chile. In the north you’ll find tropical beaches worthy of the Caribbean and sophisticated vineyards, while down south there are glaciers, icy peaks and whales splas…
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Colombia #6 most popular location
Long considered a dangerous country to travel due to decades of civil war and bloodshed, Colombia has only recently become a safe haven for travelers. As a result, there are a wide variety of…
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Bolivia #7 most popular location
Bolivia stretches nature superlatives to the limit. With patches of mosquito-strewn jungle lingering in the corners, but large parts of the country elevated to head-rush altitude, it's largel…
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Venezuela #8 most popular location
You probably haven't heard much positive about Venezuela recently, which makes the sheer beauty and welcoming stance of locals often something of a surprise. What the news channels fail to f…
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Uruguay #9 most popular location
A South American country with a rich agricultural history that exists even into the 21st century, Uruguay sits on the eastern edge of South America between Brazil and Argentina, nestled up ag…
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Paraguay #10 most popular location
Paraguay’s little-visited corner of South America is home to only 6 million people, landlocked amid the unspoiled tropics. The city streets make for an unusual assortment of the new and old…
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Suriname #11 most popular location
Formally known as Dutch Guiana, Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America, with the vast majority of the population living along the coast due to the rugged, untamed inter…
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Guyana #12 most popular location
If getting to the visceral depths of ethnic culture within South America is something that's on your itinerary as a traveler, then Guyana is absolutely going to be up there in the top five mu…
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Falkland Islands #13 most popular location
For some travelers, the luxuries of cities, first-class accommodations, five star dining, and plushy comforts are the only way to travel. For others it's the buoyant motion of a cruise ship o…
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South Georgia, not to be confused with the Eastern European state of Georgia, sits to the south of the Falkland Islands in the Atlantic, and is best known for its natural beauty. Often summar…
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French Guiana #15 most popular location
A tiny little country in the Amazonian region of South America, squished between Brazil and Suriname along the North Atlantic coast, French Guiana sits as a testament to colonial days gone by…
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