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Top cities in South America, page 2, based on popularity among TravBuddy members.

Paracas #101 most popular location
Gorgious and peacefull. Make sure you make a sandbuggy trip through the dessert (a speed - car) and you visit the beautiful Ballesta - Islands.
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La Serena #102 most popular location
Being nearly 500 years old, La Serena is the second oldest city in Chile. It has served as a stopping point for both naval and overland travelers for centuries. It is a melting pot of cultu…
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Angra dos Reis #103 most popular location
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Puerto Montt #104 most popular location
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Chivay #105 most popular location
Chivay is a small town in Peru, some 12,000 feet above sea level. This is an amazingly beautiful town with hot spring swimming pools and proximity to the wonderful Colca Canyon. Of particula…
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San Andres #106 most popular location
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Miraflores #107 most popular location
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Mindo #108 most popular location
Mindo Situated northwest of Quito, Mindo is a hidden paradise 1,300 m (4,300 ft.) above sea level. Over the past few years, it has become a favorite place for birdwatching and the observin…
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Merida #109 most popular location
Merida is a beautifully exotic paradise in the western half of Venezuela, south of Lake Maracaibo. Situated at the base of the Andes Mountains, this is the home for all adventure sports enthu…
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Cochabamba #110 most popular location
What a FANTASTIC place! I would gladly come back to this city of forever spring... It is surrounded with many small picturesque villages, unbelievable national park and multiple hot springs t…
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Iquique #111 most popular location
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Itatiaia #112 most popular location
Puerto Ayora #113 most popular location
Puerto Ayora is the largest town on the Galapagos Islands and hub for most tourists since it has most of the required facilities (hotels, internet cafes, etc). Saying that, it's still pretty…
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Montanita #114 most popular location
Montañita is a small village on Ecuador's Pacific coast. It is known as one of the best surfing locales in the country. The village is located about 180 kilometers northwest of Guayaquil.…
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Taganga #115 most popular location
From Santa Marta you take a 20 minute bus ride to Taganga and you leave behind a busy city to enter a quite, charming fishers town with a couple of secluded beaches and all the peace you are …
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Puerto Maldonado #116 most popular location
Puerto Maldonado is a city in Peru. It's located in south-east of Peru, 55km from the Bolivian border and it's the capital of the Madre de Dios region. The population is around 50.000 Th…
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Pisco #117 most popular location
Beautiful city and very nice people.
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Campo Grande #118 most popular location
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San Rafael #119 most popular location
Cafayate #120 most popular location
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Salar de Uyuni #121 most popular location
Salar de Uyuni is located in de high Andes of Bolivia. It’s the biggest salt flat in the world with 11.000 sq km, which is ¼ of the Netherlands. Some parts of the former lake are covered w…
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Ribeirao Preto #122 most popular location
Ribeirao Preto is a great little town in Sao Paulo! You will find amazing people there and they will treat you well. What more can I say?? I loved my time here and you will too!
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Pisac #123 most popular location
Pisac is a small Peruvian village on the Urubamba River, some forty five minutes from Cusco. The village is well known for its huge market every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. However, the…
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Canela #124 most popular location
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Georgetown #125 most popular location
Georgetown is the largest city in and capital of Guyana. Georgetown is primarily the business and governmental seat of the country and doesn't have much to offer the casual tourist. Most …
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Vitoria #126 most popular location
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Pereira #127 most popular location
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Chiclayo #128 most popular location
LOCATION, EXTENSION AND POPULATION: The department of Lambayeque is located in the north western region in Perú. With an extension of 13, 736 km², it limits to the north with Piura, to the …
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Barreirinhas #129 most popular location
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Olinda #130 most popular location
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Valdivia #131 most popular location
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Rurrenabaque #132 most popular location
Bolivia has nine departments, one of them is La Paz and other Beni. "Rurrenabaque" is a town located on the border between these two departments on the banks of the Beni River and in the depa…
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Tigre #133 most popular location
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Tarapoto #134 most popular location
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Leticia #135 most popular location
Leticia is a small town of approximately 37,000 inhabitants situated on the left bank of the Amazon River. City belongs to Columbia but it is separated from Brazilian city of Tabatinga by one…
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Baños #136 most popular location
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Guarulhos #137 most popular location
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Macae #138 most popular location
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Santa Cruz Island #139 most popular location
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Colca Canyon #140 most popular location
There seems to be universal recognition that the Colca Canyon, in Peru is the world's deepest canyon. It is certainly much deeper than the better known Grand Canyon, in the United States. The…
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Manizales #141 most popular location
A pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of larger cities like Medellin, Bogota and Cali, Manizales is located in the heart of Zona Cafeteria. Whereas many other cities are situated in val…
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Concepcion #142 most popular location
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Riobamba #143 most popular location
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Cuiaba #144 most popular location
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Puerto Lopez #145 most popular location
Puerto Lopez is a small fisher-town in the south of Manabi-Province and it is very near to the Machalilla National Park, which might be its main attraction. Puerto Lopez is the perfect pla…
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Popayan #146 most popular location
Popayan is a city still living like the colonial times.. very well preserved buildings, beautifully lightened narrow streets and warm blooded people makes this little city worth to visit. …
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Neuquen #147 most popular location
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Ciudad del Este #148 most popular location
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Cotopaxi #149 most popular location
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San Salvador de Jujuy #150 most popular location
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Lencois #151 most popular location
Lençois is the gateway to Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. It is 428 km west of Salvador and it takes about a six hour bus ride from there to g…
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Coroico #152 most popular location
At 90 km from the city of La Paz by the so-called the world's most dangerous road is the town of Coroico, a town that is characterized as being on a hill with a beautiful view of the northern…
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Canoa #153 most popular location
Canoa is a small beach / surf town. It's not as big and crowded as Montanita, so it's more laid back. But Canoa is not just about surfing, you can also go horse riding, trekking in the nea…
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Tena #154 most popular location
Great little town and transportation center in Ecuador Amazon region. It is the perfect spot to explore national parks and native territories in surrounding area.
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Santos #155 most popular location
Santos is most famously known as the Coffee City with the exportation of coffee from the Port of Santos in the 19th century and also home of Santos FC, where legendary football star Pele play…
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Huanchaco #156 most popular location
Huanchaco is small coastal village few kilometers from Trujillo, nested on the beach under Peruvian coastal desert. It is famous as one of the world's most ancient spots for surfing and for o…
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Huancayo #157 most popular location
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Manta #158 most popular location
Manta is a mid-sized city in Manabí Province, Ecuador. It is the most populated city in the province, the fifth most populated in the country and, economically, the third most important city…
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Jericoacoara #159 most popular location
Considered by "The Washington Post" one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. In reality it is murky, extremely shallow sand beach, good only for kids that don't know how to swim. Go…
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San Juan #160 most popular location
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Punta del Diablo #161 most popular location
Fantastic small fishing community that swells from 800 people to 30000 vacationers during the season. Unlimited beaches, lots of waves, national parks hugging the town...
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Antofagasta #162 most popular location
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Temuco #163 most popular location
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Pantanal #164 most popular location
The Pantanal is a tropical wetland area the size of France. So it's quite big, in fact the largest wetland in the world. So the comparison most people make to Florida's wetlands would be bes…
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Bucaramanga #165 most popular location
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Calama #166 most popular location
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Teresopolis #167 most popular location
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Villa Carlos Paz #168 most popular location
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Pichilemu #169 most popular location
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Ciudad Bolivar #170 most popular location
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Chachapoyas #171 most popular location
Chachapoyas Land of the "Cloud People". Capital of Amazonas is the doorway of adventure into a world of lost civilizations and ancient ruins. Snowcapped volcanoes and glacier mountain peaks b…
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Piura #172 most popular location
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Isla del Sol #173 most popular location
Little island on the Titicaca lake. Some Inca ruins. Typical small villages and people working. Amazing sunsets in front of the big Titicaca lake or in front of the Andes. It's very worth …
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Playa El Agua #174 most popular location
Tupiza #175 most popular location
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Salento #176 most popular location
Salento is a quaint little town tucked away in the mountain of Quindío Department in Colombia. It can be easily accessed from the three nearest big cities, Bogota, Cali and Medellin, by a co…
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Lake Titicaca #177 most popular location
Lake Titicaca is located 100 km from the city of La Paz, beautiful and mysterious has a particular charm that makes a special experience to its visitors. On its shores exists towns such as…
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El Bolson #178 most popular location
Nice quiet town, good food, Nice crafts fair, delicious ice cream, and better landscape, not many things to do except trekking, and nature stuff, not much to see in the city. 4 stars
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Sorocaba #179 most popular location
Located in the the Southeast of Sao Paulo, it is about 100 km away from Sao Paulo city (about an hour and half by bus). It is said to be the 4th largest city in Sao Paulo and it's rather calm…
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Mitad del Mundo #180 most popular location
Mitad del Mundo Quito makes a good starting point for many day-long excursions into the lush surrounding Andean Sierra. By hiring a car, taking a tour or using public transport or taxis, t…
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Pinamar #181 most popular location
The city of Pinamar, , maybe the most sophisticated on the Argentinian coastline, lies in the Province of Buenos Aires just 340 kilometers away from the City of Buenos Aires. Surrounded by pi…
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Armenia #182 most popular location
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Maracaibo #183 most popular location
Maracaibo is situated on Lake Maracaibo on the Western half of Venezuela. It is considered the Oil capital of Venezuela due to the vast number of production plants and refineries. Located…
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San Gil #184 most popular location
San Gil is a quiet and charming town. It is cool place to visit and spend some time. The adventure tourism trade is beginning to take off and offers rafting, canoeing and paragliding among ot…
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Isla de Margarita #185 most popular location
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Quilotoa #186 most popular location
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Porto Velho #187 most popular location
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Santarem #188 most popular location
Santarem, first settled in 1661 by Jesuit priests, is today one of the Amazon's most important centers of commerce. It is here that the murky (brownish-yellow) waters of the Amazon River meet…
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Vilcabamba #189 most popular location
Vilcabamba is a village in the southern region of Ecuador, in the Loja province, about 45 km from the city of Loja. Located in a historical and scenic valley, it is a common destination fo…
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Villa de Leyva #190 most popular location
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Purmamarca #191 most popular location
Small Argentinean with prehispanic origins, located at 2192 meters above sea level and 3 kilometers away to the East of National Route Nº 9 which links it to the Capital City of Jujuy after …
Lake Titicaca #192 most popular location
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Sacred Valley #193 most popular location
The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a valley in the Andes of Peru, close to the Inca Capital of Peru. Fed by numerous rivers which descend through adjoining valleys and gorges, and contains num…
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Villa Gesell #194 most popular location
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Niteroi #195 most popular location
Take the ferry from Rio into Niteroi. Niteroi offers the beaches of Rio without all of the congestion. The locals say the best thing about Niteroi is the view of Rio across the bay. Go to…
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Cajamarca #196 most popular location
Cajamarca is the place where famous ransom in gold and silver was paid by last Inca emperor to Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadors. Ransom room is the only building left from Inca period …
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Maringa #197 most popular location
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Loja #198 most popular location
Loja is the capitol of the province of Loja. It is situated in the very south of Ecuador, about 150km away from the border to Peru. Loja holds a rich tradition in the arts, and for this re…
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Piriapolis #199 most popular location
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Baltra #200 most popular location
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