Popular Cities in South America

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Buenos Aires #1 most popular location
Despite a past littered with military rule and economic disasters, Buenos Aires is really starting to get back on its feet. While parts of Argentina's cultural hub still live under the shadow…
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Rio de Janeiro #2 most popular location
Ah, Rio. Take a perfect seaside spot, backed up by wavering mountains. Plant Christ the Redeemer on a hill to look over it all, and fill in the gaps with a city so steeped in passion that lea…
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Lima #3 most popular location
South America is packed with adventure destinations. However, when it comes time to picking the perfect place to start, Lima offers what many consider to be the ultimate South American city …
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Cusco #4 most popular location
This ancient capital of the Incan Empire and a World Heritage Site since 1983, Cusco—or Cuzco as it is commonly known—is a Peruvian city in the Urubamba region of the Andes Mountains nest…
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Santiago #5 most popular location
Sadly, Santiago’s is often quite a smoggy capital. And in a setting like this, it genuinely is really sad, as when the Chilean capital is having a bright day there are few more spectacular …
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Bogota #6 most popular location
Are you picturing an underhand drug deal and street gangs at the mere thought of Colombia? Bogota can be a little on the shady side, though the vast majority of the illicit activity takes pla…
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Sao Paulo #7 most popular location
As Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo is something of a cultural mish-mash, home to an imported assortment of cultures and outlooks as well as an impossible-to-miss mix of the rich and poor. …
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Quito #8 most popular location
Often sitting under an almost unrealistically blue sky, flanked by soaring volcanoes and home to a heady mix of developing-world modernism and lively history, Quito is part UNESCO World Herit…
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Cartagena #9 most popular location
Cartagena is a large Caribbean seaport on the north coast of Colombia and its most popular tourist destination. The city is noted for its impressive architecture, mixed ethnicity and a sumptu…
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Bariloche #10 most popular location
San Carlos de Bariloche, more commonly referred to as simply Bariloche, is a gateway to the Andes, lying at the foot of the spectacular mountain range and inviting trekking, skiing and climbi…
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Arequipa #11 most popular location
Arequipa is an essential stop in the Peru tourist trail. Arequipa sits in a seemingly dangerous location, propped up between three towering volcanoes, and has a whitewashed, almost Mediterran…
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Buzios #12 most popular location
Buzios is a town east of Rio de Janeiro (2 hours by car, 3 hours by bus). It is best known as the place Brigitte Bardot visited with her then-Brazilian boyfriend. Since then, Buzios has been…
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Salvador da Bahia #13 most popular location
The capital of Brazil’s north eastern district, Salvador is home to natives who speak with a heavily regionalized and accented version of Portuguese, and live in rustic, pastel-colored buil…
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Florianopolis #14 most popular location
The capital city of the Santa Catarina State in the southernmost section of Brazil, Florianopolis is an island city just off the coast, known for its 40+ beaches and major surfing activity. N…
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Puerto Iguazu #15 most popular location
The final port of call in Argentina, tiny Puerto Iguazu stares across the confluence of the Rios Parana at both Brazil and Paraguay, and has lost most of its sense of community to all encompa…
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La Paz #16 most popular location
La Paz is a city that has a very special topography, and has a limited space that extends through the various hills and valleys that make it up. Before "El Alto" and "La Paz" were one city,…
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Mendoza #17 most popular location
Wine, wine and more wine. If you somehow came to Mendoza without knowing about its most notable export, you’re probably the only one. The city’s located in the heart of the Cuyo region, a…
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Medellin #18 most popular location
Smaller than Bogota and situated in the Aburrá valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains, Medellín is one of the newest and most modern large cities in South America. Once the home of the …
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Paraty #19 most popular location
Paraty is a beautiful colonial Portuguese and Brazilian Imperial town located at the Green Coast or Costa Verde. Situated just near to the border of Sao Paulo, Paraty is located in the State …
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Machu Picchu #20 most popular location
The astonishing site of Machu Picchu has recently become one of the most talked about travel destinations in the world. Situated 2,350 meters above sea level in a seemingly impossibly…
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Porto Seguro #21 most popular location
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Puno #22 most popular location
A Peruvian city noted for its proximity to one of the country’s must-see sights, Lake Titicaca, Puno is widely – and correctly – touted as simply a place to lay your head, with days inv…
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Valparaiso #23 most popular location
Valparaiso is one of those places that literally went for decades as a relatively unnoticed city on the planet, even by its own country’s residents. A coastal city in central Chile and the …
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Natal #24 most popular location
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El Calafate #25 most popular location
For a small town that lay dormant for most of the 20th century as a refuge that only a few select individuals knew about, El Calafate is nevertheless one of the hottest spots on the planet ri…
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Montevideo #26 most popular location
Montevideo sits right on the water, with several boardwalks, 'ramblas', that border the beach on the Southern end of the city. The city has many beautiful parks, the most popular being 'el P…
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Foz do Iguacu #27 most popular location
Foz do Iguaçu is the westernmost city in the state of Parana. The inhabitants of the city are known as Iguaçuenses. The city is located approximately 650 km west of Curitiba and is one…
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Fortaleza #28 most popular location
The city of the sun. Fortaleza is the capital of the state Ceará. It's in northeastern Brazil and apparently it's sunny during 300 days per year. Temperature is around around 28°C - 30°C s…
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Ushuaia #29 most popular location
A sliver of a town that has been called a penal colony, a naval base, and a missionary headquarters in its time, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, located on the far tip of South…
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Salta #30 most popular location
One of the best ways to truly live every minute, is by capturing the essence of the place and its odours, and blending with the local people, getting impregnated with their habits and express…
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Guayaquil #31 most popular location
Guayaquil and the South Coast Many visitors to Ecuador are surprised to learn that the seaport of Guayaquil is the country's largest city. But size is not only surprise in this commercial …
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Curitiba #32 most popular location
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Manaus #33 most popular location
Manaus, Brazil, nearly 1,000 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, is a modern city (literally) surrounded by the Amazon rainforest. Positioned at the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes riv…
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San Pedro de Atacama #34 most popular location
An oasis in the middle of an otherwise seemingly-barren wasteland, San Pedro de Atacama is a commune and small town in the El Loa Province of the Antofagasta Region of Chile. It sits on the e…
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Cali #35 most popular location
Cali or Santiago de Cali is the third most populated city in Colombia. It’s the capitol of Valle del Cauca department but commonly known as the Salsa capitol of the world. Proud Cali dwelle…
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Mar del Plata #36 most popular location
It is the most important beach resort in Argentina, and offers a coastline of more than 17 kilometres with beaches and services according to their hierarchy. It is a modern city in which y…
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Santa Marta #37 most popular location
The port of Santa Marta was originally built to ship gold to Spain. The mining industry now overshadows tourism here in Colombia's first city, which was founded in 1524. Its deep-water port h…
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Cordoba #38 most popular location
Córdoba, abbreviated as CBA, is a city located near the geographical center of Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas mountains on the Suquía River, about 700 km west-northwest f…
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Pucon #39 most popular location
Pucón is the major centre of adventure tourism in Chile. You can do many activities here, for example rafting, hiking, horse back riding and fishing. In the winter or spring you can go t…
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Porto Alegre #40 most popular location
Sunset at Guaiba...it's one of the most beautiful that I've ever seen!
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Tibau do Sul #41 most popular location
Nazca #42 most popular location
Home to a culture that was undiscovered by the modern world until the latter part of the 19th century, Nazca is a town along the southern coast of Peru that is world-renowned for the famous N…
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Joao Pessoa #43 most popular location
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Ilha Grande #44 most popular location
A beautiful underdeveloped island, Ilha Grande (Big Island in English) is located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Its rugged surroundings and pristine be…
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Cuenca #45 most popular location
Cuenca Cuenca; the capital of Azuay Province. Most Ecuadorians consider Cuenca to be their country's most beautiful city and it's hard to find anyone who would argue. Cuenca means river b…
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Belo Horizonte #46 most popular location
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Punta del Este #47 most popular location
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Vina del Mar #48 most popular location
Located just north of Valparaiso, Vina del Mar is a beach resort town with Chilean coastal character. Littered with restaurants and bars, this rocky Pacific coast town seems to say - casual …
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Banos #49 most popular location
Baños Situated in a valley of waterfalls and hotsprings, Baños has become a mecca for international travelers seeking year-round temperate weather, a small town atmosphere, and a base fo…
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Easter Island #50 most popular location
Officially a World Heritage Site with nearly the entire island itself protected within the boundaries of the Rapu Nui National Park, Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the plan…
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Aguas Calientes #51 most popular location
Aguas Calientes is best known as the ending train station on the trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu. As one would expect with the "Gateway to Machu Picchu", it has developed into a town that bas…
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Iquitos #52 most popular location
Iquitos is in the Amazonas region of Peru. This is not to be confused with the Department Amazonas where Chachapoyas is located. Iquitos is the capital of the vast Department of Loreto, which…
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Maceio #53 most popular location
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Asuncion #54 most popular location
I am by no means an expert on Asuncion, but having recently traveled there, I figured I would sign in as the first reviewer. Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay located in the southwest…
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Jijoca de Jericoacoara #55 most popular location
Brasilia #56 most popular location
Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. The city was build in four years in the 60's by President Kubitschek. He decided to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro because of lots of protests against…
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Morro de Sao Paulo #57 most popular location
Morro de Sao Paulo is on the island of Tinhare which is 60 km south of Salvador, the capital of Bahia. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back and you can easily meet people there from all o…
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Puerto Natales #58 most popular location
Puerto Natales is rightfully considered the gateway to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Almost all services and activities in town function in some way to prepare travelers for their expedi…
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Uyuni #59 most popular location
Uyuni is famous for one reason, and one reason only: the salt flats. Years ago this was a tiny railroad junction in the heart of… well, nowhere really, and a place that would barely warrant…
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San Martin de los Andes #60 most popular location
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Ubatuba #61 most popular location
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Trujillo #62 most popular location
Trujillo, the third largest city of Peru, is located on the northwestern coast of Peru. It is known as "La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera" (The City of Everlasting Spring) because of its beaut…
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Colonia del Sacramento #63 most popular location
Colonia del Sacramento, or simply Colonia, is a lively colonial town, with narrow cobble stoned streets flanked by whitewashed buildings. A trip to this charming town will seem like a trip ba…
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Sucre #64 most popular location
Sucre is incredibly welcoming place with many architectural gems and very good food. Definitely worth few days of your stay.
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Punta Arenas #65 most popular location
There is no city of its size further south on any continent than Punta Arenas, Chile. Originally a penal colony, then a port stop on the journey around the tip of South America, and now a ce…
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Balneario Camboriu #66 most popular location
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Ollantaytambo #67 most popular location
Ollantaytambo is a town located in Peru's "Sacred Valley" and is about 40 miles northwest of Cusco on the route to Macchu Pichu. It is located at a fairly lofty altitude of 9,200 feet and th…
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Mancora #68 most popular location
If you are looking for a place in Peru where it's always sunny and you can enjoy the beach, waves and also nightlife; Mancora is for you. Located in the north of the country, Mancora offer…
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Galapagos Islands #69 most popular location
One of the most remote destinations on the planet, and famous for being the primary inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, the Galapagos Islands are a small archipela…
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Puerto Varas #70 most popular location
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Recife #71 most popular location
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Otavalo #72 most popular location
Otavalo Otavalo is a largely indigenous town in Imbabura Province, Ecuador, well known for its huge Saturday market. This market days is touted to be the largest inb South America. The tow…
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Copacabana #73 most popular location
Normally Copacabana (on the border with Peru and lakeside from Titikaka Lake) for the tourists is one of the entry points to Bolivia, after a short stay they continue to La Paz (three hours b…
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Huacachina #74 most popular location
One of the smallest towns in Peru, roughly an hour in from the rugged Pacific coastline, Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of a desert, surrounded by massive sand dunes and a mystical aura…
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El Chalten #75 most popular location
One of the most beautiful places in the world, surely. Cerros FitzRoy and Torre are stunning mountains that provide an amazing backdrop to the town of El Chalten. El Chalten is set amongst …
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Fernando de Noronha #76 most popular location
Noronha is an archipelago 360 km northeast of Natal. It's a natural reserve, that's why only 240 tourists can be on the island at any time. There are many relatively expensive homestays, m…
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Urubamba #77 most popular location
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Caracas #78 most popular location
Regardless of the perceptions one may hear about Caracas, when you first set sight on this beautiful mountainous city, you can only be put in awe of the transcendent nature of the lights and …
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Santa Cruz #79 most popular location
Aside of couple nice parks and good connections to the wilderness, Santa Cruz is totally overrated place. City is unattractive and surprisingly dysfunctional. They have large market that is v…
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Sao Sebastiao #80 most popular location
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Potosi #81 most popular location
Fantastic city, incredible architecture and lots of interesting things to do. It is very easy to chill in this place for more than few days. Go around the town in the early mornings and climb…
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Sao Luis #82 most popular location
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Torres Del Paine #83 most popular location
There are destinations in the world which are within reach of everyone, regardless of age or experience level. Cities like Paris, London, Rome, Athens, or New York can all lay claim to being …
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Itacare #84 most popular location
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Aracaju #85 most popular location
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Guaruja #86 most popular location
Guaruja is a small city located about 90 km away from São Paulo city. You can either go there by taking a bus from Jabaquara station in Sao Paulo if you don't have a car. Otherwise, head to …
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Bonito #87 most popular location
Small town near the Bolivian border and famous for its snorkeling, it's just a couple of hours drive from the famous Pantanal. Very laid back and not too touristy with a nice hostel, where yo…
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Barranquilla #88 most popular location
Barranquilla is a beautiful city located next to Grand River Magdalena. Has some big malls with branded factory outlets. People are warm, friendly and open to recieve others. Barranquilla …
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Ouro Preto #89 most popular location
An old mining city that has since become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its pure architectural beauty. Set in the center of a lush green valley, Ouro Preto or the City of the Black…
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Ica #90 most popular location
It was founded in 1563 by Spanish conquistador Gerónimo Luis de Cabrera. The city is located on the Ica River about 300 km to the south of Lima along the desert coast of southern Peru. Fu…
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Arica #91 most popular location
The city of Arica is the most northern city of Chile, and is at 19 km. from the border with Peru and at 195 km. from the border with Bolivia. It is a city located at the foot of a hill name…
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Huaraz #92 most popular location
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Rosario #93 most popular location
Rosario is 300 km away from the Federal District of Argentina. It is one of the main cities of the country since it is located in a strategic place regarding the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Mar…
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Goiania #94 most popular location
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Villa La Angostura #95 most popular location
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Belem #96 most popular location
One of the entrances to the Amazon region, Belém is its largest city. A metropolitan area with a stunning river coast. The municipality includes 42 islands and a huge forest park. Known for …
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Paramaribo #97 most popular location
Paramaribo (nickname: Par′bo) is the capital and largest city of Suriname, located on banks of the Suriname River in the Paramaribo District. Paramaribo has a population of roughly 250,000 …
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Puerto Madryn #98 most popular location
Puerto Madryn (in Welsh, Porth Madryn) is a city in the province of Chubut in the Argentine Patagonia. It is the head town of the Viedma Department, and has about 58,000 inhabitants. When a…
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Machupicchu #99 most popular location
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La Serena #100 most popular location
Being nearly 500 years old, La Serena is the second oldest city in Chile. It has served as a stopping point for both naval and overland travelers for centuries. It is a melting pot of cultu…
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