South Africa is a dangerous place - wrong!

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South Africa

South Africa is a dangerous place - wrong! Reviews

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Before departure and after arrival tips Nov 10, 2008
Hey guys, just spoken to a friend the other day and trying to convince her that South Africa is not a scary place, where you can catch anything you can think of or get robbed around every corner. I spent an inceredible time back in Nov. 2008 in South Africa and Zambia and I think I can talk in hours about it all. However - is South Africa a dangerous place - if you are well prepared and have read a bit - definately NO! This is a lovely place where you can go back with affection and love time after time. So beautiful and unforgetabble and so much to see - incredible nature, warm people, great food and an unforgetable wine! Just remember before departure visit one of the local med clininc in your home country and get some vaccines - I did hepatites A+B, yellow fever and Tetanus (do rabies if you can as well), get it done at least 2-3 months beofre departure and bring some malaria pills with you. Take comfortable clothes and shoes, trainers and lots of T-shirts, some anti-moscito repellent and wet hankies and you are good to go. Do not forget your camera:) South Afirca is anything but dangeour, this is a very worng presumtion, it is as dangerous as any palce in Europe or US, if you are being totally careless and not abiding local rules. Stay away from the shadows of recluse neighbourhoods and drink bottled water, avoid places known to have some malaria outbursts over the years and you would be absolutely fine. And drink a lot of the local Mango Juice – it has an unforgettable taste! So, if you need some more give me a shout..or in this case simply write a message. Hakuna Matata! :)
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