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At first glance, Sorrento is nothing more than a typical tourist town sitting atop striking cliffs looking out over the Bay of Naples towards Mount Vesuvius and packed with dozens of English and American styled pubs that just reek of mass tourism. However, the views over the bay and the surrounding region of hilly countryside are unparalleled. The Amalfi Coastline is comprised of gently rolling hills and looming cliffs, and with such close access to places like Pompeii or the island of Capri it's easy to see just how Sorrento has remained such a prominent traveler’s destination for years. If you can get past the touristy façade there is definitely more than meets the eye, but it takes a bit of digging to get to.

Lacking any beaches, Sorrento is definitely not a Mediterranean destination if fun in the sun is your thing. However, if epic views and centuries of history mixed in with a little bit of mythology and topped off with some of the best Italian food and wine in the country is your thing, then you've come to the right place. Between the various terraces, the Roman ruins of Villa Pollio, the archaeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula, or the Duomo Cathedral, Sorrento has plenty of architecture and history beneath the shining exterior. However, it is the picturesque quality of the town itself that makes this such a pleasurable place to spend some time, and for all intents and purposes Sorrento could easily be described as the perfect postmark Italian destination on the Mediterranean coast. This is easily one of the most beautiful towns on the planet, and definitely one of the better places to experience Italy away from the massive crowds at most of the major destinations. Still, it does take a little bit of extra effort to get the most out of a trip here, but getting beyond the touristy glam of it all is well worth it.

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