Songkran New Year Festival

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Songkran New Year Festival Reviews

aaronw3 aaronw3
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Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand Feb 25, 2012
From April 13th to the 15th if you are in Chiang Mai be prepared to get wet. It doesn't matter if you are just arriving to town and on your way to your guest house (fresh meat) or if you for some reason don't want to participate in the fun, YOU WILL GET WET. During this time it is the Buddhist New Year and the cities and towns erupt in a full blown water battle involving kids to grandparents. This festival started with the tradition of washing away the "sins" off the buddha statues and the people. It has evolved into modern water warfare. Revelers use anything from little squirt guns to buckets of ice cold (and I mean ICE COLD) water being thrown from the back of moving pickup trucks. You can get in on the action by buying a water gun or cannon from one of the many shops around town. The biggest party time is midday around the main entrance to the old city on the outside of the wall. There are many food and souvenir stalls around here with a big stage of performing Thai artists and groups.

Some people take it to far and find it their purpose to spray people right in the face from point blank range. You will always find these people in any crowd and they are annoying but if you act like it bothers you they will just keep doing it. Or get your friends together and gang up on him and give him a little piece of his own medicine. :).

This is a great festival and party to see the true Thai way come out. The smiles and laughs from the local people are great, especially when they get you good with a big spray of cold water down you unsuspecting back.

Dress to get soaked, keep it fun, and remember that the water fight stops at sunset each day and commences the following morning.

"Mee Sa Nook" "Have Fun"
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shano75 shano75
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Songkran New Year Festival Apr 20, 2011
Songkhan is Thailand's new festival that occurs on the 13th of April till the 15th of April. It is a must for everyone. The whole country goes crazy with water fights. From icy buckets of water thrown from the back of cars, to water gun fights that last all night.

The Thai's have the water festival to bring blessings for a happy and prosperous new year. No one and I mean no one can stay dry for these 2 days.(Even Policemen get soaked) So if you dont like getting wet this may not be for you.

Make sure to buy some water proof mini-bags for your wallet and phones etc. Try also to keep your clothes to a minimum. Not ideal to wear your best pair of jeans or favourite dress.

Most of all enjoy the experience and have fun on this great day in Thailand.
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