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Defense Street, Luhansk, Ukraine

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Have fun, not sorrow, in Luhansk! Oct 27, 2017
Here is some restaurant advice for you, fellow travellers.

"Leeches of Luhansk" : Be careful about making friends at local pubs with young people who, after hearing you speak English, come up to you speaking decent English and saying, "Hi, bro! I love your country, your lifestyle", etc. They might extend their hands to greet you, which is very weird for strangers here. Even if we see friends at a table in a pub, maximum what we would do is just to nod to greet them, to say nothing of intruding into their talk with their friends over dinner. Moreover, do not disclose the cafe/bar customers where you are staying in Luhansk or leave your "potential friends" your local phone number. They might plague you with their phone calls or unexpected visits afterwards, like they did to my English friends who had come to Luhansk once. After you "make friends" with such guys, they will use that opportunity (knowing your address) and come to see you at your apartment or wherever you are staying, bring vodka or/and girls with them or even offer you to make an orgy at your accommodation place. Such an atrocity happened to two of my English friends who were renting a downtown apartment and had to "receive dear guests". They called me to come to rescue, which I did. Their new local "vodka/orgy friends" had to leave at once as soon as I appeared. My English friends had to flee from their good apartment and move to a small private hotel on the city outskirts afterwards.

In addition, those "well-wishers" might ask you to lend them some money (starting with mere $5 and finishing with mere $$$). It is up to you how to behave... If you have money to burn (as they think) and are not too proud or picky about your friends, you could do stupid things, but you'd better avoid leeches and do not become a laughing stock.

I personally felt a very appalling negative aura of the person who tried to "make friends" with an English friend of mine at one of the bars downtown... We were speaking over lunch, and the guy apparently thought we were both foreigners. He left his table, came up to ours and started speaking English saying how much he loved the dear UK and all Englishmen. He was shocked when I turned out to be a local... I merely asked the guy, in pure Russian, and in simple terms, to leave us alone and to let me speak to my friend... Thanks to me, our foreign guest could leave the bar quite safe, without having to pay for the "well-wisher's" bill or lending him and his friends and family some cash. My friend also saved all his belongings (glasses, camera, mobile phone) that otherwise could have been distributed among "local friends" as a sign of friendship... I was strong enough to resist the unpleasant "black magic" of the "well-wisher/UK lover". I doubt if my English friend would have resisted the guy's "charm and friendliness" independently. I think I could literally feel them on my skin...

I do remember the quote from my students' years: "Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentis". A rough translation would be “Whatever it is, I fear Greeks even when they bear gifts“. This is Laocoon’s line in "The Aeneid", when he tries to prevent the Trojans from accepting the Greeks’ gift of a huge wooden horse.

Here is some more restaurant advice.

"Being Invited to Table" : One day my American friend and I were sitting at a bar having beer. Soon another company from a neighboring table, hearing that we were speaking English, started inviting us over to their table. My American friend was affable enough (or even too affable) to agree, and we went over to their table. The guys spoke decent English and were quite friendly. I continued with my beer, but my friend had to start drinking vodka offered to him by the "new friends". As a result, we were invited to what the guys called "hare hunting" the next day. They would pick us up at a bar downtown. Thank goodness, my friend woke up the next day and was sober enough not to go to the appointed place of departure. Thus, we did not become targets instead of hares, and the local guys missed their fun... By the way, they were not locals. Their caravan had a Moldova license number: MD. Gypsy friends from Moldova, who want some fun? No, thanks!

Here's a tip for you:

No matter what, it is NOT customary here at all to invite the customers from a neighboring or any other table to your table. It looks rather odd and is not practised at our cafes and restaurants at all.

If you come across something like that, be careful about your new "friends". You do not even have to turn your head to answer any shouts or invitations from any table. If the loud invitations persist, and you are sober-minded enough, ask the security guys to help you.

Look before you leap and do not plunge into any dark affair with fun-loving locals...

"Spiking in Luhansk" : I read this tip on VT and I am thankful to planxty for it. I completely agree with it: “A problem (not specific to London by any means) is "spiking" of drinks in bars / nightclubs. By "spiking" I don't mean slipping extra vodka in an orange juice, but the use of seriously strong sedatives such as Rohypnol, with the victims then being taken somewhere and sexually assaulted. In some cases, the women are not even aware of what has happened until much later. The advice is never to accept drinks from strangers unless you see them poured yourself by the bar staff, never leave your drink unattended and be careful.”

I must say spiking is not only to be seen in London, but also in Luhansk sometimes. Therefore, I would like to reiterate, “Never accept any drink from strangers in bars or nightclubs. It is simply not customary here. Watch the bar staff pour you your drink, although your glass could be “prepared” beforehand, thus making your observation useless. Just take precautions, otherwise the consequences might disappoint you…”

Forewarned is forearmed. Best wishes and have fun in Luhansk!
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AdamR3723 says:
Very useful advice.
Posted on: Oct 05, 2017
Toonsarah says:
Very thorough advice. I hope I would be cautious enough not to accept invitations or to share my contact details but joining locals for a drink at their table would not seem so unusual in some other places so good to be warned that it is not "done" here
Posted on: May 10, 2017
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