Sol & Mar

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Christo Rei Road, Dili, East Timor

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sarahsan sarahsan
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Sol & Mar Sep 12, 2010
I had been walking around Dili all morning and had finally made it to Areia Branca beach. I was hungry and stopped by Sol & Mar. The restaurant is located right across the street from the beach. You can either dine inside or have the waiters bring the food to the beach, where they have a few tables.

Sol & Mar mostly cater to Portuguese. From what I could understand from the menu on the wall, it was a mix of Tetum and Portuguese. It seemed like all the dishes were warm. All I really wanted in the heat was a cold sandwich. I asked the little lade behind the counter, who spoke some English, if they had any sandwiches. She smiled and said: "oh yes, cheese, chicken, vegetables and eggs". I said that cheese would be fine.

Some of the other guests seemed to be regulars. They came in, sat down and was served their food without ordering. When my sandwich was served I realized that it had all the ingredients in it that the lady had mentioned. It was like a club sandwich.

The sandwich was good, the coke was cold and for $5,75 I was happy.
Sol & Mar
Inside Sol & Mar
Inside. The little counter where y…
Menu on the wall
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goezi goezi
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Lunch at Portuguese Beach Sep 14, 2009
I was hungry at 1pm and Sol & Mar looked like a reasonable place to find a bite to eat. There were already three Portuguese ladies enjoying coffee inside so that was better than the first place I stopped where I was told they weren't doing food today.

I asked for a menu and between my broken Tetum and the two waitresses broken English we got an order together.

They didn't have a fresh lemon juice I was so looking forward to but that's typical for most Timorese Restaurants, things on menus are often unavailable. I enjoyed my chicken skewers in spicy sate sauce with an iced lemon tea instead.

Whilst I waited the few minutes for my lunch to be cooked I noticed a whiteboard high on the wall beside the hatch where I had ordered. It was in Tetum but I recognised a list of sandwiches, something that had not been mentioned in the menu. I was a bit disappointed since I would have preferred a cold meal on such a hot day.

As well as the large open bar and restaurant area the waitresses were serving across the road where a couple of people were relaxing in the plastic chairs on the beach.

Today was Monday so the whole of Portuguese Beach was deserted except for about a dozen sun bathers. It's a different story on the weekends. The whole area is packed with UN staff and the 3 or 4 establishments must do a roaring trade all day and on into the small hours of the morning when the coffees are replaced by alcohol and the music is turned right up.
Sol & Mar from outside
Inside looking out
Portuguese Beach
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