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Sokhumi Overview

The Abkhaz call it Akwa, Russians call it Sukhum, the ancient Greeks knew it as Dioscurias, but whatever you want to call it, Sokhumi is the capital of the breakaway republic of Abkhazia.

Located on the Black Sea and backed by the green slopes of the Caucasus mountains, Sokhumi was once a major seaside resort in the days of the USSR. Later it was better known for conflict, suffering heavy damage and decades of neglect, and had a reputation for crime and lawlessness. Nowadays, the city is on the rise again, with tourists pouring over the border from Russia to rediscover its beaches, parks and hills.

War damage is still very visible on the streets of Sokhumi, but in between ruined houses, new cafes and restaurants are popping up, museums and concert halls are being given a lick of paint, and grand old hotels are being restored to their former glory.

Sokhumi is within easy reach of Sochi in Russia, and a short journey from the Georgian border, so makes a great base for visiting the rest of Abkhazia.

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