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Maui, United States

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Aug 21, 2006
When we first decided to go to Maui . .i said, "cool, i'll go snorkeling". then i realized that i can't swim . ..

so then I got bummed out. I went online to find out about how well i need to know how to swim in order to do it.

well this is for those who were like me right before I got to Maui.

It's not that bad . . .the idea of being in the Pacific ocean with sub-par swimming skills frightened me. and the idea that there were critters (dolphins, turtles, fish) in the water with me was even more frightening.

I went on the Teralani 3 from Kaanapali Beach. they take you out to some other bay . . and they were very helpful. they send off the experts, and stay with you and tell you how to wear your mask, and what-not. they have floatation devices (waist belt, and boogie boards), as well as head gear and fins. they won't push you off until you are comfortable, and even then another crew member goes out further with you on their surf board.

while the water was super salty, i had a great time. and the fish kept to themselves. the dolphins don't come that far into the bay, so i didn't have them to worry about. but there were turtles! the size of a tire on a SUV!! they were mostly curious, but shy. they don't really wanna get close to you. but everyone in our group swam around them, so they were like right there. i'm not gonna lie, i was trying to get away from them. we're not suppose to touch them anyways.

anyways . . i had a great time, and i enjoyed looking underwater. i feel inspired to learn how to swim well, and not be the girl in the bikini who only gets wet waist down . .lol.

so try it . . it's fun, and worth the money.
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