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Ljubljana #1 most popular location
The heart of scenic Slovenia, Ljubljana is a historic city dating back to the days when founder Jason is said to have fought and killed the resident dragon, now a symbol of the fantastically …
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Bled #2 most popular location
Blejsko Jezero (Lake Bled) is located in northwestern Slovenia, in the middle of the Julian Alps and surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. Bled Castle, a Medieval structure, repute…
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Maribor #3 most popular location
Maribor is, as the capital of Štajerska, the second largest city in the country. At the same time Maribor is pleasantly small and set in the wonderful natural surroundings of Pohorje on the …
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Kranjska Gora #4 most popular location
Kranjska Gora is situated in the far north western corner of Slovenia, on the edge of the Triglav National Park. Ljubljana is 90 km away. The nearest railway station is in Jesenice - 23 km fr…
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Bohinj #5 most popular location
Bohinjsko Jezero (Lake Bohinj) lies to the south and west of Bled along a crowded two-lane highway that thins out the farther you travel from Bled. If you're driving, follow the signs to "jez…
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Portoroz #6 most popular location
Portorož is Slovenia's only mass-market resort on the Adriatic, the name means "Port of Roses". Trieste (Trst) in Italy is about 30 minutes away, while the distance to the Slovenian capital …
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Piran #7 most popular location
Piran (also Pirano in Italian), the gem of Slovenia's Adriatic Coast. The town sitting on a small peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic was part of the Venetian empire, and the architect…
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Postojna #8 most popular location
Postojna lies at the north end of the Pivka River valley and due to convenient transportation routes and its location between Ljubljana, Trieste, Gorizia, and Rijeka has long been the adminis…
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Koper #9 most popular location
Koper, Slovenia's largest port is also the largest town on the Slovenian Adriatic coast. Sights in Koper include 15th century Praetorian Palace in Venetian Gothic style, the 12th century Carm…
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Bovec #10 most popular location
Bovec is considered the adventure capital of Slovenia. Nestled in the Soča river valley and surrounded by the Julian Alps, this small town of only around 1000 residnets offers the traveller…
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Rogaska Slatina #11 most popular location
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Zrece #12 most popular location
Kranj #13 most popular location
Kranj is a picturesque historic town above the confluence of two alpine rivers, the Sava and the Kokra. Due to its geographical position – on the junction of important routes, leading from …
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Izola #14 most popular location
Most of Izola's visitors find Simonov zaliv (San Simon) the reason to head for the town in the first place, but there is much more... Special architecture of the ancient town core demonstrate…
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Bohinjska Bistrica #15 most popular location
Kobarid #16 most popular location
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Skofja Loka #17 most popular location
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Divaca #18 most popular location
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Ptuj #19 most popular location
Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia, started its first chapter in the ancient times of the New Stone Age. Ptuj is also an important wine producing city with a wine growing tradition of more t…
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Tolmin #20 most popular location
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Triglav #21 most popular location
A popular Slovenian legend tells the story of Zlatorog, a white ibex with golden horns which used to live in a paradise garden at the heart of the mountains, guarding hidden treasure. Trigl…
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Skocjan #22 most popular location
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Vipolze #23 most popular location
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Mojstrana #24 most popular location
varpolje #25 most popular location
Vintgar Gorge #26 most popular location
Most na Soci #27 most popular location
Kropa #28 most popular location
Ribcev Laz #29 most popular location
One of the main gateways to Triglav National Park, Ribcev Laz is a small town that sits on the eastern shore of Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko Jezero). The town consists principally of a small numbe…
Zgornje Jezersko #30 most popular location
The small town (village) of Zgornje Jezersko sits in a glacier carved basin between the Kamnik and Karavanke Alps. There is not a wide variety of activities to do in this town of less than 1…
Obrezje #31 most popular location
Cerknica #32 most popular location
Trenta #33 most popular location
Jamnik #34 most popular location
Zatolmin #35 most popular location
Spodnja Sorica #36 most popular location
Zatolmin / Javorca #37 most popular location
Zatolmin / Tolminka meadow #38 most popular location
Otocec #40 most popular location
Pivka #41 most popular location