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A former part of Czechoslovakia, now known simply as Slovakia, the country is an island of land in Central Europe in between Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. It is considered one of the most medieval places to visit within Europe, and as part of the European Union since 2004 has one of the most stable economies in the region. It is safe for all levels of travelers, veterans to first-timers, and the landscape is a myriad of Gothic architecture, hidden towns with hundreds of years of folklore and traditions, and a generally ancient feel that gives you the sense you're stepping back in time nearly everywhere you go.

Bratislava is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and contains some of the most majestically restored Gothic and Renaissance churches and houses intermingled with Baroque buildings and plenty of cobblestone streets that weave their way between the buildings like a maze of pathways through a hedge garden. Interweaved in it all are cafes and internet hubs and plenty of Western themes and accommodations. This is your best choice for starting out in Slovakia.

From Bratislava you can branch out to places like Zilina, which is the fourth largest city in the country with a pristinely preserved city center and ancient German architecture, or Levoca, which is a unique little medieval town with a still-standing burger’s house and the epic St. James Cathedral. Outside of the cities are places like Spissky Hrad, which contains one of the largest UNESCO listed castles in Europe, or the World Heritage village of Vlkolinec. In addition, visitors can choose from the Low Tatras National park or the Slovakian Paradise National Park.

The euro is the common currency. Transportation and accommodations are fairly modern, and the cuisine and the beer are absolutely phenomenal. There are plenty of trains and other ways to get around, and the hiking in the countryside is some of the best in Europe. All in all, Slovakia is the perfect little medieval getaway, just waiting to be explored.

Bratislava #1 most popular location
One of Europe’s newest capitals, yet an ancient and important city to the Austro-Hungarian empire, Slovakia’s Bratislava is a city of blended cultures, where four languages prevail on the…
338travelers 96reviews 59blogs
Vysoke Tatry #2 most popular location
The High Tatras mountains are situated in the northern part of Slovakia, on the border with Poland. In 1949 it was declared to be the first Slovak national park (TANAP) and in 1993 it was tog…
3travelers 4reviews 1blogs
Kosice #3 most popular location
Kosice is Slovakia's second largest city, but it has a small town feel. The main sight is the large and attractive central square, including a cathedral, a musical fountain that's a popular b…
50travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Poprad #4 most popular location
Poprad, the third largest town of the eastern Slovakia (and the tenth Slovak largest town) is approximately situated on the 49° north latitude and the 20° east longitude. The Poprad Town is…
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Tatranska Lomnica #5 most popular location
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Zilina #6 most popular location
24travelers 1reviews
Zdiar #7 most popular location
Trencin #8 most popular location
Trencin is a small town situated a couple of hours by train away from Bratislava. Its a University town with several thousands students, and several major historical events happened here duri…
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Banska Bystrica #9 most popular location
The city of Banská Bystrica is located in central Slovakia. Banská Bystrica is the most important historical, cultural and economic centre of the central Slovakia. It is a seat of administr…
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Trnava #10 most popular location
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Bojnice #11 most popular location
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Banska Stiavnica #12 most popular location
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Levoca #13 most popular location
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Presov #14 most popular location
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Donovaly #15 most popular location
Bardejov #16 most popular location
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Kezmarok #17 most popular location
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Martin #18 most popular location
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Stary Smokovec #19 most popular location
Devin #20 most popular location
Devin is one of Bratislava's urban districts. The population is about 900 people, and it lies below the Devin Castle, where Donau meets Morava. Devin is easily accessed by bus from Bratisl…
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Spisske Podhradie #21 most popular location
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Pribylina #22 most popular location
High Tatras #23 most popular location
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Vysne Kamence #24 most popular location
Prievidza #25 most popular location
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Cadca #26 most popular location
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Cicmany #27 most popular location
Novy Smokovec #28 most popular location
Rajecka Lesna #29 most popular location
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Jasov #30 most popular location
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Oravsky Podzamok #31 most popular location
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Hodkovce #32 most popular location
Zuberec #33 most popular location
Nove Zamky #34 most popular location
Spissky Hrad #35 most popular location
Rozbehy #36 most popular location
Habovka #37 most popular location
Svaty Kriz #38 most popular location
Liptovsky Ondrej #39 most popular location
Lestiny #40 most popular location
Ochtina #41 most popular location
The village Ochtiná lies at the upper flow of the river Štítnik, under the hill Hrádok. The first written mention from the year 1243 mentions an existence of a mine and church in the terr…
Turna nad Bodvou #42 most popular location
Roznava #43 most popular location
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Dolny Smokovec #44 most popular location