Slovakia - nice sightseeing, a bit disappointed ...

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Hodkovce, Slovakia

Slovakia - nice sightseeing, a bit disappointed ... Hodkovce Reviews

fr3yam fr3yam
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Aug 06, 2007
I think I expected more from Slovakia. Let me explain why: I am from Romania, we recently joined the EU which Slovakia already did in 2004. OK, my disappointment comes from: how could they join the EU 3 years sooner than us and have a worse infrastructure and a higher poverty rate than us (now I don't know about their poverty on the papers, but I can tell from what I've seen with my own eyes). It's sad because Slovakia is beautiful (historical cities, the Tatra mountains, etc...) and when you so many gypsy villages one after the other, and you see how they steal you at the gas tank (our very first experience in Slovakia, we paid more for a full with 6 Euros - I know it's not much, but the lady at the counter stole us with a smile on her face) - watch out - they are used to make foreigners more for everything, especially if you don't speak their language or you don't have their national currency (SLK) on you!!!!! They let you pay in Euros, but at a currency rate that they make up on the spot!

Now let me tell you about the good side of Slovakia: you don't need to book a hotel room, there are many private places where you can book a room, at very reasonable prices, just be ready to bargain for it :) and if you don't know the language - which we didn't - be sure to have on you paper and pen and start drawing :)) - or use your body and limbs to make them understand you!!!! It's really fun ... you must have forgotten how it's like to show what you want with no words - remember kindergarten :p

Their food is delicious, the beer not so much, maybe we didn't try the good kind of beer, anyway, when in Slovakia try their traditional dish "Slovenska Haluste" - some kind of noodles with bacon. The evening spent in Poprad, at the base of the Tatras was actually REALLY boring, nothing to do there, except for 1 so called Aqua Land, but if there are 20 degrees outside you are not quite in the mood for a swim.

The Tatras! Gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful and I could go on and on. A part of the Tatras is a national park: deer, bears and all kind of animals, very clean air and excellent roads through the mountains. And let me not forget the hundreds of castle or fortress ruins, which are all part of the UNESCO patrimony, but unfortunately harder to get up to them, especially when it rains, the roads are not yet built for the tourists, so put on your boots and start climbing the hills!!! Great way to relax after driving for several hours :)

Remember to look on your right and left while driving and you'll see many, many, many ruins of castles and fortresses up on the hills!!!!

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