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62 Obchodná, Bratislava, Slovakia - 02/529 263 67
Slovak Pub - The bar.
Slovak Pub - Front side.
Slovak Pub - Bryndzove Halusky dish from Slovak Pub
Slovak Pub - Entry to 1 slovak pub from Obchodna stret
Slovak Pub - Stur Room

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hockeyman001 hockeyma…
2 reviews
A must visit Feb 16, 2011
This restaurant is amazing, and a must eat for anyone going to or even passing through Bratislava. The decor is very traditional and "old world" and each room of the restaurant has its own charm. Wait staff is helpful, albeit busy, but the food, beer, and price is what really shines most. Traditional Slovak dishes are served here and they are prepared wonderfully.

Disclaimer: TravBuddy does not let me type Slovak characters here without errors so I will use Anglicized spelling. That said, if you have never had it before, try the "Bryndzove Halusky" (pronounced BRIN-zoh-vay ha-LOOSH-kee). These are small Slovak dumplings roughly similar in size to macaroni which are covered with a creamy sheep cheese sauce, topped with very small slices of green onions, and peppered with the most delicious, flavorful, and delightfully crispy bacon cubes you will ever have on this planet. Order this with a Zlaty Bazant beer (pronounced ZLAH-tee BAH-zhant) and you will be quite nearly in heaven. You will actually arrive at the Pearly Gates when your bill arrives and you learn that your meal cost less than 6 Euro!

All of the meals here are great, and most of the beers are too. They also have a full bar so if you are feeling adventurous, feel free to try Slivovica, the Slovak plum brandy. Also be sure to try the bread. You will not be disappointed here, no matter what you get.
Bryndzove Halusky dish from Slovak…
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skydiver skydiver
18 reviews
Popular student pub and restaurant in rustical style. Jun 03, 2008
The "Slovak Pub" has been always a very popular place for students and young people due to the pretty moderate prices compared to Bratislava's Old Town. During the last years this place has improved a lot the offer on beers, drinks and dishes providing also a big variety on Slovak national meals. The place is much bigger then it looks from outside, but can be crowded Friday and Saturday evenings. The location is very good, just a couple of minutes by walking from the Old Center.

If you want to try several Slovak beers this is the place to go. It offers smokers and non smokers rooms, so everybody is pleased. The waiters usually speak English, sometimes German as well. The negative point might be that it can get hot and humid during warm days.
Front side.
The bar.
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skydiver says:
I'm glad you liked it Derek. Unfortunately I'm not free at all these days (in 4 days I'm off to Ghana and there are still things I need to handle), otherwise I would have showed you around a bit.
Posted on: Oct 20, 2013
derekbilldaly says:
Very informative blogs, cheers! We just ate here tonight and really enjoyed it
Posted on: Oct 18, 2013
1 reviews
Student pub in Bratislava Nov 14, 2008
It´s a long ago when I was a student.... Last Friday I was walking (with little nostalgy) in the streets of Bratislava, where I passed 5 years of my studies at university... and I decided to take my lunch at 1. slovak pub at Obchodna stret. And as you can see, it was a good choice!

The concept of the 1. Slovak Pub is to present Slovak history and things authentically Slovak at one place. Its individual rooms present eras ranging from the old pagan times up until the revival era of the 19th century.

The 1. Slovak Pub has, in its short history, become one of the favorite spots for college students. It s the first, and probably the only pub in the world, where you can get a free soup for an A on an exam.

The pub has 8 rooms which are dedicated to famous slovak historical persons:

1- Stur Room

2- Room of Poets

3- Janosik’s Room

4- Bernolak’s Room(bar)

5- Room of St.Cyril and St.Method

6- Pribina’s Knights’ Room

7- Cottage

8- Terrace

The Stur Room is dedicated to the Slovak intellectuals of the 19th

century. These men collaborated closely with and

playeda crucial role in coding of Slovak grammar and making it our

offical language. They were the driving force behind the Slovak national


The Room of Poets is dedicated to Slovak writers and poets. Its

walls are partially covered with excerpts from the works of renown

poets, including the poem by Janko Matuska whose text became the

lyrics of our national anthem.

Janosik´s Room is dedicated to the Slovak prince of thieves, who

according to the legend stole from the rich and gave to the poor. At

first Janosik studied theology, but later became a thief. This legend

became a theme for several movies, similarly like that of Robin Hood.

The Bar - in Bernolak´s room you will find portraits of the most noteworthy protagonists of Slovak history:

- set the foundations of the Slovak language; we pay

tribute to him for his diligent work and notable contributions.

- warns us with his upwards raised finger to honor true

v lues and to drink responsibly.

The Room of St. Cyril and St. Method- the patrons of Slavic Europe

who brought Christianity and the first written form of the old Slavic.

They convinced the Pope to make it a lithurgical language in which

masses could be held.

The Pribina´s Knights´Room brings us back to the time of the old

Slavic warriors mostly thanks to its table in the shape of a cross where

guests can sit like Pribina´s knights did centuries ago. There are 12

seats at this table, which is the number of knights in Pribina´s order.

There are 500 seats at he Slovak Pub in total, because according to the

legend this order had 500 soldiers. The ceiling shows symbols typical

for this time period.

The Cottage is the greatest pride of the Slovak Pub. It is the original

wooden house of the Pavelica family from Hybe,the Liptov region of

nothern Slovakia. It was reconstructed here at the Slovak Pub, using

80% of the original material. The pictures on the wall depict sheep husbandry and manufacturing of traditional Slovak products. We encourage

you to try our national Slovak dishes, specifically Halusky,

our famous potato dumplings covered with bryndza (Slovak traditional

sheep cheese) and sour cream.

The Terrace depicts the pagan era of the old Slavs, especially with

its huge oil painting of the Slovak king . The smaller paintings

depict the pagan gods Perun, Morena and Vesna. There are different

types of original Slavic fort walls shown on the walls opposite the


So, it was a short entry about slovak history, from internet site of the 1 slovak pub.

I was there only 2 times and always was eating very good traditional slovak meals there(and was drinking quite good beer - PIFKO).

And even if you are student, you can choose also from following meals :

FREE soup + small KOFOLA from A mark from exam .................. FREE

Kofola 0,5l + larded bread 70g ................................ 1.16 EUR

Poor student lunch

(0,33l soup according to offer, larded bread 70g ) ............ 1.16 EUR

Lunch of student after pay day

(100g fried cheese, tartare sauce, fried potatoes 100g)........ 2.62 EUR

Student garlic soup in loaf ................................... 1.63 EUR

Lunch of student who want to disport himself to his girl-friend

(For 2 persons 2x0,33l soup according to offer,

2x breast of chicken sauté 100g, bread),

served in one plate .......................................... 3.29 EUR

and of course - the beeeeeeeeeer (PIFKO)

Entry to 1 slovak pub from Obchodn…
Stur Room

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