Six Flags Great Adventure

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1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ, USA
(732) 928-1821

Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson Reviews

Needtogetaway Needtoge…
2 reviews
Great Amusement Park! Jun 16, 2011
If you like crazy, exhilarating rides, you have to check this park out. Much better rides than any of the big parks for the kiddies.

Prices for food are pretty high, as is the same at most places I've been, but it's a place for the rides, and that's it, so you don't get dumped into stores at the end of rides like Universal, Disney and so on, which I think is just shameless..
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ChrisMcDevitt ChrisMcD…
22 reviews
Can't Beat It For The Price Aug 12, 2010
The park's location in the center of the state and plethora of roller coasters make it a must-visit at least once a year if you live anywhere within reasonable driving distance.

You can get in for about 57 dollars. It's 15 to park. For around $145 dollars you can get a season pass both to the park and for the parking, like I said in the title you can't beat that for the price.

It's not Disney but it's got its own stranglehold on colorful characters; mostly Looney Tunes and DC Comics. There are plenty of rides for the adrenaline junkie and an adequate children's area for the parent.

Since I have the mid-season pass, I haven't been stressing about getting on all the rides and have taken the time to actually enjoy the park and it's shows.

If you're anywhere near Jackson, NJ it's well worth a day trip.
Jemennuie Jemennuie
6 reviews
Six Flags Great Adventure Apr 13, 2009
Six Flags is definitely one of the better parks. It is probably more well known due to it's 20+ locations. It has very different rides though which I believe make it stand out. Ex: Kingda Ka which as of the last time I was there was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. The first time I went on a Physics trip the ride broke down while we were sitting in the seats waiting for launch. I was pretty disappointed but it was very new then. I got to go on on my next trip and it was more than exhilarating. You get launched at 128 mph. The ride to the top is much quicker than most coasters but you still get that same feeling of "why did I get on this again" as you're going over the hill. The ride is over in less than 30 seconds but with a capacity of 1000 people per hour the lines aren't that bad and the ride is well worth it.

Superman is also very different. The way that you are seated is meant to be like superman flying. It is a really cool quite interesting experience. The only thing I can see wrong with it is it does put a little pressure on your ankles. Who could forget Nitro and the classic Great American Scream Machine. Though it is an older coaster it is still immense amounts of fun. Again, my favorite would have to be not the fastest or tallest roller coaster in the park but batman. I suppose I'm just partial to the inverted coasters. And as always the food, although deliciously bad for you, is very expensive.
Kingda Ka- most frighteningly amaz…

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