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Siwa Overview
Oasis: lies in depressions, which are lower than the surrounding land, and below sea level where the ground water is available ,lay out of cairo 800KM

Hot in summer 21:38 c and cold in winter 4c, rarely rain in 1930-1970-1986

Water and soil
Ancient Arab writers said there were thousands of springs, and now more than 281 springs
Each spring in Siwa was cleaned every year, the primary crops are dates and olives and now more than 15000feddan are green (Fadden = 1,038 acres)

Back ground history
The name of Siwa 2th century it was named in edfu temple as pen ta
5 th century in Greco-Roman =ammonium
Recently it found by German mission in oracle temple sanitaria

Social life
People of siwa divided in to tribes and now are 11 tribe .
Each tribe has shikh (chairman)
Sheikh has 10 of men called al awakel who are with experienced in customs of the oasis .

There is a sufi group known as darawish
Otherside a group of men called zagallah who use drams and music tools .

Festivals and events
Two Islamic feast aid el fitr and aid adha
Eid al syaha or harvest festival

Archaeological sites

Mountain of the dead
1- Si amuon tomb
2-Tomb of mesu Isis
3-Tomb of pa thot 18 dynasty
4-Crocodile tomb

Umm obaydah temple
The spring of Cleopatra
The oracle temple