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Above everything else, Singapore is a heaven for food lovers. Singapore's multicultural background has given rise to an endless array of exotic dishes that are certain to convert even the most staunch.

Singapore as a nation consists of the "Main" island of Singapore and around sixty smaller islands of which just over twenty are inhabited. Singapore is located just off the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula to which it is linked by a causeway. Sentosa island is the southernmost point in continental Asia.

Singapore's population is mostly comprised of Chinese, Malays and Indians; however, the culture has become mostly homogenous: Singapore has a unique culture which they call 'Kiasu-ness' and tourists will ogle at Singaporeans' favourite sport: standing in line.

There is not just an ecletic mix of ethnicities in Singapore, but an ecletic mix of the old and the new. Old colonial buildings, which make up the foundation of the city, can still be found alongside new and shiny skyscrapers.

Singapore has no natural resources other than its people; as such, its sucess as a nation is quite a feat. And, there is no where else in the world where you can break five laws by spitting a piece of chewing gum out of the window. A 'fine' city!

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