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Simple to use prepaid sim card for Malaysia Reviews

Kurisu Kurisu
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Cheap and easy to use: U Mobile prepaid SIM card Malaysia Nov 06, 2011
During my last trips to Malaysia I used a DiGi SIM card (I also wrote review about this one), which was quite easy to use, but wasn't exactly cheap with an initial price of 35 RM.

Since my DiGi card has expired a few weeks ago, I had to buy a new one.

The only SIM card available at a seven eleven convenience store was one of U Mobile.

Price is only 8 RM and it comes with 5 RM airtime.

The shop assistant set it up and activated for me and I topped it up right away with additional 10 RM. During setup, u have to enter your passport number.

When buying this card I just wanted to be able to text and call my local friends and didn't think about using the internet.

However, the internet worked right away with no additional setup (APN data or such) in my iPhone.

Rates for SMS, Voice and Data are quite cheap, so I didn't have to worry using the card for the 3 days of my stay for texting, calling and internet surfing and still had some Ringits left on the card afterwards.

Unlike the DiGi SIM card, there's no max cap for the data. So if you YouTube all day long, it might eat up your balance. Since data is only 5 sen per MB, it's perfectly ok for normal mobile surfing (chatting, mailing, checking Google Maps and such...)

The Expiry Date is almost two years after purchase date, so I can use the card on future travels to Malaysia. This is a feature I really like when it comes to foreign SIM cards, because I like to keep my number as long as I can, so I don't confuse my local friends by having new number every time I come over! ;)

In conclusion, this SIM card is a much better deal than the DiGi card I used to have before.

Can definitely recommend getting this one at a 7/11 store!
U Mobile Prepaid SIM card for Mala…
U Mobile Prepaid SIM card for Mala…
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Kurisu Kurisu
73 reviews
DiGi prepaid SIM card Nov 06, 2011
The DiGi prepaid SIM card was my 4th asian sim card so far.

I bought it during my SAE trip Dec 2010 in a shopping mall in Melacca, Malaysia.

I really like this one, because it's so simple!

The card itself only cost 8,50RM (around 2,20 Euro), and I charged another 30 RM.

For me, smooth Internet access is the most important feature of a cell network.

DiGi hits the spot here. It's a 3G network with quite good coverage.

If you use the card in an iPhone 3G(S), you don't need to do any APN settings, it works right away.

If you brought your iPhone 4, you should as well bring a pair of scissors, because it's a regular size SIM card.

I really liked the way they charged for internet:

After starting to use the internet, it charges you by data volume. You get notification SMS on how much you spent. But there's a 5 RM limit per day.

So if you consume data for 5 RM, it's free for the rest of the day!

You never have to worry about buying a package, or getting your card balance eaten up by internet data.

SMS and talk time are cheap as well, no need to worry about packages.

Instructions are in Malay and English. Like most asian sim cards, you can top up the card at any 7 eleven.

Highly recommended! :-)


Since my DiGi SIM card has expired, I used a U Mobile SIM card on my last trip.

Check out the review just above this one. I think U Mobile is a better deal for most people, especially if u don't plan on using high amounts of data, like YouTube and such.

I'd still recommend using the DiGi, because it was very reliable throughout Malaysia, and comes with a max cap/limit for the data.
DiGi prepaid sim card
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