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Daet, Philippines

Sightseeing In Camarines Norte Daet Reviews

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Semana Santa, it reminds me of my hometown in Camarines Norte wherein penitencia/ penance is happening during this period of the year.

PENITENSYA or by way of self-flagellation. This is common in many provinces in Philippines during Holy Week .

See some pictures that depicts for enduring this kind of pain voluntarily while blood dripped down their backs under the sweltering sun.

Some helpful information for Daet,Camarines Norte.


Daet is in the province of Camarines Norte, which can be found to the south of Manila and is the capital.

Camarines Norte is the most northern province of Bicol Region.

You will find the province in the southern part of Luzon. It shares borders to the south and west with Camarines Sur and

Quezon provinces, to the east is San Miguel Bay and to the north is the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Daet surfing is extremely popular as it is relatively close to Manila, so you tend to get a lot of surfers based in Manila coming down on weekends


Camarines Norte Is Famous For:


The Camarines Norte Queen, pineapple is a fruit extensively cultivated in Camarines Norte. Of the top ten pinapple producing provinces, Camarines Norte ranked 4th in terms of area plated. The “Queen” variety is highly adopted to the soil and climatic condition of the province. It is grown largely as a coconut intercrop with an average planting density of 30,000.00 plants per hectare. Of the 98,000 hectares coconut areas of the province, 50% is available for pineapple production. In open areas, planting density is 35,000 per hectare.

The fruit has a tapering shape, deep eyes, yellow rind to deep yellow flesh color. It has a small core compared to other varieties and it has a crisp texture, rich flavor, and distinct sweetness.


The area devoted to coconut in the province in 1999 had been about 97,787.85 hectares. Total number of coconut trees is accounted to about 8,326,206 (7,303.362 bearing and 1,022,844 non-bearing) with an average production of 30 nuts per tree per year while coconut farmers totalled to 24,220.


Nine municipalities of the province consisting of about 84 coastal barangays are located along Lamon and San Miguel Bays and the Pacific Ocean, considered major fishing grounds in the country. Municipal fishing accounts for 7,516.5 metric tons of produce, about 10,698 fishermen, and about 10,254.25 MT. for 79 commercial fishing vessels registered. There are two major fishing ports located in Mercedes and Jose Panganiban and seven minor ports. Five cold storage facilities are operating in Mercedes, Jose Panganiban, Paracale, and Labo.

First Rizal Monument

The first Philippine monument to the National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, can be found in Daet. This historical landmark stands on the corner of Magallanes and Justo Lukban Streets, facing the Daet Municipal Hall. It is a three-tiered stone pylon with its square base supporting a triangle in two stages, the last one tapering off to a point. Built in 1898, the First Monument of Rizal in the Philippines is located across the Old Daet Municipal Hall. Its foundation, it is believed, is made of mortars and boulders from the demolished Old Spanish Jail in Daet where many patriots died, making it historically and culturally significant.

Provincial Capitol

Camarines Norte has one of the most beautiful Provincial Capitols in the entire country. Reconstructed from 1986 -1995, it provides a permanent seat for the Provincial Government. It has 12 big front columns or posts representing the 12 municipalities of the province.

Bagasbas Beach

The most popular beach resort in the province is in Barangay Bagasbas, Daet. You reach it after a five-minute ride on any type of motor vehicle from Daet poblacion. The beach has a long and wide expanse of fine gray sand. During clear but windy days, the big waves that roll in from the Pacific Ocean make it a paradise for surfing beginners and afficionados. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Mercedes Group of Islands

The islands can be reached in an about 30 to 45 minute motorboat ride from Mercedes town proper. The major attractions in these islands are its clean white beaches, corrals, underwater sceneries, rock formations, and fish sanctuary. Additional come-ons are scenic landscapes and seascapes, the attractive lighthouse in Canimog island, unexplored Canton cave, and the different types of seashells and tropical fishes that abound. The place is good for island hopping, swimming, bird watching, boating, snorkeling, trekking, scuba diving, golf in Apuao Grande Resort, jet skiing, spear fishing, and other related activities.

Mangcamagong Beach

This is a clean gray beach facing San Miguel Bay with clear water suitable for swimming and outings. Its scenic and peaceful ambience provides excursionists and tourists a nice place for relaxation. Cottages, restrooms, roadside eateries, and sheds are available to tourists at reasonable prices. Here, you can broil capiz shells – a delicacy.

Mampurog River

This river is wide with clear and deep cold water, a nice place to wade in and explore. It is a very popular choice for swimming, excursions, and picnics during summer.

Palay. Rice areas in the province are composed of 6,412.38 hectares of irrigated farms and 3,162 hectares of rain-fed land. The major rice growing areas are Daet, Talisay, Vinzons, Labo, and Basud. In 2000, the province harvested 53,644.12 metric tons of rice grains in two croppings.


Things to Do and see in Camarines Norte:


Town of Vinzons

The town of Indan was renamed Vinzons in honor of Wenceslao Q. Vinzons, a hero during the Japanese War. His residence has been converted into a shrine and public library containing his memorabilia.

Jose Panganiban’s Monument

Located right in front of the Municipal Hall of Jose Panganiban, it is where the remains of the martyr have been interred.

Laniton Park

It is the site of the first guerilla encounters against the Japanese Imperial Army. It is located in Basud, some 15 to 20 minutes from Daet.


Black Nazarene

The Capalonga Fiesta in honor of the Black Nazarene draws devotees from all over the country. The image is said to be miraculous and its feast is particularly celebrated by Chinese businessmen from all over the country, who pay annual homage and ask for long life and good fortune.


The observance of the lenten season is also done through a Senakulo, a re-enactment of the Passion of Jesus Christ every Good Friday in the municipality of Paracale.

Huli White

Fluvial procession in Vinzons in honor of Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia in Daet, which takes place a week after the Peñafrancia celebration in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

Vinzons Catholic Church

One of the oldest churches in the Philippines; located at Vinzons town proper, which celebrated its 400th year anniversary in 1981.


Bitukang Manok

The DPWH rest house in the Bicol Natural Park. Located about 21 km. from Daet; 35 minutes by bus or jeepney; features winding road, lush vegetation; ideal for camping and picknicking.


Pineapple Festival (June 15-22)

It showcases the famous and sweetest queen pineapple of the “Formosa” variety abundantly growing in the different municipalities of the province. It also highlights the unique and interesting features of the place and its people.

Foundation Day of Camarines Norte (April 15)

A week-long celebration of the foundation anniversary of the province. Highlighted by a commemorative mass, civic military parade, agro-industrial fair, exhibits, sports festivals.

Vinzons Day (September 28)

Commemorative of the birth anniversary of hero Wenceslao “Bintao” Q. Vinzons, Sr., native of Vinzons (formerly Indan). Highlights consist of a commemorative mass and program, lecture-forum on the life of the hero, DBC/LYRE competition, parade.

Pabirik Festival (January 26 – February 2)

A festival showcasing the rich mining industry in the town of Paracale. The festival is a presentation of its distinct culture and people’s way of life through street presentation, exhibits, and competitions. It also puts into focus their town fiesta on February 2.

Palong Festival (May 10-13)

Highlighted by streetdancing and agro-industrial fair which expresses the local folks’ gratitude for their town’s name’s etymology, and signifies the abundant presence of roosters available in the locality. Held also in celebration of the Black Nazarene’s Feast Day on May 13 at the town of Capalonga.

Sea Foods Festival (October 24)

A celebration featuring the distinct variety of fish available in the town of Basud. The presentation includes food fair, exhibits, and sea-related competitions such as bancathon and fishing.

Busig-On Festival (September 8)

A festival based on the epic of Busig-On of Labo town, which exemplifies heroism and Bikolano values. The festival features the town’s distinct historical values and sentiments through talent and skills competitions featuring the town’s places of interest.

Animal Festival (October 4)

A celebration of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, considered to be the patron of livestock raisers, which highlights the local history and culture. The festivity includes street dancing, beauty search, and skills competitions.

Kadagatan Festival (August 18)

A festival conducted in the town of Mercedes featuring various dishes from the bounty of the sea. Highlights are presentation of boat racing, street dancing in colorful attire, beauty search, exhibits and other competitions.

Boyoboy Festival (November 8)

A week-long celebration aimed to promote agricultural products, especially the Queen pineapple and tourism as a whole. “Boyoboy,” which literally means ”pagkaborogkos” in the vernacular, depicts the unique post harvest activity locally practiced by the people. Highlights are the industrial fair, beauty tilt, cultural presentation, investment program, and different sports events. San Lorenzo Ruiz is the origin and home of the Queen pineapple which has made Camarines Norte famous.


Mercedes Fishing Village/Community

Quaint for its original way of bidding fish catch by whisper; virtually the hub of the fishing industry of the province; interesting to sociologists, social scientists, sociology buffs because of quaint customs related with the fishing industry; also features fluvial procession during its town fiesta every June 13 called “Caracol”; at the height of the fishing season, its bay fills with fishing vessels.


Mananap Falls

Located in San Vicente, roughly 18 kilometers west of the capital. To reach it, one has to hike uphill for two kilometers but the deep cool waters of the falls are worth the climb.

Imee-Irene Twin Falls

Located in Sta. Elena, it is still virtually unexplored because of its great distance from Daet.

Colasi Falls

Located in Colasi Mercedes, it is an aesthetic falls in the midst of the forest which could be reached through hiking. The falls has an approximate height of 70 ft. offering a good place for swimmers and nature lovers because of its flashing blue cool water. It can be reached in about one hour by jeepney from Daet to Baronage Colasi plus a 3-hour hike from Colasi to the falls.

Lanot Beach

Fascinating for its spring; 30 km. south of Daet. Barangay Lanot of Mercedes can be reached by banca or motorboat through Barangay Hinipaan, 15 km. from Daet.

Pag-asa Beach

Located 46 km. northwest of Daet and 3 km. from Jose Panganiban. Popular among swimmers, picknickers, and promenaders.

Itok Falls

Located about 79 km. northwest of Daet, 4 km. west of Capalonga. Fresh and lush foliage and vegetation make it more romantic; its scenic vista soothes tired souls and heavy hearts.

Canton Cave

It can be reached in 45 minutes by motorboat from Mercedes town; inviting to the adventurous; exploring it is timed with the tide’s ebb and flow.

San Jose Beach

Wide beach with fine sand; a 15-minute ride from Daet and Talisay; ideal for picnics and swimming.

Pulang Daga Beach

It can be reached in two hours by bus from Daet and Paracale; frequented by picknickers and swimmers; made a setting for a film; clean white sands and swimming-safe cove; with cottages for rent.

Mampurog River

A 15 minute ride by jeepney, southwest of Daet along the San Lorenzo Ruiz-Daet road; ideal for bathers, swimmers, picknickers and campers.

Apuao Grande Island Resort

It can be reached in 15 to 30 minutes by motorboat from Mercedes; complete with hotel/cottages, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, and a golf course; caters mostly to foreign tourists.

Bulalakao Beach

Crystal clear water and white sandy shores; located at Luklukan Sur, about 9 km. from Jose Panganiban town proper; inviting to swimmers and picknickers.

Calalanay Island Beach

Located in Calaguas Island, Vinzons.

Bagasbas Beach

The most popular beach in the province can be found 5 km. from downtown Daet or about 10 minutes by land. A wide white sand beach, it is ideal for swimming, beachcombing, and summer outings and picnics. And of course surfing is easiest break to get to.


Some of the best Daet surfing spots include

Bagasbas Beach

Being the easiest break to get to makes Bagasbas Beach, the surf spot of choice for most surfers visiting the area. The surf here breaks left and right on a sand bar, it is ideal for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

San Jose

This is another beach break, with nice left and right handers. A bit further out than Bagasbas Beach, but after traveling 350 kilometres on a bus to get here, another nine odd kilometers beyond Bagasbas Beach is know big deal.

The River Mouth

This break is at Mercedes, if you are nice and early, what surfer isn’t, check out the fish market which is open from 06:00am to 8:00am. It is nice reef break but be prepared for a lengthy paddle, your best bet is to hire a banca.
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