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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Siege Tunnel Tour Sarajevo Reviews

Jason24 Jason24
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An Absolute Must! Nov 15, 2012
The tunnel was the highlight of my trip to Sarajevo! To help matters, I had an amazing tour guide who described the conditions of the tunnel and the town in great detail. In fact with her details, I almost felt like I lived there through out the war!

We watched the introductory video before getting into the actual tunnel and she expounded on that as well. Everything is laid out well and I really got a feel for it. Going through the tunnel was amazing and I will forever remember it! I hope to go back!
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Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Siege Tunnel Tour Jul 07, 2010
An absolute must for when you are in Sarajevo.

Can be booked through the Tourist Information Office, and also througgh some hotels and hostels, though in reallity it is only so they can get an idea of the numbers. If you turn up just before 2pm they just phone round until they get enough transport for everyone. Costs €12 per person, but worth every cent.

During the Balkan War Sarajevo was under siege for arounf 3 years, with limited and restricted aid being provided by the UN. In order to defend the city, and to get extra food in, a tunnel was dug under the airport runway,which was controlled by the UN.

We were lucky and got a jeep with just seven of us in it. Our guide had been 15 when the siege started and, having got his parents written permission, signed up for the Bosnian Army when he turned 16.

The tunnel is out beside the airport, so we had to drive through Sarajevo to get to it, and as we went through the city, our guide pointed out various points of interest and a history of what happened. What I particularly noted was the raw emotion of the langauge he used, and the feeling that while Sarajevo might be trying to move on, the wounds still run deep. He pointed out that not only was the killing indiscriminate, but that there was a deliberate targeting of cultural sites.

He pointed out so much,and gave us so much information, along the way there and on the way back, that it gave us enough ideas to fill the whole of the next day.

Once you turn off the main road past the airport, you go down a couple of back streets to a little non descript country road, and come to a halt opposite the first house.

While the tunnel was never discovered, the house still bears the marks of damage from machine gun and mortar fire,being hit a random like everyhere else in Sarajevo.

You enter into the house and go round the back where there are rows of benches, made from tree trunks. One of the other guides gave a talk, detailing the life and events happening in Sarajevo during the siege, before showing a short presentation of footage taen during the war.

Some of the footage is from TV, but there are other amateur clips, like the soldiers using the tunnel and Sarajevo Rose waiting at the top of the steps to the tunnel with water for each of them. Quite disturbing when you see what was happening, and think that everyone knew what was going on and yet still stood back and let it happen :(

You then make your way down into the tunnel, well what is left of it since they had to full it in again as it does run under a functioning runway. There is still a 35m section which is just over 1.5m in height and still has the rails they put in it to make transporting things easier.

Coming back up there is a small display with some of the things they used, some pictures and letters of commendation to the Kolar family who own the house and kept the tunnel hidden and working all those years.

After this we were taken up to the hills above Sarajevo to where the front lines were. Surprised me just haw far down down the hill these areas were and that the Serb Chetnik forces controlled parts of the city. Easy to see from these vantage points how easy it must have been for snipers to look down into the remainder of the city and pick people off.

I found the whole experience quite moving and quite disturbingand left you feeling a sense of guilt. It was also really informative and for all that I had seen on TV, it is a lot different when you are there and can see it for yourself and see the scale of it all.

This is really something eveyone who goes to Sarajevo should do.
Tour Jeep
House The Tunnel Enterance Was hid…
Presentation At The Siege Tunnel
Bosnian Army Insignia
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jennjeff1 says:
Great review and description Ian! I flew into Sarajevo with the UN several times in 1993-1994 so this review brought back many memories for me personally. Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Dec 22, 2011
Paulianthomas says:
Great review, thanks for pointing out this unknown gem.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2011
christl3 says:
I went on this too. Absolutely thought-provoking i tel ya!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2011

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