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City of Saadi and Hafez Jul 28, 2013
After Esfahan, it has to be Shiraz for me in Iran ... and with the Perspepolis and related sights, perhaps even more important ...don't miss Shiraz's literary heritage now that its wine heritage is just history... check out the tombs of Hafez and Saadi... the former, especially, is some sight in the evenings, rarely have I seen so many people visiting the tomb of a literary figure... but this is partly because Hafez was a prophetic figure too... so you have people selling cards with prophetic wishes and Hafez verses written on them and parrots to pick them up for you outside the gate ... people stay wrapped around Hafez's grave for hours wishing for something or the else ... but it is a social place too where people come out for an evening stroll in nice clothes ... in comparison, Saadi's tomb is less visited, and Khaju Kermani's tomb is just a grave in a cave atop the Quran-e-Darwaza (nearby is the man-sized cave where the poet is said to have sat alone and written most of his ascetic life) ... while at the Quran-e-Darwaza, head up further on the stairs from Khaju Kermani's grave and you come to a wonderful chaikhana - sit there smoking a sheesha, drinking tea and enjoying wonderful aerial views of Shiraz ... the Quran-e-Darwaza itself is an impressive gate... old timers will tell you that this used to be the outskirts of Shiraz earlier... now the city has expanded so much that it is well within the city... take a walk in the pleasant Dilkusha Gardens if you want a change...
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